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The Electric Lions!!
Diamond and Pearl was a magical time. For an Electric Type trainer, it was one of the best presentations we could ask for. Imagine! Volkner of our own Sunyshore City, the highest ranked Gym Leader! The first Gym Leader with a Raichu since my beloved hero, Lt. Surge. Two first generation electrics got brand new evolutions, and the adorable and fierce trio of Shinx, Luxio and Luxray were our early route Electric Types. It was love at first sight of Shinx's big, round, glowing yellow eyes and little red dot nose. As it evolved and turned darker, more ferocious, and more powerful, the love only grew stronger. The beautiful Pokemon Luxray is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time, and I believe this is the best Electric Pokemon family in all of the Pokemon world!

My goal: To collect and catalog all toys of Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray ever made! My current pride proudly features
11 official plush (9 of which are Shinx) and 24 custom plush (14 of which are Luxray)!

What lions are COMING SOON to the pride? Probably not many now a days!!
If you have an item you do not see listed on or see on my Wanted Items page, please let me know!

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コ リンクドール ポ ケドールぬいぐるみ
Shinx PokeDoll Plush

Japan/America 2007
Pokemon Center

Here is the official Japanese Shinx Pokedoll with his American sister! Shinx Pokedoll came out the spring after Diamond and Pearl's release, and what a happy surprise he was! Despite his huge head, he can actually stand up pretty well, too! His American counterpart has a few differences in pattern in the face and neck markings, but otherwise they are both rather identical besides their tags. Who cares -- cuties!

You can see my unofficial mini Shinx Pokedoll and custom Shiny Shinx Pokedoll down below in the customs section!
コロッとまんまるぬいぐるみ レントラー
Rolly Round UFO Catcher Luxray Plush!

Japan 2007


This plush is so cute and soft I died.
This plush is so cute and soft that I have two of them.
This plush is my dream plush. I wanted an official Luxray SO BAD!
MY BABY!!! The details are PERFECT!

Here are some more shots of my BABY!!! Click for full size :D
コリンク キャンバス コレクションぬいぐるみ (2007年・2009年 バージョン)
Shinx Canvas Collection Plush (2007 & 2009 versions)

Japan 2007/2009
Pokemon Center

The first official lion plush ever! The Canvas Collection is supposed to look like pastel sketches or paintings, and I guess whoever drew Shinx drew her very very cute because this is just adorable! This plush is such a happy memory, from when I saw her picture there and just screamed and screamed and screamed (from joy) :D

And take a look at this - in 2009 they completely redid her to be in a sitting pose and in minky fabric! The face was changed, the tail, paws, even the black collar, are all completely redone! Take a look at their differences!

コリンク ポケットモンスター ALL STAR COLLECTION ぬいぐるみ 第3弾
Shinx All Star Collection Plush (from Set 3)

Japan 2016/7/5
三英貿易株式会社/San-Ei Company

The new adorable, floppy, cuddly plush Shinx from the All Star Collection!!

劇場版ポケットモンスター キミにきめた! コロっとまんまるぬいぐるみvol.1
"I Choose You!" Pokemon Movie Rolly Round Plush vol. 1

Japan 6/27/2017

Luxray got a super rolly round adorable new plush in WHAT! 2017!! For appearing in the Pokemon Movie (spoilers) only to freaking immediatly die in a flashback that summer.

コリンク MYポケモンコレクションぬいぐるみ~Pokémon Type! でんき~
Shinx "My Pokemon Collection" ~Pokemon Type! Electric~

Japan 12/18/2014

Shinx's first plush in almost five years!! Part of the new wave of lions merchandise that began with Clemont catching a Luxio, once his childhood Shinx friend, in the anime. Thank you Clemont!!

ポ ケモン不思議なダンジョン (空の探検隊) コリン クのぬいぐるみ!
Mystery Dungeon (Explorers of Sky) Shinx Plush!

America 3/2010
Jakks Pacific

I have a secret! When Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky came out in Japan, I was squealing and bouncing at the cute new Shinx "starter" with the adorable purple bandana! I was excited because those main Pokemon from the first Mystery Dungeon game got plush, figures, and tons of merchandise here in Japan. Alas, his time came and went, and Shinx with the cute purple bandana did not get merch! :( Yet Jakks came through well over  a year later - look at this fellow! HOW CUTE!! It also seems Jakks has "finally" perfected  Shinx - not that I don't think the others are completely adorable, but let's say, they aren't quite as accurate to Shinx's design as this one! He's simply wonderful!

コリン ク しゃべれるぬいぐるみ
Shinx"Plush with Sound"!

America/Canada 11/2008

The third Shinx plush by Jakks, and it's huge, and so adorable! Meet Captain Wall-Eyes, my Captain of the wall-eyed race of Shinxes. He had QUITE a long and exhausting trip from Canada to Japan, but he is here now, just in time for Christmas with the other members of the pride!

He's the biggest Jakks Shinx so far (you can see him compared with a Pokemon Kid in the second picture) and also ... well, he talks! When we ordered him it promised he would be bilingual, but it turns out all that means is his box has both French and English instructions (and I so did wish for him to say both Shinx! and le Shinx!).

As for his name, it's not too difficult to figure it out, right? If you're really having issues, look at the third shot of him for an example. He will join my legion of wall-eyed plushies, which currently only numbers two, but I do so love them and their ability to stare blankly off into space!!

コリンク進化コ レクション コリンク+レントラー
Super DX Rolly Round UFO Catcher
Shinx Evolution Collection Shinx+Luxray Plush!

Japanese Made
July 2008 Banpresto

Um. Wow. When they made DX Raichu plush, I said "I sure wish they'd make a Luxray DX plush". Well.... here she is... with Shinx as well! Caught each of mine in one try.... AMAZING! I love my lucky lions and I'm speechless about how cuddly and adorable they are and how lucky I am to have my favourite Pokemon both made into DX plush!!! (each is about a foot tall).

