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The Raichu Toy Collection: FIGURES GALLERY

Raichu is a very special character to me. I have loved him from the very moment I saw him and Lt. Surge on TV in 1998, and chose to follow the same path as Lt. Surge and love Electric-type Pokemon. I have grown up with Raichu always by my side. This Raichu collection is the biggest in the world, has been featured in magazines and is even well known by one of Pokemon's original creators, Junichi Masuda. My goal is to uncover and catalouge all of the Raichu toys that have ever been made! Now, let's begin, and please, enjoy! (○`・ω・´○)

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立体ポケモン図鑑 ライチュウ・ピカチュウ・ピチュー
"Pokemon Zukan" Pokedex Figure Series

Japan 2004
Yujin Gachapon

This Pokemon Zukan collection of 1/40th scale Pokemon figures is one of the coolest things someone can collect. Here is the Raichu, Pikachu and Pichu from it. See how big Raichu is? See how big and fat he is?!?! This is from one of the oldest, rarest sets of zukan that is now very hard to come by.
ポケモンカードゲームXY BREAK ゴールデンプレゼントキャンペーン(1)金のモンコレセット
Pokemon TCG XY BREAK Golden Present Campaign (Prize 1: Gold Moncolle Set)

Japan 2015
TCG/Takara Tomy

The Pokemon Card Game XY BREAK Golden Present Campaign was run in fall in 2015, and by entering, players could win three different prizes: a set of four golden MC figures (5 winners), a deck box, binder, and playmat set (30 winners), or energy cards (5000 winners).

This is the Raichu from the Gold Moncolle Set, one of only five to exist in the world. Click here to learn more about this most precious of treasures!

ポケットモンスター モンコレEX ライチュウ (アローラのすがた) ライトニングサーフライド
Pokemon MonColle EX Alolan Raichu (Stoked Sparksurfer)

Japan 4/2017
Takara Tomy

The most dynamic Raichu action figure yet!!! Gives meaning to the action in action figure!!
Surf on, pancake baby!!!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ストラップ pokemon time ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original "pokemon time" Raichu Strap

Japan 7/26/2014
Pokemon Center

The adorable Raichu pokemon time art has become a figure strap - with bookmark as well!

The images speak more than words on this one, I think.

ポケモンセンターオリジナル フィギュアストラップ Pokémon Petit ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original "Pokémon Petit" Figure Strap Raichu

Japan 10/25/2014
Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center made the first wave of Pokemon Petit figure straps, and Raichu made it in! With packaging to match the rest of the Raichu Petit line and an adorable round chibi face!! The difference in style between Petit and Pokemon Time straps are also really distinct, even how one has brown ears and one has grey!

ケ ンタッキーの"ポケモンパズルアイランド" ライチュウのおもちゃ
KFC "Pokemon Puzzle Island" Raichu Figure

Japan 2000 (?)

The second Raichu I got during a wonderful few months of incredibly amazing Raichus! Well, I basically freaked out when I found this Raichu's auction a mere 6 hours before it ended, after it had been up for a week. It wasn't labeled "Raichu" and it was in an obscure kind of category, so if I had been lazy in my searching that day... be still, my heart! This is a 7 cm tall, incredibly adorable and so-rare-I-didn't-even-know-about-it Raichu, in a pose unique to it alone! Yes - no other Raichu is in this pose! Give me a kiss, darling Chu, Pikachu isn't THAT fast!

Here are some details about this promotion in Singapore, and this is his base. So amazing!!

Pokemon Trading Figure Game Next Quest: Raichu (#19 Uncommon)
Pokemon Trading Figure Game Unreleased Set: Lt. Surge (Details Unknown)

America 2006/2010

This Raichu figure was always one of my favourites, and is one of the only sculpted by Kaiyodo, who does all of the pre-order figures that come out with various games as well as movie promotion mini sculptures, etc. Their work is superb and it shows in this very unique Raichu! As for Surge? He appeared in April of 2008 in this photo from a toy fair, and I screamed at one of my favourite characters of all time getting a real figure! After waiting for over a year - long past the release date on the site - the entire TFG line was cancelled, along with two entire sets that never got released. It was some of the most dissapointing news I've ever heard as a collector. Another year passed, and suddenly figures from the set that never made it to shelves began to appear on Ebay - looking utterly legit, right down to accurate attacks and stats on each Pokemon for use in the game!! Surge? I squealed like a fangirl. Despite uncertain origins, he is  just perfect, and I am so extremely happy to have him in my collection!

