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Welcome to my Temple of the Electric Element! My goal as an Electric-type Pokemon trainer is to have some little thing to represent each and every member of the electric family (but not EVERY single thing ever made... I'm obsessed, not out of my mind). See what's coming soon! My goal is at least these goods of each pokemon:

Tomy Figures (monster collection figures)
Pokemon "Zukan" (1/40 scale figures)
Pokemon Kids (finger puppet figures) Including DX/Alt Pose kids!
Plush Dolls (official or custom) I aim to own all plushies of all Electrics!
Other Figures (optional) ONLY the very very awesome shall be allowed.


Helioptile is an adorable floppy eared reptile made of hugs, cuddles, and pure cuteness, and happens to evolve into a Pokemon I have dreamed of since my childhood... an Electric Type dinosaur, Heliolisk.

As my dream Pokemon has finally arrived and quickly skyrocketed to one of my top favourites of all time right under Raichu, I will attempt to get, and document, all of the merchandise ever made of these adorable and ferocious lizards!

Click to see my collection of Electrical Terrible Lizards!

The star of her own amazingly touching SUMMER POKEMON BLOCKBUSTER and an amazing all-electric all-cat all-zappy all around amazing cool static fuzzy Pokemon.

As an electric trainer and collector I couldn't be more happy with this addition.
Collection to hopefully grow -- but for now includes kids, tomy figures, and plush!! day please?? PLEASE??? Make more POKEDOLLS!!!!!!!

Electric Legendaries (and one Island Guardian)... how can I count the ways you are beautiful? There's one pure electric legendary, two who can fly - and one (Arceus) who could opt to be electric if he felt awesome that day (which he does when in mycollection). Now, one is a fairy as well. Zapdos, Raikou and Thundurus all claim spots in gamer's hearts as the much beloved roaming legendaries, adored by all for vanishing from where they just were one second ago. Adorable.

This collection features all official plush made of these Pokemon, plus all Tomy figures, "zukan" figures, and Pokemon Kids. Naturally, the crown jewel is
the giant 2.5 foot long Pokemon Center Raikou plush - who I bought in very bad shape by a seller who only took one crappy photo for Ebay, and restored him to near-mint condition myself. My treasure - along with this rare orange Raikou prize plush from Taiwan!
Hey, you! There was a Shiny Raikou in Movie 13! He got a shiny ton of shiny merchandise! Come see-> SHINY RAIKOU GOODS!


Zekrom is Pokemon White's mascot legendary, the FIRST Electric Dragon ever, and the first Electric to be the mascot of an entire generation! He can generate a trillian volts with his glowing blue tail generator, and flies over the Unova Region, hiding in thunderclouds. How adorable! To have a mascot Electric was always a dream, one Zekrom fufilled with manly majesty and sheer awesomess. Once he is sucked up by Kyurem to meld into one incredibly asymmetrical being, his ability to mess you up will only increase. Black Kyurem, the half-Zekrom ice dragon, might technically not be Electric Type, but he is an important piece of Zekrom -- or the other way around? -- and I feel a Zekrom collecton is not complete without this counterpart. Besides, he acts like an Electric Type and knows all the right moves with which to wreck any enemy's day.

This collection features ALL of Zekrom and B.Kyurem's official plush (including limited red-chain prize version of the Zekrom MPC plush), plus ALL "zukan" figures, Tomy figures, and Pokemon Kids. It also features their "Ichiban Kuji" Lottery Figures (both regular and Double Chance "pearly version" for Zekrom). You may also spot some of their Kaiyodo, keshipoke, and other cute chibis for added fun!

The electric ultrabeast of LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!
The legends of course, which speak of a bundle of black electrical cables bound with plastic ties and with exposed copper wiring Poke-ing out, come to life to terrorize you with an all-seeing eyeless noseless mouthless head of dust and flint fuzz. BOO!!!!!!!!!!! Nah, don't worry, this guy's a sweetheart. Collection includes custom plush, charms, kids and a really awesome poseable Pokemon Center plush too!!


....Pom-Pom Style, baby.

Wow, the first Rock + Electric type Pokemon are some of the first Pokemon ever!!
Now electrified in Alola, Geodude, Graveler and Golem sport dark magnet-like appendeges, electrically charged rock parts and even a magnet-dust moustache.
What a fancy fellow Golem is now!
Not much official merch for them yet, but check out these custom plush and charms. AMAZING.