コ リン ク ジャックスぬいぐるみ
Shinx Jakks Plush

America 2008
Jakks Pacific

SO CUTE! This Shinx was my first Jakks plushie ever, and I am VERY happy! I heard Jakks Pokemon plush are not very good, but it seems they improved enough to make this ADORABLE smilin' little guy! Awwww, he's just so cute I want to eat him for dinner!!! But then I wouldn't have this absolutely chaming and wonderful little Shinx...

Click the photos for some more shots!

ポケモンまったりぬい ぐるみ コリンク
Laid Back Plushies - Shinx!

Japan 1/2009
Takara Tomy

YAY LAYING SHINXY!  I waited soooo long for you, and here you are, in my arms, adorable and soft as can be!! This is one of the most adorable Shinxes ever made, and I am so glad for how many official plushies he's gotten. Thank you, Pokemon Company, for making this adorable Pokemon we can all love ;_;

コ リンク トイファクトリーのぬいぐる (5種類)
Shinx Toy Factory Plush (5 sizes)

America 10/2009
Toy Factory

How remarkably cute for a company that usually makes horrible messes out of Pokemon's faces! These Shinxes are too cute and GIGANTIC!! Their sizes, from small to big, are 6, 12, 16, 20 and 30 inches high! You can see them compared to a Pokedoll in the fourth photo. They are also the first arcade prize Shinx plush in America! You can catch the smaller two in crane machines and the bigger three are theme park prizes (and rather hard to find - I had to  go through quite a lot of trouble to find them @_@). So go out to Six Flags and catch yourself some cutiepies!! Now if only I had space for them...

PS: Their names from big to small are Fatso and Maru, and Lucifer, Thomas O' Malley and Figaro :D
リ ン ク ジャックスぬいぐるみ「モンスターボールゴー!」
Jakks Shinx Plush "Throw Pokeball" (D&P Series 7)

America 10/2008
Jakks Pacific

What an adorable sweetheart you are! This is the smallest Shinx plush to
date, and also probably the squishiest, as he is meant to be stuffed into that Pokeball and then thrown out. No way, man. I ain't stuffin my cute little Shinxy nowheres. How would you like to be crammed into a plastic toy Pokeball? Evil! >:(


"Pokemon Zukan" Pokedex Figure Series

Japan 2007
Tomy Yujin

The zukan was the first figure of Luxray ever released....I squealed!!! Plus not every Pokemon has gotten a zukan figure, so what a special treat for the lions!!! ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)
「pokémon time」第9弾 ストラップ コリンク
"pokemon time" Part 9: Shinx Strap

Japan 1/9/2016
Pokemon Center/Playset Products

coming soon
Marble Attack Figure Luxray

Europe 2009

WOW!! This is one of the most amazing Luxray figures ever, definitely the biggest as of when I write this, and if it wasn't for my dear friend in Spain, we might not even know it exists! Nobody has seen this for sale as of right now except her, and some European Bandai items have such limited release who knows when we would have know? Luxray's head turns and he can pose on top of a marble shooter - that shoots Luxray marbles! Amazing!! Have some more shots of this gorgeous figure!

coming soon

モンスターコレクショ ン コリンク+ルクシオ+レントラー
Shinx + Luxio + Luxray Monster Collection

Japan 2007/8

Shinx was one of the earlier D/P Pokemon in the Tomy Figures release! How cute! Luxray was released on the same day as the Eeveelution re-releases of Jolteon and Vaporeon, and the D/P release of Probopass...... whoohoo? Yay Luxray!! And now Luxio, released in November 2008! How HAPPY! Although he didn't appear in the anime when his Tomy was released... how sad :( NOW! Check out the American Luxray for an example of other countries getting in on the action!
coming soon

最新!ポケモンキッズ 指人形 ルクシオ レントラー
NEW! "Pokemon Kids" Finger Puppets

Japan 2014-2015

Thanks to Clemont getting back his childhood Luxio in the XY anime, and then evolving it in a dramatic moment, lions are back in buisness as of 2014!! These are the true brand new Pokemon Kids lions figures.
ポケモンキッズ 指人形 コリンク ルクシオ レントラー
Lions "Pokemon Kids" Finger Puppets

Japan 2007-2009

Pokemon kids. Everyone loves them, and we all must have them. How BEAUTIFUL these guys look as a set! Hurray, you guys!! You have so many kids! :D
ポケモンキッズ クリアー 指人形 コリンクルクシオレントラー
Lions "Clear Pokemon Kids" Finger Puppets

Japan 2007

The muchly sought after clear Pokemon Kids! Luxray is the hardest to find, but I paid the price to get one early on, and because her black is the clear part its so hard to even see she is clear unless light is shining on her. Luxio was lucky and Shinx is a present from Juumou! Thank you!!!
ポケモン ふるりんコレクション コリンク
Wobbly (Bobble Head) Pokemon Collection - Shinx!

Japan 3/2008
Subarudo/Takara Tomy

AAAAHAAAAAH so cute!! This wonderful little Shinx was the second of two wonderful surprises by Takara Tomy - suddenly, two sets of toys featured Shinx where Piplup usually appears! Suspicious, almost like one of the kids will be catching a Shinx in the next few months or so.... very suspcious. Hell... I'll be ecstatic if they do, but I don't know where I'd put all of the lions merch that would suddenly come out! @_@;;; Anyway... bobble head Shinx slowly wags his head from side to side. If you ever want to be told "NO"... ask this Shinx!

Pokemon Get Collection Candy XY "Climactic Mega Battle Ver."

Japan 2014
タカラトミーアーツ・Takara Tomy Arts

Luxio profits yet again from being reunited with Clemont in the XY Anime!! Here is a tiny and cute Get Collection Candy figure with perfect little details!

チュッパサプライズ ポケットモンスターDP
第3弾 コリンク
Chupa+Surprise Pokemon DP Group 3 Shinx

Japan 2007

Another one of those "you have to buy a ton of these to get the little Shinx!" Argh! Well, I got him! And he's so cute! And now I have a ton of Lollipops. Yes, they come with Chupa Chups and a Pokeball/Masterball necklace/lanyard holder!

