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When I set out to collect "just the PokeDolls of the electric rodents", I had no idea what an arduous quest it would turn out to be. Now, I have almost forty rodent PokeDolls, and they just seem to keep multiplying, as rodents are known to do, after all! Here is my Rodent PokeDoll Report! Starring Tomy MC Figure Tufty Pichu for a consistant size reference in each photo. Enjoy!


Teeny and cute, mini PokeDolls, usually called "PokeDoll Mascots" in Japan, come in a range of sizes from tiny to super tiny. Many are so tiny, they need a bigger grown up Pokemon to hold onto them so they don't get lost. Tiny little dolls in a big old world.

「ポケモ ンドールマスコット」ピカチュウ、エモンガ、パチリス
Mini PokeDoll Mascots: Pikachu, Emolga, Pachirisu

Released: 4/28/2012 (Pikachu, Emolga) 9/14/2012 (Pachirisu)
Size: 8 cm

These adorable mini mascots are some of the latest uniquely-sized PokeDolls to be made. Each comes in its own little bubble pack with a backing cleverly designed after a PokeDoll's modern tag with colors altered to match. Together, Pikachu, Emolga and Pachirisu's colors look stunningly beautiful, if I do say so myself!

Will they ever complete the Electric Rodent set in this tiny size? How adorable it would be!! Sunyshore is rooting for Raichu!

もっちりマスコット ポケモンドールズ ピカチュウ・アローラライチュウ
Squishy Soft Mascot Pikachu and Alolan Raichu PokeDoll

Released: 7/22/2017
Size: 11 cm

Squishysoft Pikachu and Raichu minidolls are here too.
ポケモンセンターおひっこし記念」 ピカチュウのミニドール
PC "Moving Commemoration" Mini Pikachu PokeDolls

Released: Varies
Size: 11 cm

Both of these mini Pikachu dolls were (originally) limited to their respective Pokemon Centers (Tokyo and Osaka) in commemoration of a move to a new location. In these cases, PC Tokyo moved from Tokyo Station to Hamamatsucho Station, and PC Osaka moved to the Daimaru building inside of Osaka Station. While the Tokyo version (part of a set with Piplup and Charmander) was released the day of the move, the Osaka version (part of a set with a matching 12 Inch Doll as well) was in celebration of the move's one year anniversary.

Includes (from left to right):
PC Tokyo Ver. Mini Plush Set Pikachu Doll (ミニぬいぐるみセット ポケモンセンタートウキョーver.) (2007)
PC Osaka Ver. "Renewal 1st Anniversary" Mascot Keychain Doll (ポケモンセンターオーサカver マスコットKC) (11/26/2011)

マスリーピカチュウ2005 3月」 ひな祭りプラ スルとマイナンドール
March Monthly Pikachu w/ "Hina Matsuri" Plusle and Minun PokeDolls

Released: 2005
Size: 6 cm (Plusle and Minun)

Monthly Pikachu Plush were a popular series in the mid 2000's, each month featuring Pikachu holding something that was usually adorable.

For March 2005's plush, Pikachu was given some of the best things to hold -- Electric Rodent PokeDolls! These Plusle and Minun are amongst the tiniest PokeDolls ever released to this day, and are dressed as an Emperor and Empress, hina matsuri style. Not only did they get this adorable plush, but the 2005 March Monthly Pikachu and his dolls were featured on matching pillow, mug and pouches as well. Click the image to see more!

Though I usually might stick to just the Plush and not all the etxra matching goodies -- in this case, I could not help it. A Monthly Pikachu with little electric PokeDolls being too adorable an idea to resist aside, somehow they chose the month of my birthday to do it, and that seals the deal.

ポケモンわくわくゲットくじ2013」 D賞 ぬいぐるみwithポケモンドール
2013 Movie Lotto Prize D "Plush with PokeDoll"

Released: 7/13/2013
Size: 10 cm (Pichu)


Pichu was not even in this movie! I think it's the only Pokemon from this promo not in the movie at all and yet got one of the major prizes dedicated to it. Just...what!

What! So baffled and pleased I cannot even write this description up with dignity as the others are!

「ポ ケモンドール」 withぬいぐるみ
Plush w/ "Held" Mini Pikachu PokeDolls

Released: Varies
Size: 6-10 cm (the mini doll)

So far, three mini Pikachu dolls have been so made tiny enough to represent other Pokemon plush owning their own Pikachu PokeDoll.