Let's say that one day, you are walking in an electrified glowing blue cave and notice something splashing around in a puddle, cooing cutely. It is a tiny white fish, and you take it with you to give it love and snuggles because it is just so cute and tiny. Then one day it evolves and you step back with a gasp of horror as it launches itself at enemies, latching on and drinking their blood, for now it is a fanged turquiose eelfish. Then once you get your hands on a thunderstone, it grows arms with which to better latch on to its victims who are helpless against its mighty electric power!!! These are the terrifyingly cool electric eels. These are the first TRUELY TERRIFYING Electric Pokemon! And you know that cute little trick of just wiping out most of my favourite type with your cute little Earthquake? HAH! Try again! Levitate, that's what!! DID YOU KNOW? Eelektrik is the first Pokemon in fifteen YEARS who can be evolved using a thunderstone!! Before Generation V, only Raichu and Jolteon were obtained using this most pretty of stones -- that's right, it was only ever used on TWO Pokemon, for four entire generations. You ROCK, eels!!

This collection features official MPC plush and Pokemon Kids, and one custom made plush of each elefish.

Tarantulas. Fuzzy. Furry. Many-legged. Multi-eyed. cute??? Galvantula was the third new electric Pokemon revealed before BW came out, but we hardly knew it. First, we only had his fuzzy butt showing in one commercial. Second, the only thing that could make us think he was a brand new type combo - Bug/Electric - was his name, which is electric (den, 電) and the latter half of tarantula in Japanese (チュラ). I came to love him no matter what he ended up being, and had an obsession with wanting to see his damn face! The day finally came after four months of waiting (May to September) and I jumped for joy at his adorable cuteness, but WHAT IS THIS? As a baby, he is a tiny yellow fuzzball with stumpy legs?! I could not believe what I was seeing. After all that obsession, he has the cutest baby self ever seen by anyone. And you can see many -- walk into Chargestone Cave and you'll know what I mean. DID YOU KNOW? Joltik is the tiniest electric POKEMON ever (yes, the smallest Pokemon out of them all, tied only with Shaymin!) - about the size of a real tarantula! But I wouldn't try to stomp him if I was you! Because seriously. You could die.

This collection features
all official plush of each spider, and their Pokemon Kids. There is one custom made plush of each! The other figures you see are the "clipping" figure by Bandai (Galvantula) and a Pokemon Center figure strap (Joltik). These two have yet to receive Tomy MC or "zukan" figures.


Blitzle, oh Blitzle! Blitzle was the first BW electric to hit the internet -- ever! Zekrom actually got his artwork revealed before this baby zebra, but was not confirmed electric until after we fans already knew of Blitzle (even though it was the same edition of CoroCoro Comics, Blitzle's page leaked first!). He is the "Shinx" of Unova, and one can understand why when looking into those beautiful eyes and adorable little ears. Don't underestimate him though -- when he grows up into Zebstrika, merely trying to ride on his back would probably kill you dead. Because, huge sharp spikes and random surges of deadly electricity running through them and all that. This is one badass mofo who looks at you with murder eyes. Zebstrika is no prey species, so don't even try it. Luxray. I mean it.

This collection includes all official plush made of each Zebra, plus all of their Pokemon Kids. It also includes the "Waza Museum" dynamic pose Zebstrika figure by Banpresto! Easily topping this collection is my cherished Jakks Prototype Blitzle Plush - who was canceled when Jakks dropped Pokemon, and of which only three were ever made. It is one of the rarest Electric Pokemon toys in existance, and I am extremely proud to give one of them a home!

What's a cooler fish than an electric fish?? No fish, that's who fish. Who needs regular old water types - just catch yourself a cutiepie electric fishie and you've got an electric that'll surf spam all those ground types into oblivion!! My fishes live together in a word of harmony and bliss even with their brand new shipmate, Stunfisk the electric/ground fishie!! You think he looks stupid? Think again my friends, he is just plotting your doom while you let your guard down. Step with caution into shallow mud puddles, if you hope to live a long life. DID YOU KNOW? There are six Electric Pokemon based on marine animals... but only Lanturn and Chinchou are part water type. Stunfisk can learn many water moves, including Surf, but the other three (Tynamo, Eelektrik and Eelektross) can't learn any water moves except Rain Dance. How curious you are, fishes!

This collection features all official plush made of Stunfisk, but as Lanturn and Chinchou never received any official plush, the two you see here are custom made. Besides Stunfisk's promotional goods (keep reading...) this fish collection also includes all Pokemon Kids, Tomy MC figures, and the "zukan" for Chinchou and Lanturn -- Stunfisk is waiting on his (while we wait, the figure on the zukan stand is a Chupa Candy figure of proper scale).
What?! Stunfisk had *28 goods* released on Feb. 11, 2012, in the 「マッギョずかん」 PokeCen promotion. We have them all? YEAH! "MAGGYO ZUKAN" MERCH REPORT!