Anyway. Cute Shinx!
ジャッ クスのコリンクフィギュア・マーブル
Shinx Figure and Marble Set by Jakks!

America 2007
Jakks Pacific

The bigheaded Shinx figure by Jakks! Very cute and big headed. A release timed to make children beg for it under their Christmas tree. Oh how I hope Jakks does some figures of Luxio and Luxray as well!!!

The marble is now packaged with Shinx figure, so that makes it easy! But this was hard to get for me, here in Japan, before they combined them! But I do have you now, yes I do, Jakks Marble! Why don't they make it easy and sell them with the dang figure?!

ジャッ クスのルクシオフィギュア
Luxio Figure by Jakks!

America 2011
Jakks Pacific

FINALLY!! Took them long enough to finally make Luxio, huh? Well into Generation Five hype, Jakks finally came through with their promise of a Luxio poseable figure. And he is beautiful, too! He can sit, he can glare, he can be cute as an angry little button. He can do it all!

MEGA BLOCKS キャラブ ロック
ポケモンブロッ クランドDX コリンク
Mega Blocks Pokemon "Pokemon Land DX" Shinx

Japan 11/2008
Mega Blocks co.

YAY! In this set of blocks, the first Sinnoh Electrics finally got mega blocks, after two entire years of waiting! How happy am I!! Shinx and Rotom both got blockies, and boy are they so adorable, I can hardly stand it!! I love to stack these blockies together usually, but Shinx is so sweet and so is Rotom, they are both sitting in their collections as they are. So cute! Now I have to hold out hope for a Volkner block to be released with a Luxray block! (I am not holding my breath...)

ポケモン にぎやかランナ コリンク
Energetic Pokemon Runners (Wind Up) - Shinx!

Japan 3/2008
Subarudo/Takara Tomy

Joining in with Bobble Head Shinx, Wind Up Shinx shocked me as being released in a set that would usually go Pikachu, Darkrai and Piplup, but instead went Pikachu, Darkrai and...Shinx. Wow! Well, Shinx hops! Sometimes in place, and sometimes forward. No matter how you roll...this Shinx is hoppin'. And his legs are....well........ awkward to say the least, when he's not hoppin'.

コリン ク メタルコレクション
Shinx Metal Collection  (click for bigger photo)

Japan 8/2009
Pokemon Company

 Five beautiful colors of solid metal Shinx!!! So happy a lion made it into the metal collection!! Will see see more lions in the future? WHO KNOWS! This is one of those amazing series that's continued since 1996.

ポケモンジョイントパ レス, 2.レントラー
Pokemon Joint Palace, 2. Luxray

Japan 2008

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS LITTLE SITTING LUXRAY <3 Sitting her proud palace as a lion queen should be! This cute figure was released with four others (Gabite, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Piplup), and all their palaces can be joined together to form some mega-palace. Hey dudes, I don't even have room for one! But this figure, WOW! So adorable in all her sitting down glory - a lions first! ILU lil Luxy <3

ポケモンクリッピングフィギュア Part 2 コリンク
Shinx Clipping Figure (Part 2)!

Japan 2007

Shinx is on the prowl. Watch out! So cute I basically just keeled over and died. I REALLY hope they make more lions clipping figures - so cute, eep!

コリ ンクとレントラー け しポケ  フィギュア
Shinx and Luxray Keshipoke Figure

Japan 2007
エ ンスカイ/ENSKY

Keshipoke figures are called such because they are small rubbery figures that come in a rubber pokeball - and you don't know which one from a set of 12 will be in the box! AND I SPENT SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY buying tons of Keshipoke before I finally got Shinx on hit 14 or so. Argh!!! Cute little guy - cost me a bundle though. Damn my collector's mindset!!

Luxray is my true love and came to me in the 3rd box that I tried. Love you sweetie! Kissu!
ジャッ クスのコリンクのキーチェイン
Shinx Keychain by Jakks!

America 5/2009
Jakks Pacific

Awww, Shinx got a Pokeball keychain, like Raichu a decade before it... how cute! It looks a lot like the keshipoke Shinx blown up 4 times its size. And a very sturdy chain to boot, America doesn't mess around with keychains... (glaring at cheapass Japanese keychains you can't keep on a bag for more than a week before they fall off).

Anyway so yeah - Shinx! And the packaging for good measure.
米国 ガチャ・コリンクの組 み立てフィギュア!
USA Gacha - Buildeable Shinx Figure!

USA 12/2008
Yuujin USA

Awwwwwww, just look at that widdle FACE! This is a cute little - American made gachapon figure? Huh! Well, look at that! I waited for you since October, when my friend found a picture of you on the Yuujin USA website!! How sweet you have joined me here!
コリ ンク+ルクシオ+レントラー 超ゲット フィギュア
Shinx+Luxio+Luxray Chou GET! Figure

Japan 2007

Hurray for Shinx and Luxio and Luxray Chou GET! This is a cute series of Figures on stands that lock together. See how lovingly they are connected! YAY!!! TO see all these lions lined up so cute, it makes my heart quiver with happiness! You can see the Raichu Chou GET! on the Raichu page (o^∇^o)ノ
コリ ンク 超ゲット フィギュア (プラチナ)
Shinx Chou GET! Figure (Platnium ver.)

Japan 2008

This was a gift from my good friend Sarah, who put 100 yen into a gachapon machine, and out popped this little guy! I didn't even realize he was supposed to be coming out so soon! I was happy and squealed a bit! The clear red base clashes pretty badly with the rest of the lions, but Shinx himself looks good in silver and matches the metal collection, so we can let that slide.

Plus - it's the Platnium tribute chou get! AND WE LOVE PLATINUM!