The regular colored Pikachu with a party hat (photo coming soon) is celebrating the PC's 10th Anniversary with his own mini version of the regular sized doll. Shiny Pikachu with a mini doll in a shopping bag was a plush collaboration with the company BEAMS35 for Pokemon's 15th Anniversary. Finally, here is Meowth with a little Doll, to match the Pikachu holding a little Meowth doll that also came out for 2012's summer movie lottery.

(from left to right):
PC 10th Anniversary Pikachu Plush (ポケセン10周年記念ピカチュウのぬいぐるみ) (2008)
2012 Movie Lotto Prize E "Plush with PokeDoll" (ポケモンわくわくゲットくじ2012 E賞 ぬいぐるみwithポケモンドール) (7/2012)
Shiny Pikachu by BEAMS35 (BEAMSÎポケモン 色違いピカチュウぬいぐるみ) (2011)
ポケモンセンターオリジナル マスコット ピカチュウドールOA
Pokemon Center Original "Secret Base" Pikachu Doll Mascot

Released: 2/20/2016
Size: 10 cm

It's the mini mascot version of the special redesigned Secret Base Pikachu Doll from Alpha Ruby, Omega Sapphire. So cute and so tiny, with a matching tag and noseless little button of a face!!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ぬいぐるみペン ピカチュウドール
Pokemon Center Original "Secret Base" Pikachu Doll Pen

Released: 5/14/2016
Size: 19 cm

...and the same thing, smaller, as a pen!!!

「ポ ケモンドールマスコット」 その他のピカチュウ
Other Mini Pikachu PokeDolls (Various)

Released: Varies
Size: 10-11 cm

Three little Pikachus, and two are mysteries! Despite knowing exactly where one came from -- the Doll House Mini Pikachu Doll from New Year's 2013 -- the other two are so old and mysterious I have been so far unable to find out how they were packaged and sold, or even in what year, for the fellow in the middle. Any information from anyone would be MUCH appreciated! Until then, mystery on my brothers!

≪ これらのドールの情報を探しています!

Includes (from left to right):
PC Pokemon Doll House Mini Pikachu (ポケモンセンターのポケモンドールハウス) (1/1/2013)
Unknown Pikachu Mini Pokedoll
Keychain Pikachu Mini PokeDoll (2005)
- -

Reliable, dependable, loyal. Man's best friend. Of couse I am talking about the regular sized lined of PokeDolls, which have been consistantly produced since the style began in 2001. They come in velvet, velboa, minky, even amigurumi. Despite every single one being about 14-15 centimeters tall there is quite a nice variety!

「ポケモンドール」 ピカチュウ、ピチュー、ライチュウ、プラスル、マイナン、パチリス、エモンガ、デデンネ
Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, Dedenne PokeDolls

Released: Every Generation
Size: 15 cm

With each new Generation of Pokemon comes a new Electric Rodent, and with each new rodent comes a PokeDoll for that rodent. Here is the current collection of regular sized PokeDolls for each rodent, finally including Raichu as of 2013. NEW! Dedenne joins the ranks in Febuary 2014!
ポケモンセンターオリジナル  ピカチュウ・アローラ ライチュウドール
NEW Pikachu and Alola Raichu PokeDolls

Released: 2017
Size: 15 cm

Brand new and bursting with cuteness, a redesigned Pikachu doll and Alolan Raichu counterpart.
Complete with no sniffers in sight!

「ぬ いぐるみのぬいぐるみ」 ピチューとピカチュウ
Pichu and Pikachu "Plush Plush"

Released: 2001-2002
Size: 15 cm

Plush Plush are the forefathers of PokeDolls -- PokeDolls in a unique velvety soft fabric, with a different name, but the same pattern and artwork. As the years go by these PokeDoll ancestors become harder and harder to find, especially with their fragile fabric and tags in tact.

Pikachu Plush Plush was released as a normal doll, but the Pichu
Plush Plush was given away in a special promotion (the New Year Pika Pika Bag) handed out New Year's Day, 2002. According to a blogger, the bag also contained the Larvitar Plush Plush  ("ピチューぬいぐるみのぬいぐるみ」は単独で買ったわけではなく、実は2002年正 月ポケセン福袋NEW YEAR ピカピカバッグ)に入っていたモノなんです。 ピチューだけではなく、「ヨーギラスぬいぐるみのぬいぐるみ」も入っていました。 ").

How fancy!

