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production artwork from the pokemon anime and games.
ポケットモンスターアニメ・ゲームシリーズの製作 用資料 その他
Pokemon Production Art Portal
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This is Pokemon Production Art from the games and anime that just doesn't fit into one of my more shocking categories, wink wink! There is a very random smattering of awesome stuff here, including settei (reference sheets), beta Pokemon art, design pages, and more! I try to focus specifically on my own favourite Pokemon and characters when it comes to settei, because if I didn't, I'd have a few thousand pages to scan, which is not happening!! The non-settei stuff, however, I have gone to lengths to get it all posted here, as almost all of it is exclusive to this site, and can only be seen here! Feel free to share them or use them, just please give some credit back if you do! And, enjoy, of course!


Game Freak Original Designs

Let's get right to it, newest comes first -- Game Freak's original designs for two of my favourite XY dudes!
My favourite professor (not surprising), Augustine Sycamore!

My favourite-ly designed BAD GUY, Lysandre. Or as I like to call him, Evil Alder.

This additional artwork of his "mega-evolution", heh, was shown at a Fan Meeting with Junichi Masuda in November 2013.
Thank you to Dengeki Online for the photographs I edited these amazing images from!

These drawings of the Subway Boss twins Ingo and Emmet were drawn by Yusuke Ohmura and published in Nintendo Dream magazine.
They are my dream come true!

This sneak peek into the complex designs of the some of the earliest released Gen V Pokemon was printed in Pokemon Pia in early September 2010.

These production sketch pages were posted in a Black 2 White 2 guidebook released on July 20th, 2012, with art of characters never before seen in such detail!

Other Pokemon Anime Art (DP/BW/XY)
Here are some settei of a few of my favourite DP/BW characters and Pokemon, along with just some flat out cool beta artwork.
I hope to continue adding to this as time goes by and I can find more characters and Pokemon I love. For now, enjoy!

Some good old Best Wishes anime!

Dento/Cilan! One of my favourites! What a cutiepie, even if he did lose his eye-whites as a child or whatever. I'm so glad I was able to get these so quickly!

Look at those happy faces! :D They don't even give him a sad face example?!

And details of his magically spacious backpack that can carry an entire restraunt inside of it.

Tasting time settei! How else can the animators do tasting time??

.....and in his jammies. Can't be without this.

Alder. The most perfect Champion ever, the best Champion, Champion of my heart. I adore this man. And now, I got his settei. The best Champion, the best Champion settei!

Jun/Barry/Rival/Pearl -- whatever you call him. He'd probably prefer to be called the son of the Tower Tycoon, though! By the way, why can't I find settei of his Dad, huh?
Anyway, he rocks! Best rival the anime ever had in my opinion... sorry, Gary!

Jun's Poketch which Hikari so lusted over.

Paul is one of Ash's most serious rivals, and we fans would recognize that blank face anywhere. Or would we?
Click to see a bigger image of this original design for Shinji/Paul.

They later switched it up to this...

Then finally tugged his pants out of his shoes for his final design.

Dawn/Hikari's rival Nozomi also had a slightly different start.

Personally I am really glad they added those sunglasses - the best part!

The Gible line is one of my favourite non-Electric lines in Generation four!

One of the most badass birds of all -- Staraptor!

And another one of the most badass birds of all -- Skarmory! Who is trained by about a thousand people I love.

Roark and Oreburgh City Settei
Somehow I seem to find myself with a full set of reference sheets for the Oreburgh City and Gym episodes!
Which is great, as Roark is my favourite non-Electric Gym leader of all time :)

*Roark's face sheet is a cleaned up version by mittelschrift.

Older Pokemon Anime Art
Here you can find settei of other things from the Advanced Generation anime back to Indigo League! It's a pretty mixed up bunch of stuff, so you never know what to expect...?
First is a size comparison chart for a heck ton of legendary Pokemon!

For some reason that sheet does not have the Regis. Good thing I have this!

But Registeel is the best Regi there is!

My favourite normal type and a rather popular little fellow - Eevee!

Pokeball details, including the animation details of catching a Pokemon.

Finally, this is really cool - a "reference" for the weird Pokemon World only alphabet.
It explains that it's basically random kanji, kana and roman letters made thick and fat, or that it should resemble Mayan characters! Who knew?
You can even tell what characters and letters some of them are based off of! It also makes a note that it's okay to sometimes use real characters and English too.

Pokemon Red/Blue Beta Art
This is a rare collection of beta artwork by Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri, found mostly in Game Freak and biographical books about the life of Pokemon's creator.
I've translated the best bits, especially where Pokemon's names are different, or there are entirely "new" Pokemon. Yes, some Pokemon are so old, that they are new!
Enjoy this unique look into how Pokemon got its start. Just imagine, when these images were being created, the creators had no idea what it would become...!

These are "game storyboards" for various in-game sequences. You ought to recognize them (but maybe not some of the Pokemon)!

Pokemon Production Art Portal
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