2007年・2008年 ポケモンカード ゲーム 都道府県・州・国家 代表のトロフィー
2007-2008 TCG Regionals/States/Nationals Trophies

Pokemon Organized Play

 For the Trading Card Game's Prize Theme this year, the Lions line was chosen - wow! What an honor! Luxio and Luxray each got special tournament cards, Luxio was placed on a hat used as a prize (hat is pictured down below), and Luxray - was carved into thick crystal and placed on the main trophies! Amazing!

Here is one example of each trophy. For different places (1st, 2nd, 3rd) the trophies are the same design, except they vary in size. I have one size for each design (Regionals, State and Nationals).

I did NOT win these! I only collected them from winners! I am not this good at TCG, and Japan doesn't have these awesome Luxray prizes anyway. I got them mostly in private transactions with the winners themselves. The original nationals trophy was from the Australian National Champion, and it broke in transit, with the base cracking in two and the crystal shattered in many places. I tried for a year to get a replacement from POP but all their replacement trophies ended up shattering as well. I gave up hope I'd own a mint one, until the American National Champion sold his. I won it while in America and carried it back to Japan in my arms like a newborn baby. Here it is - perfect condition!! A collector's dream!

These are easily the most expensive and rare items in my lion collection to date. They are my pride and joy! Here they are in their original boxes with satin lining.

「pokémon time」第9弾 コリンク
"pokemon time" Part 9: Shinx Goods

Japan 1/9/2016
Pokemon Center/Playset Products

Pokemon Time is an adorable series of goods designed by Playset Products. Diamond and Pearl finally appeared in 2016!! Shinx's face already matches the style, so of course he made it in! This is a list of other miscellaneous goods from Pokemon Time featuring Shinx (see strap above).
  • Rubber Strap Collection (ラバーストラップコレクション)
  • Puchi Can Collection (プチ缶コレクション カラフルラムネ)
  • Short Socks (ショートソックス)
  • Gold Lacquer Seal (うつし金蒔絵 pokémon time)
  • A4 Clearfile x2 Set (A4クリアファイル2枚セット pokémon time)
ナ ギサジムのビーコンバッジ
Sunyshore Gym Beacon Badge!

America 2008
Pokemon USA/POP

YAY The OFFICIAL Beacon Badge from Sunyshore Gym! I beat Volkner!!! *dance* Actually, I'm lying, I didn't beat a damn thing, I just bought it from Ebay. But it's the badge that counts, and I've got this baby right here! It's so shiny and yellow and oh - how about sexy sexy Volkner's POP Card of Angstdom? I swear he and Luxray have the same exact expression. Maybe that's the point? HmmmMmMmMmm. How happy!

The bookmark on the right is not TCG related, but it is a Volkner goody! The Pokemon Center made sets of clearfiles with shimmery bookmarks for most regions Gym Leaders and Champions. This Volkner bookmark came in the Sinnoh Gym Leaders set!

劇 場版ポケッ トモンスターディアルガVSパルキアVSダークライ
Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai Studio Concept Art

These are the final prints of the reference/concept art for the lions, all three of whom appeared in the 10th Pokemon Movie (even if Luxray was only a cameo). It is the closest one can come to owning anything like a cel or cel sketch from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, as Pokemon Co. does not release sketches or hand drawn artwork and coloring is all digital (no cels). Therefore, I am very proud to have this very unique addition to my Lion Collection! Check them out close up! And click here for MORE Lion production artwork!

4・5月のマンスリープレゼント B賞 当選品 200限定
Pokemon Daisuki ClubPokemon Triple Pouch Set!
April/May Monthly Present/Raffle Prize B/Only 200 Made!

Japan 4・5/2008
ポケモンだいすきク ラブ/Pokemon Daisuki Club

Oh my god. *takes a deep breath* AAAAAAAAH!!!

Okay, let me explain. The Pokemon Daisuki Club is the official fanclub for Pokemon in Japan, run by Pokemon Company. Each month they have an on-site raffle for special prizes, usually Prize A and Prize B. For April and May of 2008, Prize B was this set of cloth pouches (100 sets per month). Well, I freaked out. Lions evolutions AND Raichu evolutions on pouches...TOGETHER? Raichu and Luxray on the same merchandise?! AAh!!

I applied over 80 times to win - not an easy feat - and I lost. With only 200 in the world I was so sure I'd never get my beautiful pouches. But then...thanks to Yahoo!Japan and someone who just doesn't feel the love... I DID get them. And boy, so I love them. OH YES I DO I DO. Click here to see the original picture/see what's on the other side!

Lions TCG Cards (Shinx, Luxio and Luxray Collection)


Finally - plenty of happy lions in TCG! Each has cards from packs, and each lion also has a special Meiji Chocolate promo card as well - good going, little lion dudes! Hands down the newest cards (March 2008 release) are the best looking, especially Luxray.

Here's looking forward to more lions in TCG!
Click the scans below to go to my page of high quality lovely lions card scans!

Oh, I've also got photos of Luxray on card things! Apparently the box is fake. BOOOoooo. But this is real Gym Leader merchandise! Spiffy!

and more...!
Lions TCG Goods 


Binders, card boxes and playmats featuring the lions!

Well, featuring Luxray.

Fun fact, almost a decade seperates the Gym Leader binder/deck box on the right, and the other three goods, which came out in 2016 USA.
コリンク、ルクシオ、レントラー  全国図鑑メタルチャーム
Shinx, Luxio and Luxray National Dex Metal Charms

Japan 2012
Pokemon Center

Holy moly! When every single Pokemon (up to Kyurem, at the time) was announced as coming out in metal charm form, I was like, WHAAAAAT? Now, this is after an entire year of almost NO lion merchandise whatsoever (you'll only find three things from 2011 on this page), all three of them were going to get brand new, adorable, tiny little metal charms.

And how adorable are these poses. How adorable?! HOW ADORABLE???