What can you say about Rotom? The Pokemon that forced me to re-organize my entire collection because it suddenly got FIVE new adorable forms one day!! What?! Well, from the moment I heard about Rotom, our first ghostie and only the second Electric (at that point) to easily dance away from Earthquake-spammers, I adored him to bits, and was very pleased for him and his forms to join up! I never imagined what an Electric ghost would entail -- but who would have thought it would be a little ball of plasma energy that haunts a television in a spooky old chateu? I still cannot get over how insanely clever that is for our little Electric ghostie -- and how pleased I am he went on to posess and haunt other things besides just that one lonely TV, capitalizing on his ability to terrorize as many people as possible. DID YOU KNOW? The five Rotom forms were the most hyped secret of Pokemon Platinum, with folk speculating about them for over a month. The ads first appeared in Toys R Us' in Japan, and almost immediately folks recognized them to be related to Rotom!

This collection includes (besides its promotional goods) all official plush, Pokemon Kids, "zukan" figures, and the only Tomy figure Rotom got, which was for his regular form!
On April 27th, 2013, Rotom received 14 new kinds of goods from a Rotom-Only Pokemon Center promotion!! Whaaaat!! PLASMA POKEMON ROTOM GOODS!!


Shinx, Luxio and Luxray are some of my top favourite Pokemon of all time, and one of my main collections!

They also have an amazing spread of unique merchandise, of which I have it all!

Click to go delve into the details of the Lions Collection!

Electrike and Manectric, similar to Helioptile and Heliolisk, are the only non-rodent Electric Pokemon in their generation. Luckily, like the lizards, these lightning wolves are amazing.

Electrike and Manectric have been honored by being in Pokemon XY, Manectric heavily used by the evil Team Flare, and even getting his own MEGA EVOLUTION. Some say it is simply a "lightning bolt with dog legs". Is that supposed to be an insult?! We take it as an immense compliment! This collection does now feature Mega Manectric goods: his Tomy figure, metal charms even a can badge! Plus a gorgeous handmade doll.

This collection also includes the usual "zukan" figures, Pokemon Kids, and Tomy figures, but also! Custom PokeDolls of each wolf! Electrike and Manectric had never, until the Banpresto Manectric of 2015, had official plush of their own, and these handmade dolls are the perfect fit in the shelf. They even have hand-embroidered little paws! I also have a few extra figures beyond the usual, as these two have such a small amount of merchandise. Those include Electrike attacking Magneton (official, really! by Hasbro), and Manectric as a electronic attack-game figure, a clipping figure, a Kaiyodo sculpture, and a Hasbro attacking action figure!


mega ampharos!

Have you any wool? These super cute sheep are packed with staticky fluffy wool! Ampharos is not, though - what sort of sheep evolve into bald dragon-like beasts? Nevermind that text, which I used to describe Ampharos for many years -- Ampharos can now mega evolve into Mega Ampharos, regaining his wool, and even gaining Dragon typing to boot! He was the first Electric Type to ever get a Mega Evolution, and Mareep and Flaaffy are still wondering themselves how they will one day go from sheep to dragon.

This collection features the "zukan" figures, all Tomy MC figures and Pokemon Kids, and every official plush made of this line - four Ampharos, six Mareep, and one Flaaffy! The big Flaaffy pillow may be her only plush, but it is truely the sweetest and softest! Sitting with my sheeps is the friend to all sheepies and magnets, Jasmine of Olivine City. As bonuses, with my sheeps are also Pokemon Time straps, and the too-cute Bound Ball round Mareep. Note that Trading Figure Game Flaaffy from Groundbreakers - a canceled set of toys for which now only prototypes remain, perhaps less than twenty of each in the entire world for some. What a pink, fluffy little prize she was to add to the flock!


Jolteon, the only Eeveelution without a tail. Why is he so cute, spikey, speedy and yellow? Despite scientists' attempts to unravel these mysteries, the world may never truly know what makes Jolteon the sweetest, most adorable, most charming, and most perfect Eeveelution of all, but it is a solid fact that everyone agrees Jolteon is the best.

