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Pokemon: Best Wishes! Authentic Hand-drawn Anime Production Art
ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ!直 筆のアニメの原画・動画
Pokemon Production Art Portal
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Welcome to the Pokemon: Best Wishes! gallery of real pencil-drawn genga, douga, and other rough sketches used to create the new Black and White Pokemon Anime (and now, Movie 14, too)!

As cel production ceased during the Gold/Silver era (switching to digital inking and coloring), now genga and douga are the only hand-drawn artwork one can find for any recent anime episodes. Here you will see a newer animation process (as opposed to the late 90's process seen in the Episode 14 galleries), with storyboard pages, rough sketches, and more easily-inked cleaner sketches. See where the animators made little mistakes too! Hey, we're all human...I guess? Make your selection below. We feature 100+ sketches from BW Episode 20, plus a handful from Movie 14, Episode 35, an ANA short and other totally random stuff! Check them out, okay! You've never seen such a sight!

(ご 注意:当サ イトに展示してある作品はすべて合 法的に購入したものであって、自分が実物を所有しています。 どうぞお気兼ねなくお楽しみ下さい。)