Be sure to look at their cute little Raichu brothers... and can you spot ALL the Electric charms on the Electric Collection page?
ポケットモンスター ス タンプ烈伝
Pokemon "Retsuden" Stamp Series

Japan 2007-2009
エ ンスカイ/ENSKY

It's embarassing to hell and back how srsly I tried to find these stamps. They were on shelves for a year before I realized there were lions in the set... and I found out too late. Gaaaah! I'v
e been through hoops of fire to get a few older ones... a friend got me Shinx in the end, and Luxio, well... I bought the last few dozen available and didn't get him, and finally called Ensky asking if they could help me. TWO DAYS LATER... there he was in the mail. Wow. THANK you, Ensky!!! (I don't say that much...)
ダイヤモンド&パール マグネット烈伝 レントラー ルクシオ
Luxray and Luxio Diamond & Pearl 3D Magnet!

Japan 2007-8
エ ンスカイ/ENSKY

These magnets are BANGIN'!!!! They are designed to resemble a sticker series, but instead they're a thick plastic magnet with Luxio and Luxray popped out 3D style! I love them! SO on my fridge!

Shinx Magnet? ;;
抽選でGET!! モンスターボール型ディスプレイ&20種類のPINS!!
イオン限定「GET!! POKÉ PINS」キャンペーン
GET!! Pokemon Pins Lotto: 20 Pins + PokeBall Display Case!
AEON Limited GET!! POKE PINS Campaign

Japan 8/2017

Only 100 sets of these prize PokePins and PokeBall display case were ever made, to be won by lottery! Luxray was one of these 20 special pins, due to being in the movie to freeze to death that summer.

カラオケ コート・ダジュール「ポケモンキッズウィーク」 オリジナルポケモン缶バッジ レントラー
Karaoke Cote D'Azur "Pokemon Kids Week" Original Can Badge Luxray

Japan 2016/6
Karaoke Cote D'Azur

You had to go do kid karaoke to get this badge! SHEESH!!!!!!!!!!

ANAオリジナルポケ モンキッズタオルセット - でんきタイプ
ANA Original "Pokemon Kids Towel Set" - Electric Type

Japan 2008-2009(??)
All Nippon Airways/Shopro

This amazingly cute towel featuring Luxray and other Electric cuties was sold only onboard All Nippon Airways' Pokemon Plane! Sad that if I had known, I would have gone somewhere just for the chance to buy this?! Maybe. No, probably. Yes, I would have. As it happens, this was found for me by some friends on Y!J and now here we are! I say that Pokeball ought to be a Raichu - seriously, come on you guys!! A Pokeball? Really? But hey, that bottom row contains almost every single Electric Pokemon from Generation 3.... yes, there were really only four, haha. Poor Generation 3!

不思議なダンジョン・ 光の冒険団 オリジナルストラップ (200限定)
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Light Original Strap (only 200 made!)

Japan 2009/10
Club Nintendo

When Explorers of Light came out for the Wii, Club Nintendo of Japan held a special campaign for prizes! You applied through your Wii, and one prize was 200 each of limited straps for each of the three games (you applied and would win one but could not choose which one). I knew I had to have this amazing strap featuring Shinx - and when a member of my community found it, I made an offer, and a week later here it is! It's gorgeous, and just another item limited to 200 or less to join my collection!

キーチェイン、キーホ ルダー・Lions Keychains and Straps!

Japan 2007~2015
Pokemon Center/Bandai/Various

ダイドードリンコオリジナル ポケモン 液晶クリーナーストラップ/ DyDo Drinco Original Pokemon LCD Cleaner Strap

ポケットモンスターXY ポケモンメタルトップコレクション ルくシオ/Pokemon XY Metal Top Collection (Luxio)

ポケモ ンリールキーホルダー/Pokemon Reel Key Holder (Kyoudo)

レントラー ポケモンVSホルダー金属製マスコット/Luxray "VS Holder" Metal Mascot Keychain

レントラー ポケモン画面クリーナーDP/Luxray Lens Cleaner Strap

のびーるキーカバーD・P/Shinx and Luxio Glow-in-the-dark Key Holders

Lion Story DVDs!
Japan/Media Factory

ポケ モンTVアニメコレクションDVD/TV Anime Collection DVDs

レ ントラーの瞳!
(Stories to Remain in your Heart) The Eyes of Luxray!

(Pokemon Sunday Best Collection) The Lost Wailmer
ポケモン☆サンデーベストコレクション迷 子のホエルコ

Media Factory releases these DVD collections featuring a single episode about 2-3 times a year. This fall, both of my favourite Pokemon made the cut, with amazing episodes featuring them both - Luxray and Raichu, of course! Here is Luxray's DVD in all it's glory, feauturing the episode with the Luxray who can't use electric attacks and is training to work for the police force. Good luck, sweet love! NEW!  Luxio's darling episode about the brave lion trying to help a stuck Wailmer is here on DVD! It's so rare for Luxio to get anything, we are very proud to say the least! Good job sweetie! :D

ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール2008 第10巻
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl 2008 Volume 10
2009/01/23 (Rental Only)

This DVD features the "summer school" arc of D/P featuring Aoi and her Shinx! Of course the first episode on this DVD stars a Raichu which Ash is using at the school.... perfect!
Volkner Story DVDs!
Japan/Media Factory

ポケットモンスター  ダイヤモンド・パール2010 第6巻・第10巻
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl 2010 Volume 6 + 10
2010/2011 (Rental Only)

四天王オーバとジムリーダー・デンジ!」「発 進!ナギサタワー!!」「海辺のポケモンスクール!」

So Sunyshore's boys finally decided to show their ugly mugs in the anime, eh? And here are their RENTAL ONLY!! DVDs, of course! Well, one of them, and the image of the other, which I am still waiting to grab. You can get the entire inside scoop on Volkner's episodes HERE of course, but there is more Sunyshore to the DVDs than just his stories! Volume 6 features a beach school located right in or around Sunyshore City's coastline, and Volume 10 features the episode in which Jasmine finally makes her Sunyshore City cameo in the anime! Truely a treasure!

