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On July 10th, 2010, Movie 13 ("Ruler of Illusion: Zoroark") hit theatres, and along with it came unusually sparkly, twinkling movie heroes! I am not talking about teenaged vampires, folks - I am talking about shiny Raikou, Entei and Suicune, of course! With their dramatic entrance onto the big screen, we first got word that anyone pre-ordering a movie ticket would get to pick one shiny beast to be downloaded into their game. That was only the start -- soon posters went up in the Pokemon Centers of Japan advertising a unique promotion for shiny beast lottery prizes. They were the first shiny Pokedolls - along with charms, and stickers - and we fans of shiny Pokemon or the three beasts were only about to start getting our heads spun around! The merchandise came pouring in, and here I will document what came out for Shiny Raikou, my favourite shiny Pokemon of all time!

SHINY RAIKOU POKEDOLL!・色違いのライコウポケドール-->>>
Shiny Raikou Pokedoll(s) were given out from June 19th until July 25th, in the summer of 2010, as a special promotion for Movie 13. These are officially the first shiny Pokedolls ever made! An estimated 150-250 dolls were given out per Pokemon Center over the course of the month. Please meet my first Shiny Raikou Pokedoll, Romulus, with his brother Remus, my regular Raikou Pokedoll.

You can see how different their mane patterns are!

Shiny Raikou Pokedoll's legs are much fatter and squishier as well, making him shorter.

I aquired Romulus and decided I would not win a doll in the lottery, as many weeks had passed and I had won roughly 150 stickers and two or three charm sets. Then one fateful day in early July, it happened - I won a Shiny Raikou Pokedoll at the Tokyo Pokemon Center! I could not believe it! Two days later, at the Yokohama Pokemon Center, I won TWO MORE?? This was too much for me to handle!! I ended up with my own little army of Shiny Raikou Pokedolls?! Witness the beauty! Each of them has such varied expressions!

Remus is very happy to feel like he is the more unique doll once again!

But Romulus will always be king of the mountain.

Although two of my precious sons have gone on to new (caring and loving!) homes to live with other Raikou, one of the fellows got his tag a bit bent on the trip home. Well I can't hand out a toy with a bent tag, can I? I follow the code of the crazed toy collector after all! Meet Hercules, who is my hands-on Shiny Raikou Pokedoll, my buddy who travels with me, and dons a collar woven for me by a dear friend. I am glad to keep a Raikou I won myself, and I am very proud!

SHINY RAIKOU FIGURES・色違いのライコウのフィギュア-->>>

SHINY RAIKOU MC+ FIGURE・色違いライコウモンコレプラス
Shiny Raikou MC+ is a special limited edition, not for sale figure limited to only 1000 each. You had to mail in two proofs of purchase of any Takara Tomy MC figure, and could possibly win one of the beasts of your choice! Well, I got the two proofs of purchase and printed out the postcard to mail ... but I was in the USA at the time, and distracted, and so to make a boring story short, I never mailed them. How would I get my beautiful, gorgeous, sleek and shiny Raikou MC+? To Yahoo Japan we went! And low and behold!

SHINY RAIKOU ZUKAN・色違いのライコウ立体ポケモン図鑑
Hah, you think it stopped at one single plush? Keep dreaming -- Shiny Raikou got so many toys, you could shake a stick at them! And get your hand bitten off. By a vicious and powerful Shiny Raikou. :) This was the first set of zukan figures on red bases - and the first shiny zukan figures ever! All three beasts got these beautiful and bright 1/40th scale figures.



How sweet! He comes in five parts which one must build, a 3D puzzle of sorts, and is made by Bandai. This set also included all the beasts - shiny and regular - Zoroa, Zoroark and some other typical DP era Pokemon too! How typical - but Shiny Raikou is never typical! He is only spectacularly fabulous!

Wait, this is not Raikou! No, but it's his bro Zapdos, who got a Shiny Figure years and years before Raikou ever dreamed of being a shiny toy. Hasbro made an unprecedented line of shiny figures back in 2003-2004(?), including Charizard, Scyther, Spinarak, Tyrouge and more! Zapdos' shiny colors are very similar to Raikou -- bright yellow becomes bright orange! His beak also lightens while his legs become darker. Here he is with a regular colored Zapdos to see the difference. How cool! You deserve a spot in the shiny cubby, Zapdos!

OTHER SHINY RAIKOU STUFF!・色違いのライコウその他-->>>
Shiny Raikou got a shockingly large amount of random little goods - these are all of them, to the best of my knowledge! First - here are the three shiny Raikou TCG cards!! On the left is from the 2010 Movie 13 "Perfect Pack", in the middle is the ORIGINAL shiny Raikou, Raikou Star, and on the end but definitely at the top when it comes to price tag, is the super-rare special prize shiny Raikou card - there are only 1000 of this card in the world!

Here are some closeups of the gorgeous rare Battrio with see-through rim, the lottery prize charm, and an adorably tiny little sticker.

This drawstring bag, clearfile and deck box are decorated in a painting by the famous TCG artist Arita. Absolutely stunning!

Pokemon Center artwork is always a plus! Shiny Raikou's was featured on the lottery prize sticker and this hankerchief.

Maybe most importantly, the news that started it all - the shiny beast of your choice, downloaded into your game if you pre-ordered a movie ticket! This is the ticket itself, envelope it came in, and the information packet you get along with it... not to mention one of my two Shiny Raikous I picked out!

Okay, maybe the download promotion started it all, but this is the real reason behind everything, isn't it? The Shiny Beasts made their first ever debut anywhere, in Movie 13, The Ruler of Illusion Zoroark! They even get a special place on the cover. And hey, Raikou has a cool mini sheet thing inside. It's not shiny, but who cares! This is boss!


Shiny Raikou artwork used with permission from XOUS54!