「ポケモンドール」 ピチュー その他の2種
Alt. Pichu PokeDolls

Released: Varies
Size: 15 cm

Big Brother Pichu PokeDoll (often called "Tufty Pichu") is arguably the rarest, hardest to find PokeDoll of all time. His very existance was unknown to non-Japanese collectors until PokeDoll enthusiast Kate discovered her own. The image to the right, from, is the announcement of "PokeDolls Wave 3" coming in Spring of 2002. Click to see who else was in the third ever set of PokeDolls along with Big Brother Pichu! (PS: You can see here who was in Wave 1 and Wave 2 as well! Just some PokeDoll history!). Tufty was also released as a set with regular Pichu, AKA his younger brother.

Notch-ear Pichu PokeDoll was the fourth ever Pichu Doll released in this size, after the plush plush, regular doll, and tufty. Interestingly enough, you look upon a male and female pair -- Tufty is obviously a boy and Notch-ear is confirmed to be a girl!

Inlcudes (from left to right):
Big Brother "Tufty" Pichu PokeDoll (ピチュー兄ポケドール) (2002)
Notch-ear "Gizamimi" Pichu PokeDoll (ギザみみピチュードール) (2009)

「ポ ケモンドール」 ピカチュウ その他の2種
Alt. Pikachu PokeDolls

Released: Varies
Size: 15 cm

10th anniversary Pikachu PokeDoll was, as his title suggests, made for the Pokemon Center's ten year anniversary since the first one was opened. Starter PokeDolls were also re-released in minky fabric at this time with special 10th anniversary tags. Amigurumi Pikachu Doll was a special release sold at Pokemon Festivals in spring and summer of 2007, called "Pokemon Pal City" (ポケモンフェスタ2007 "ポケモンパルシティ").

Inlcudes (from left to right):
PC 10th Anniversary ver. Pikachu PokeDoll (ピカチュウドールポケモンセンター 10th Anniversary ver.) (2008)
Poke Pal City Amigurumi Pikachu (ポ ケモンパルシティ あみぐるみドール ピカチュウ) (8/2007)
- -

These are the awkward middle children of the PokeDoll family, varying in size someplace between the regular dolls and the 12 Inch giants. No PokeDoll has been made in this size since Generation 4, making them unique indeed!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ピカチュウドールOA
Pokemon Center Original "Secret Base" Pikachu Doll

Released: 4/18/2015
Size: 20 cm

Surprise!! The newly redesigned Pikachu Secret Base PokeDoll! The new design is based on how the plush looks in secret bases in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. It's so amazingly cute, even if it lost its nose in a tragic game of got-your-nose.

NEW YEAR ピカピカバッグ 2003」 ピカチュウドール
"New Year PikaPika Bag 2003" Soft Fabric Pikachu Doll

Released: 1/2003
Size: 22 cm

Thus we continue and expand upon the theme of New Year PikaPika Bag PokeDolls! We have already seen above we have seen a mini Pikachu sold on New Year's, and read that Pichu plush plush was also a special New Year's doll in the PikaPika Bag for 2002. But these Medium Sized dolls take the "New Year's Exclusives" cake, as all of them but one could be bought no where and no time except a PikaPika Bag during the New Year celebration.

This soft towel-like fabric Pikachu is from the 2003 New Year's Bag and, according to a blogger, came with a "mug, lap blanket and tape" (
" マグとぬいぐるみとひざ掛けとガムテープはもうひとつの福袋にも入っていました。"). I am positively dying to get my hands on images of the entire PikaPika bag's contents, but for now, at least we know!

こ のドールが入っていた「ピカピカバッグ」の内容の詳細・画像を探しています!

NEW YEAR ピカピカバッグ2005」 プラスルとマイナンドール
"New Year PikaPika Bag 2005"  Plusle and Minun Minky Dolls

Released: 1/2005
Size: 22 cm

Similar to the Pikachu above, these guys came along two years later. We do not know what else was in their PikaPika Bag, only that they were a part of one ("2005 年のNew Yearピカピカバックに入っていたものです。"). Again, this is info, and images, I am dying to find!

On an interesting side note, these are the first ever PokeDolls made in minky fabric! Every PokeDoll being made in minky did not begin until after Diamond and Pearl was released in late 2006.

≪ このドールが入っていた「ピカピカバッグ」の内容の詳細・画像を探しています!

「NEW YEAR ピカピカバッグ2008」 ピカチュウとパチリスドール
"New Year PikaPika Bag 2008" Shimmery Pikachu and Pachirisu PokeDolls

Released: 1/2008
Size: 21 cm

Like the dolls above, these are PikaPika Bag PokeDolls; unlike the dolls above, I know all about them, because I was able to buy this bag on my own! Each bag came with one random medium sized PokeDoll, a blanket, a photo album, and other random PC goods, all in a giant plastic bag (with Dialga and Palkia on the other side).