As Volkner's stories equally star his adorabley cuddly Raichu and handsome Luxray, these DVDs are on both my Raichu and Lion pages. Yes, this information is very important, and you do care very much!

The final Volkner episode was also given out as a single DVD along with a Beacon Badge as a special prize item. This is one of my holy grails of collecting, and I hope to include it in my collection one day. The image can be seen here and also on my wanted page.

Flat Magnets!

コリンク・ル クシオ・レントラーパノラマ・マグネットブックのマグネット

Shinx, Luxio, Luxray Panorama Magnet Book Magnets

This is a full set of pop-out magnets from inside a magnet book that came with around eighty of the durn things! Yay! A full set of Lions magnets, how cute! And they sit on my fridge happily :D

コリンク・ル クシオ・レントラーマグネチップ
Shinx, Luxio, Luxray Magnechips

These were so hard to get I don't even wanna talk about it! Let's just say much money has been spent and many tears shed.... darn you randomly packaged adorable things!

メタルコインコレク ション・プラスチックコイン
Metal Coin Collection + Plastic Coins

Japan 2007-2016

These you have to pull random chance out of a pack that could have 20 different coins in it. Bah, humbug! But I got them! Luxio was released in summer 2007 and Luxray was released in March 2008. Finally Shinx in December 2008! :D Full set!

The little plastic coins are from a mini board game (that also had Raichu coins!).

NEW! A handsome gold Luxray coin from the Pokemon XYZ Anime!

Lions Puzzleball!

Europe 2010

How fun! This is a sweet little puzzle ball from Europe. Check out how many languages the instructions are in! I just love it! :D

コリ ンク カンバッジコレクション
Shinx Can Badge Collection

Japan 2008
Media Factory

Yay, a lion finally made it into the Can Badge Collection! Hopefully there will be more to come. The Can Badge collection comes with a special 2-sticker sheet that matches the button. I don't collect stickers but - this feels like a neat little set, so here it is!

Shinx, Luxio Luxray Buildeable Standups

Japan 2008

You build them yourself! Gosh I love these guys! And very hard to find too!

Well, hurray!!

コリンク シューバッ ジ
Shinx "Shoe Badge"

Japan 2007

This clip is so cute and clippy! This is a very popular line of rubber figures in Japan that are designed to be clipped onto shoes like Crocs, with a little peg that can fit through the hole of a sandal or other similar shoe. My Shinx would rather hang out someplace cooler than a shoe, however!

レントラー ポケモントレッタク (12種)
Luxray Tretta (2 kinds)

Japan 2014-2015
Pokemon Center/Tretta Machines

These are Tretta pucks, the puck-based arcade game that came after Battrio (see below). So far only two Luxray in this game, but two is better than none, eh!

コリンク・レントラー バ トリオ パック (12種)
Shinx and Luxray Battrio Pucks (12 kinds)

Japan 2007-2011
Pokemon Center/Battrio Machines

These are Battrio Pucks, for the popular "arcade-ish" game Pokemon Battrio. You put your puck on the board of the game and your Pokemon team (three at once) appears digitally on the screen. Fun times!

I don't play the game, but I REALLY like the art on the discs, especially ROARing Shinx! And LUXRAY! AND FINALLY LUXIO!! YAY!

The Luxray in black and yellow was a special puck only available if you bought a guidebook. And it has a full page spread about the puck, too!

コ リンク・ルクシオ・レントラー のイスラエル製パック
Shinx, Luxio and Luxray Hebrew Chips Pogs


These pogs/tazos hail all the way from Israel. The mint in package Shinx shows the brand names for the chips they could be found in on the back. There are also flat sticker versions to collect along with the pogs!

Lions Foam Stuff!

Shinx and Luxray "Hiragana Poofs" ("Bath Slappies")

Yay, learn your hiragana in the bathtub with lions! That's what these are for, anyway, but I will just display them in my collection... when I'm not in the bathtub.

コリンク クラフトスタンプ
Shinx Craft Stamp

Shinx also has Pikachu and Pachirisu with him. He is main enough on the stamp to call it Lion-centric - so there he is, yay!
レントラー中心 ノー ト、ミニノート、クリアファイル
Luxray Themed Notebook, Mini-Notebook and Clear File

Japan 2007
Pokemon Center

The set of Luxray centric stationery goods! How I do love these! Click below for a closeup of the art on the pages! Luxray is such a goddess, she is protecting all the baby starters from the scary things in the night!

ポ ケモン不思議なダンジョン (空の探検隊) コリン クのグッズ!
Mystery Dungeon (Explorers of Sky) Shinx Goods!

America 2009-10

This is a Shinx folder and a bookmark that were never for sale, only given away as promotional items for Explorers of Sky! How cute! They are rather hard to come by as well, so I feel very lucky I was able to get my paws on them! I just love Shinx' little bandana! :D

Check out the back and insides too! All so Shinx-themed!

「ポケモン+ノブナガ の野望」 ギンチヨとライオンのグッズ!
"Nobubaga's Ambition"/"Pokemon Conquest" Ginchiyo and Lions Goods!

Japan/America 2012
Nintendo/Pokemon Center

Ginchiyo, the lion trainer from the side-game Pokemon Conquest, was prominantly featured on a handful of goods that came out for the game in both Japan and America. Here is her notebook page, clearfile, and bookmark!

Other Lions Stamps!

Shinx Happy Stamp!

コリンク伝言スタンプ (おだいじに, いっしょにあそぼう)
Shinx Message Stampers (Get Well Soon, Let's Play Together)

Shinx Wooden Stamp!

Luxio Hat!

Pokemon Organized Play/Pokemon USA 2007-8

WOW! A Luxio hat! I wasn't sure what to think of this when I found it, but now it is here and its BANGIN'! It was apparently some sort of special prize or promotion for TCG tournaments all over the world! the types of things you had to do to get this hat varied (some places gave them to all winnes, some places raffled them off). Hurray! Luxio got a hat!! :D How happy!

