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Raichu Authentic Production Artwork Settei・Extras/ ライチュウ
from Ep. 14 "Electric Shock Showdown" and more/ 第 14話 「でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム」とその 他より

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Despite being a bit "miscellaneous", this section also features some very cool pieces of history. These items are mostly settei: unlike the cels and sketches, these are not original pencil drawings or paintings. They are studio-only copies of reference materials the animators use to create the show. These are not released outside the studio. As this page features some references that are incredibly old, please enjoy!
For more art from Raichu's classic anime appearances: Don't miss my cels and their accompanying art, and the matching layout sketches as well!

Raichu's paw detail.
His back paws used to be just brown and orange without the lighter underside, did you know? Thus a new paw reference was needed.

Lt. Surge's settei! From the inside of a brilliant 1997 anime book now sitting proudly on my shelf.

And... his apprentices!

Okay, he's not Raichu -- but this is a settei sheet for Pikachu, as destroyed, humiliated and maimed by Surge's Raichu. I dig it!

And there is no way in the heavens we can forget the Thunder Badge. I am really thrilled to have found this page.

Wait what? This is not settei. Correct! It is also not a cel.
It's a piece of film - original film from 1997 used during the production of Episode 14. In what way are pieces of film like this used, I am still not certain enough to write about here.
Based on the "famous" scenes that are always on these pieces of film, I will say my best guess is they were used for promotion or enhancement of some kind.

Whether you buy that or not, here's cute confused Raichu film.

Rairai! Come back soon!
Pokemon Production Art Portal
[ raichu cels, sketches, art | electric | nagisa, miare | bw!, other ]
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