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Welcome to the "other" page full of other stuff!
You may or may not have noticed that my website, which is this website, is about Electric Pokemon. Yes, it's shocking (hoho!) but true!! So all this talk of other stuff, well by other I mean my toys that aren't specifically Electric or Sunyshore related, which includes non-Electric Pokemon, and some cute guys and gals too! I just love this stuff despite the crippling lack of electricity! Nonetheless, because of what and who I am, some electric trainers and Pokemon will find their way onto this page as well, as they fit in better with the "People" collection than anywhere else. So check it out man! And, well hey! We have production artwork that's not Electric or Sunyshore related also. How about that eh?? Enjoy!

Cool People
Cool Pokemon

I have always loved the people in Pokemon almost as much as I love the Pokemon themselves, and Sinnoh (with Unova now following in this tradition) bowled me over with its amazing characters and their stories. Even the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Frontier Brains get childhood stories, hobbies, likes and dislikes, quirks and good characterization in all - and I just fell in love with so many! Here is a showcase of my collection of people! Featuring a cast spanning most regions, a lot of these guys can be seen on other parts of my website as well, peeking out from all corners.

PLUSH ● (手 作り)ぬいぐるみ
These plushies were hand-crafted lovingly and personally for my collection. Look at the amazing detail in each one! Most of these are based on their game designs, but Zero is of course (my favourite) a movie villian, and my Anime Lt. Surge can be seen on my Raichu page.

FIGURES ● フィギュアー
Lt. Surge over on my Raichu collection page is not the only trainer I love who has ever gotten a figure. Oh no! Thanks to Banpresto and the Pokemon Center, these other fellows have been graced by the art of sculpture. Dento is from the first set of figures in the Banpresto "Partners" series. With his trusty partner, Pansage! Cheren hails from the "Pokemon Dot" sprite series of goods from the Pokemon Center. Unique and adorable.

The next in Banpresto's "Partners" line was Ingo and Emmet, my most favourite trainers from Black and White!! Knowing their popularity, Banpresto's staff released an unprecedented amount of work in progress shots of the figures being created. You can see the images compiled here! And now that they are complete, you can check them out below!

Shockingly, some characters got other various real, official merchandise besides just figures and Pokemon Mate goods! Pokemon Center toys, PTCG goods, posters, DVDs, you name it, they got it!


I am no competitive battler, and my team in my games usually consists of mostly electric types, who are my absolute favourites, if you could not tell. However electrics alone do not a team make, and I always fall head over heels for my other chosen team mates. In Diamond and Pearl my favourite team mate was Garchomp. I amassed the coolest figures and plush (though it took Garchomp YEARS after Diamond and Pearl to get even one), along with a couple customs for Chompy! I am excited to add some collectables for my Black and White favourite -- Weezy, my Mienshao! I also enjoy dinosaur Pokemon. Blame Jurassic Park being awesome since when I was a kid.

Check out my beautiful "Semi-DX" Pokedoll of Garchomp by my good friend Charlotte. He matches Zekrom Pokedoll's size, despite being made years before that size Pokedoll came out! And hey, Garchomp got a Shiny MC figure, did you know? Here is a comparison shot of the regular and shiny Garchomp Monster Collection figures. The shiny was given away as a free promotion if you bought five or more Tomy MC figures at the Pokemon Center! You can really reasily tell which one is shiny! I am being sarcastic.

At the bottom of this page, but not last by a long shot, are my kung-fu weasels, perhaps, my number one favourite non-electric Pokemons of all time. I am a ferret mommy in "real life", and these Pokemon, the first weasels to actual resemble the real anatomy of a weasel, stole my heart the moment their fuzzy sprites leaked onto the internets. Mienfoo is the perfect baby weasel, growing up into a sleek, long adult Mienshao who kicks butt - did you know real weasels actually do love to kick and smack things with their paws? Not to mention take on things ten times their size and never back down no matter the opponent? To show my love I hope to collect every Mienfoo and Mienshao toy released, which includes Mienfoo's adorably unexpected surprise Pokedoll. You can also meet my very first Weezy (Mienshao) plush by LeluDallas on Deviantart. She was a gift while my real-life weasel was very sick. My ferret died a few days before this plush arrived, and Weezy was a great comfort to me to hold and cuddle. But wait there is more! Custom weasels are coming in all the time. Check them all out!