レン トラーナショナルチャンピオンシップTシャツ (スタッフも含む)
Luxray Staff & Player National Championshops Shirts!

Pokemon Organized Play/Pokemon USA 2008

AMAZING Luxray shirts from nationals, to match the trophies which you can see on top of the page! How lovely are they! The blue shirt was for staff only (it says STAFF across the back) and the black one was handed out to players at the Pokemon TCG National Championships in various countries.

My staff shirt is XTRA Large - perfect for snuggly pajamas! How happy! Although I must admit the dark grey is a lot more stylin' with Luxray's color scheme.

Various Pokemon Center Goods!

D・P1 DSゲームカードホルダー
Shinx DS Game Holder

Lion Dice

コリンク ムーミルク
Shinx Moo Milk Glass

Shinx Bentou Box Eraser + Bentou Pick

Luxray Battle Pencil

Shinx Pencil Covers

Mini Pokemon Screens

More Various Goods!

ポケモン バトルホイールストライクXY2
Pokemon "Battle Wheel Strike" XY2


"Atete PON" (Win and BAM!) Game

This is a handheld Pokemon quiz game by Takara Tomy.
Example Question: What is this Pokemon's correct evolutionary order?
1. Shinx - Luxio - Luxray
2. Luxio - Luxray - Shinx
3. Luxray - Luxio - Shinx

Pokemon Flipping Pokedex (features all three lions)

マクドナルド スーパーボール+ディスクゲーム
McDonalds Great Ball+Disc Game (featuring Shinx and Luxray)

"Non-Flat" Lions Goods!
Not just random cards, stickers or posters, these are specific Lions goods that are flat without being flat! Tablets and Pop-ups, oh my!

Luxray Korean Pop-Up

ポ ケモンプレート&タブレット
Luxray Pokemon Pop-Up ("Plate and Doublet")

ダイヤモンド&パー ル カクメン烈伝DP

Diamond & Pearl Pokemon Kakumen ("Menko")

ポケモンDP 絆創膏
Pokemon D/P Bandaids

Japan 2007
Pokemon Center

Four bandaids for the Lions, what an honor! Now you know who to use when you get a blister. Not. I have these babies in a hard plastic sleeve, just like a good nerdy collector! They are, actually, some of the rarest Lions items that were ever made.
Luxio Cookie

Japan 2007
Pokemon Center

This was only in my collection for a very short time.


I ate it.

ビッ グサイズ レントラー ぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Large Luxray Plush (Custom)


This plush has been called the best Luxray plush ever - and can you really disagree?! The idea behind her was combination Tomy plush style/Pokemon Center giants style (as seen with Raikou), and she ended up a beautiful combination of both!! She is a bit over two feet long and with her mane stands as tall as Raikou, a beautiful Luxray goddess presiding over my room!

Please don't miss the gorgeous details on her eyes, and see how soft her fur looks and how snuggly she is. I feel extremely honored and delighted to own this perfect Luxray, and I will treasure her for all times to come.

Artist: Daniela

ナ ギサシティーのジ ムリーダーデンジのぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Poseable! Sunyshore Gym Leader Volkner Plush! (Custom)


Here is Volkner in his adorable glory, sitting with custom Octillery (a
rtist: Amiraswolf) and custom Luxray (Usakochan). He sits, he stands, his arms move, he's grouchy with hand-stiched details and is absolutely perfect. I do love him so, and he has travelled with me far and wide! Okay, to the comic market and back... whatever. Adored by all: the poseable Sunyshore Gym Leader!

Artist: Baby London Star

コ リンクドールミニキーチェインポ ケドール ・ 色違いコリンク 手作りポケドール
Unofficial Mini Shinx PokeDoll Keychain Plush + Shiny Shinx PokeDoll Custom Plush


Here is my custom Shiny Shinx Pokedoll with his tiny little unofficial mini friend! With the official Pokedoll, they are a happy family indeed! All are made of minky with embroidered details! Can you even tell Shiny is a custom, eh?! Gorgeous!

Artist: Baby London Star

ルクシオ 動 かせるぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Luxio Poseable Plush (Custom)


Can I just say: WOW. This is an amazingly made plush by a legendary plush artist, and I am so happy and proud to have him in my collection! He is just absolutely beautiful, and I could gush about him for hours. But you don't want to hear me do that. As said by the artist: "
...Measuring in at 8 inches. ...Luxio can look to the left and right, and even behind if in need of an exorcism."

This Luxio was one of my first ever plush by Baby London Star, who has by now made numerous plush in my gallery of Raichus, Lions and Electrics, as you can see both above, and below this Luxio. Enjoy them all please!

Artist: Baby London Star


「ライオン・キング」  風のレントラーぬいぐるみ (手作り)
"The Lion King" Style Luxray Plush! (Custom)


This adorable little fellow (named Rhett Butler) is sewn from a pattern resembling the old Lion King plushies some of us grew up cuddling (some of us being me!). He is also one of the fuzziest Luxrays I own, with a mane and other fuzzy details made from very long faux fur, fuzzy, all fabric eyes, and all around adorableness. He is also incredibly squishy and cuddly, which might be hard to tell from the photos, but take it from me! This is a gorgeous plush.

Artist: Whitty Kitty

レ ントラーパジャマを着たデ ンジのぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Volkner in Luxray Pajamas


Volkner! As a Luxray! In Luxray pajamas! As you can see Volkner is incredibly grumpy about being in these Luxray pajamas, but that's a problem for him, as they are sewn onto his body. He can't even possibly change clothes. Sorry grumpy dude! Deal with that!

Lt. Surge is happy to be in Raichu pajamas, as you can see, maybe he can teach Volkner to enjoy his nice minky costume!