This collection includes the usuals, again, Tomy (both old and new!), "zukan" (again, both old and new!), and Kids (all poses!), plus a few extra figures that are especially cool (Jakks, PokeDoll, Kyun Chara, and shiny Rumble U Eevee NFC figure, to name some!). It also features every single Jolteon plush. Until the Eevee Collection promotions began at the Japan Pokemon Centers in 2009, Jolteon had only three plush -- PokeDoll, Bell Plush and Friends plush. Then came his updated minky PokeDoll, canvas plush, and pow -- 2013 was Year of the Eevee, and Jolteon's plush exploded. There is even a LIFESIZE Jolteon plush. All plush not in the cubby can be seen below!


Folk often ask me, Gin, what ARE these fellows? Well, since I was a wee one I just called them electrical monsters. They are monsters (with the Magmar line being their fire equivalents) and they are SO cute... don't you agree? Of course you do. Monsters with electric sockets and plugs in their designs!! These guys simply embody the Electric Element, flawlessly and of course, cutely.

This collection features ALL official plush of this line - which is one each of Electabuzz and Electivire, and 16 Elekids (
due to being a hype Pokemon during Gold/Silver and the Lugia movie)! Electabuzz Bell Plush is the ONLY Electabuzz plush (as far as I know, and I know lots) and he was also my introduction into the world of tiny Banpresto Bell Plush. To match his bigger sized plush brethen, however, Electabuzz also has a custom plush in here. The collection also features all Pokemon Kids (including Shiny Electivire), the updated and complete "zukan", all Tomy MC figures, and  a large figure for each monster. But these large figures are quite special, because every one of them is REALLY electronic! Electabuzz is a very rare "lamp" that glows red, Elekid talks and yells and vibrates, and Electivire's cords glow red and he shouts his name like any self respecting Pokemon should! ELECTRICAWESOME!!

MAGNETS! How can you get more adorable than THESE LITTLE MAGNETS??? Look at these guys! They are SWEET LITTLE MAGNET BABIES!! But wait! Magnets are not the only Electrical Objects, oh no! Never forget: Voltorb and Electrode get a bad rap for being a couple of balls, but that's only because folk are jealous that they themselves can't blow the hell up at will and then be revived! Have respect for these simplistic little balls of death. No seriously, they explode. Always. Send help, please. DID YOU KNOW? The magnets were the first Pokemon to ever be retconned! Alas, originally they were only electric types, before Steel type had been "discovered" by the ever helpful magnet lover Jasmine of Olivine City. I suppose nobody noticed these cuties were dual steel types until that moment! And thus their type was retconned into eternity.

This collection features the complete versions of each "zukan" figure set, and all Pokemon Kids and Tomy figures as well. It also includes the official Voltorb and Electrode plush (two each!), but as the magnets never got official plush, the three you see here are one of a kind custom made dolls! That super angry Magneton? An official figure set by Hasbro. He's got good reason to be grouchy (see below).


Folk do often ask exactly what do I think and feel about these electric rodents, who increase with each generation, all of them sporting stylish electricity-generating spots on their cheeks. Some people are tired of them, and you might think I would be too, as Raichu seems the least loved by those in charge (he is apparently too fat). Yet, their charm endures in my heart, and I find myself looking forward to knowing this is an adorably cute and sweet family that will grow each generation without fail. They are a set, if you will, and one must know how a collector feels about a nice matching set! Pichu and Pikachu are Raichu's babies, after all!

There are hundreds of figures of these guys, and I am not completely insane. Therefore, alongside the "zukan" figures, each rodent has a representive Tomy figure, and a few varieties of Pokemon Kids, including ALL shiny kids! Plushwise,
I focus on the cutest of all plush, PokeDolls (in and of itself not an easy feat despite being only ONE BRAND OF PLUSH) to go with the representitive figures.
There are almost 40 kinds of Electric Rodent PokeDolls - collecting even only these dolls is quite the quest! READ THE RODENT POKEDOLL REPORT!

Raichu is my favourite Pokemon of all time.

What more can be said?

Click to go to the Raichu collection - the biggest in the entire world!

other shots of my electrical life!
Besides what is otherwise documented on this site, I have a whole slew of random Electric Pokemon goods. I even have an entire room of my house decorated and painted as an Electric Pokemon room. We call it the "Orange Room", and it is a place for guests to sleep and dream of amazing Electric Type Pokemon! In the orange room I tend to keep entirely plush. Some electrics have a disproportionate amount of plush compared to the rest (Elekid, Jolteon, Shinx, and Zekrom/Black Kyurem, along with the mice, naturally). To keep the main collection display balanced, the overflow plush live in the orange room together. That's why it's also called the "auxiliary" collection room!

You can see shots of the Orange Room along with all my other random goodies and a few closeups below!