You know it's a good year when the first goods are dominated by exclusive and limited Electric Rodent PokeDolls!

「ポケモンドー ル」 ピカ チュウドールXmas
Christmas Pikachu PokeDoll

Released: 11/2006
Size: 24 cm (without hat)

This soft fabric Santa Pikachu is the "biggest" of the medium sized dolls. He is also one of the most elusive, despite having been sold regularly and not in a special New Year's promotion! It is not, however, unheard of for the Christmas Pikachu of the year to go quickly, and while there has been a Christmas Pikachu plush every single year, only once has it ever been a PokeDoll. And here he is!

He was available by himself for 1500 yen, or in a "Christmas Special Set" for 3880 yen ("
ポケモンセン ターオリジナル 「クリスマススペシャルセット」3880円"). The special set was six goods (a small pouch, memo pad, sticker sheet, postcard, and plush tree, along with Santachu) inside of a very large pouch exclusive to that set, to hold it all inside.

Hopefully, one day, there will be another Christmas plush in the PokeDoll style!
- -

Commonly referred to by English-speaking collectors as "DX PokeDolls", but properly named "12 Inch PokeDolls", these are, to date, the largest sized PokeDolls made! Like the medium dolls, no new 12 Inch PokeDolls have been produced since the end of Gen 4.  Will we ever see a new one? UPDATE: DEDENNE?!!

「12 インチポケモンドール」 ピカチュウ
12 Inch Pikachu PokeDolls

Released: Varies
Size: 30 cm (12 inches)

The regular 12 inch Pikachu PokeDoll has been released in Japan's Pokemon Centers, New York's Pokemon Center/Nintendo World, Florida Disney World's Epcot, and Japan's 2005 Pokemon theme park, "PokÚPark". Despite having different tags and some minor sewing variations, the regular 12 inch Pikachu has remained the same throughout all of these releases, with the same size, pattern and velboa fabric.

One year after Pokemon Center Osaka moved locations, they released a PC Osaka limited 12 inch Pikachu Doll with matching mini keychain mascot, to "Celebrate! One year since PC Osaka's Renewal!" ("祝!ポケモンセンターオーサカリニューアル1周年!"). Some time later this previously Osaka limited doll set was also sold throughout Pokemon Centers in other locations. This doll, like its mini keychain seen above, is made in minky fabric with a big blue polka-dotted bow!

Inlcudes (from left to right):
PC Osaka Ver. "Renewal 1st Anniversary" Doll (ポケモンセンターオーサカver) (11/26/2011)

「12インチポケモンドール」 プラスルとマイナン
12 Inch Plusle and Minun PokeDolls

Released: 2004
Size: 30 cm

They are what they are! In velboa fabric and standard 12 inch size. Their gigantic ears have some supports inside of them to keep them up so well!

「12インチポケモンドール」 デデンネ
12 Inch Dedenne PokeDoll

Released: 4/26/2014
Size: 30 cm

Well. Since the end of Diamond and Pearl, with the 12 Inch Arceus and Sky Shaymin dolls (both limited to 100 Daisuki Club prizes) released in 2009, 12 Inch dolls were done. As far as we knew, another would never be made, and a long five years of Black and White passed, with no Generation 5 PokeDolls getting made into the big size.

And suddenly.......with very little warning, they decided to go for it again. Not only did they decide to suddenly make one again, but they started with Dedenne, the electric rodent hamster gerbil of Generation 6, and the best possible 12 Inch PokeDoll for them to make....... in my opinion anyway!!!!!!! Although now Emonga is feeling a little put out (at least one Gen 1 rodent got a big doll, nobody in Gen 5 did at all), Dedenne now joins the ranks of the other few and far in between 12 Inch Electric mice dolls!!!

「12インチポケモンドール」 パチリス
12 Inch Pachirisu PokeDoll

Released: 2007
Size: 30 cm

Pachirisu's "DX PokeDoll" is one of the biggest plush I own, and easily the biggest of the electric rodent PokeDolls, if not the biggest PokeDoll ever made. The reason is that his tail is as big as another 12 inch doll stuck onto his back, doubling him in size. Despite being just as tall as the rest he is twice as heavy and twice as difficult to fine a place for!

At least he is not difficult to get to sit upright.

「ぬいぐるみクッションポケモンドール」 ピカチュ ウ
Pikachu PokeDoll Cushion

Released: 2005
Size: 32 cm

The flattest kind of PokeDoll still in plush form, this is also one of the rarer items on a page full of extremely rare items. It was released around the time of the Lucario movie, and thus Lucario and Bonsly PokeDolls also have flat cushion versions of themselves. Adorable.