Artist: Usakochan


大 型レントラーのお眠りまくら (手作り)
Large Luxray Pillow (Custom)


This is a 2.5 foot long (not including tail) gigantic minky soft Luxray pillow! A plush that used to be only a dream, basically, which I drew out the idea for and had made! She is a lion big enough to snuggle and cuddle and floppy enough for it too. Her head can turn, and she is large enough to lay back on and use as a pillow. Photos show more closeups of her ultra-soft fur and details!

Artist: YY


大 型ルクシオの抱けるぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Large Luxio Cuddle Plush (Custom)


There is no cuter Luxio to be found than this cuddly, snuggly, floppy fellow right here!! He is made of super huggable cuddle minky fabric, with embroidered details and gloriously bright eyes. He can be posed sitting up or laying down, or playing with his little brother Shinx, or his big brother Luxray. He is 2 feet long and loves to lounge around in hammocks all day, just relaxing and enjoying the view, whilst being a super cute baby!

Artist: Renegar Kitsune

ライチュウパジャマを着たレントラー (手作り)
Luxray in Raichu Pajamas! (Custom)


If you try to claim that you've ever seen something this adorable, I'll probably have to call you a LIAR!! Meet Luxray in Raichu Pajamas, the epitamy of everything I love most all wrapped up into one adorable, pink cheeked, chibi little baby cutiepie sweetiedumplings!!!! The outfit is fully removeable and I am very tempted to try it on my Lt. Surge plushie (who you can see on the Raichu page). Speaking of the Raichu page, it took a long time to decide if this guy ought to go on it or not! I ultimately decided no just since that page is so huge already, but man, so hard to decide!

Artist: Junoluver

アイテム持ち レントラー  (手作り)
Held Item Luxray (Custom)


Wow - just wow. This is the Luxray half of a pair of little guys that I designed and the artist Usakochan brought to life, with strong magnets in their paws to hold their items, which consist of a Wacan Berry, Zap Plate, Electrizer and Thunderstone! They are 100% minky and they are also beanies to be floppable and cuddleable! I LOVE THEM! Some of my favourite customs of all time.

Artist: Usakochan


「明るい目」の レ ントラーぬいぐるみ (手作り)
"Bright Eyes" Poseable Luxray! (Custom)


Meet Bright Eyes, a tiny and poseable little Luxray with the brightest eyes and fuzziest fuzzy little body you ever did see on a Luxray! She is fully poseable with exquisite details. She is unlike any other Luxray I own in her incredible cuteness, small smile and jeweled eyes.

Artist: Whitty Kitty

ポ ケモンまったりぬい ぐるみ ルクシオ・レントラー
Laid Back Plushies - Luxio and Luxray!


Meet the laid back brothers (and their official Takara Tomy baby brother), who love to lay around all day, being floppy, laid back beanie plushies and chilling together. Aren't they a sweet little bunch of lovelies?! Of course they are!! You're only jealous you can't lay around all day!

Artist: YY


クリスマスのルクシオ (手作り)
Christmas Luxio (Custom)


Like Count Raicula before him, now Luxio takes charge of a holiday! Meet Christmas Luxio, who is too adorable for words and possibly the cutest Luxio on the whole planet. His hat jingles, he has candy canes for you and me, and a cute stuffed present! He matches my official Pokemon Center Christmas Pikachu, and they both sit on my tree with my Plusle and Minun Christmas Plushies (building a Pika Snowman). TOO CUTE!! Luxio bells, Luxio bells, Luxio's all the way!! Oh what fun it is to Luxio a one Luxio open sleigh!

Artist: Junolover

お眠りルクシオ (手作り)
Sleepytime Luxio (Custom)


You might be asking, why so Flaaffy, lions page? Well, because this adorable and soft Luxio is based on the "Onemuri" Pillow series of official plushies made by Banpresto! Flaaffy is a member of my Electrics collection, and as one underappreciated middle electric evolution Pokemon to another, they got along like a Raichu in a lightning storm and have been in love since... well, their eyes are closed, so not since they first laid eyes on each other, but something like that.

Artist: Juumou

レントラー リュック サック (手作り)
Luxray Backpack! (Custom)


SO HUGE!!!! And so soft!!! This is a backpack to rival my Raichu Backpack... and rival she does! This girl is gigantic, and can hold about five times as much as the Raichu backpack. She is very soft and incredibly well made. I can't wait to try her out in the world and show her off to everybody! I am so glad I got this backpack!

Artist: Kiraras-Lemon

寝転がり ノーマルと 色違いコリンクのぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Normal and Shiny Laying Shinx Plush! (Custom)


(end of comments)

Artist: YY

寝転がりノーマルと 色違いルクシオのぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Normal and Shiny Laying Luxio Plush! (Custom)


Look at Shiny Luxio and his sleepy brother!! AWWWW!!! I really love this sleepy and awake shiny combo!!! They are so adorable and can be posed in all sorts of ways. And so soft. And I love them. Gaaaah.

Artist: YY

寝 転がりノーマルと 色違いレントラーのぬいぐるみ (手作り)
Normal and Shiny Laying Luxray Plushies! (Custom)


HOW! CUTE! These big beautiful lovelies are absolutely gorgeous, so well made, and I am SO in love! They have floppy limbs with beans so they can lay down in various poses, and their heads turn as well! Great for snuggling a Luxy :D I don't even have words for how gorgeous they are, so look at the photos, please!!

I just love my laying Luxrays! They make me happy.

Artist: YY

最 初のレ ントラーぬいぐるみ (手作り)
THE ORIGINAL ONE: The First Luxray Plush! (Custom)


Last, but actually first, is this baby right here. How is she last and yet first? This right here ladies and gentlemens, is the first Luxray plush ever made in this world -- at least as far as we know! She's also one of a kind and MY first Luxray plush ever! Which I guess is a given if she is also the first ever. She is one of the most perfect plush that I own, beautifully made with soft paws and real hand painted "Gleam-Eyes". Her tail are poseable as well! She stands about 8 inches tall. Check out some other views of my original and most precious, special baby by clicking the photos below!

Artist: YY


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