Alolan Raichu Figure Collection (TCG)

North America 2018

Raichu's first TCG Box Set figure!!!!!!! And so amazing with the lightning details and soft belly!!

チョコエッグ ポケモンXY&Zプラス ライチュウ
ChocoEgg Pokemon XY&Z Plus Raichu

Japan 7/2016

Raichu choco egg buildeable figure!! Born from an egg of chocolate, just for me to love for all times!


Raichu Nanoblock Mini!

Japan 11/2017

Raichu Big Articulated Tomy Figure!

North America 2018

She is big and full of pancakes and now with ARTICULATION!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE PIKACHU + フィギュアストラップ
I LOVE PIKACHU +  Figure Strap

Japan 5/13/2014

Pastel colors and the sketched Christmas tree design as a die-cut plastic addition make this the perfect keychain figure strap to go with the rest of the I LOVE PIKACHU + goods line!!
チュッパサプライズ ポケットモンスターDP
第4弾 ライチュウ
Chupa+Surprise Pokemon DP Group 4 Raichu

Japan 2008

WOW! Raichu got a Chupa Surprise figure! And it's HUGE compared to the other Chupa Surprise figures! Amazerling! Astounding! RAICHU!!! :D

I love that Raichu is getting merch each year still. Keep it up, little baby! You are so cute and special :D
ポケモンセンター フィギュアコレクション へんしん!メタモン vol.2  ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Figure Collection "Change! Ditto" vol. 2 Raichu

Japan 2017
Pokemon Center

Are you Raichu?????????

ポ ケットモンスター モン スターコレクション M-003 ライチュウ NEW
Pocket Monster "Monster Collection" M-003 Raichu NEW

Japan 1/2010
Takara Tomy

This is the brand new remake of the original Raichu Tomy Figure (seen below). While that one was remade again and again, released in many countries and by two different companies, with no white tummy, airbrushed tummy, different shades of orange and eventually a brand spanking new paintjob and packaging in 2008, he was always the same guy - the same pose, size, shape, face. His colors and companies changed but he never did.

Until now! In January 2010 Takara Tomy released Raichu's first ever FULL remake Tomy figure - 12 years after his original one had first come out!! His eyes are bigger, he's sitting upright, his head is bigger and rounder but... let's face it... he still has his big ol' adorable pawses!! Some things never change!

ポ ケットモンスター モン スターコレクション M-053 ライチュウ
Pocket Monster "Monster Collection" M-053 Raichu

Japan 4/2011
Takara Tomy

When Black/White came out, the MC line gained little gear-like stands that can connect and spin. In Spring 2011 Tomy began re-releasing previous MC figures with the strands, and new packaging. Raichu was in the first wave. Congrats little guy!
モンコレGET Vol.6:常夏の楽園:ライチュウ(アローラのすがた) ノーマル+シークレット
MonColle GET Vol. 6 (Everlasting Paradise): Alolan Raichu (Normal + Secret)

Japan 3/2017
Takara Tomy

Tiny and shy pancakes. The new MonColle series is super small and with a glittery secret version!

ポ ケットモンスター モン スターコレクション M-003 ライチュウ
Pocket Monster "Monster Collection" M-003 Raichu

Japan (originally) 1997~
Takara Tomy, Bandai

Over the years they have continued making these, and their tummy paintjobs change each  time, some with so much white it goes to their mouth, some with a little white on the bottom, some with no white, and the newest have a very defined white tummy patch and a very orange color. The original Raichu figure, probably the first ever made, are these Monster Collection Raichu.

Various Packaging for these figures over the years!
A really cool looking (but PROBABLY fake) clear Tomy!
My favourite bootleg from the Phillipines! Thanks Dawn!

ジャクス  ライチュウ 特別フィギュア
Jakks Raichu Exclusive Figure

America 2007
Jakks Pacific

This is the happiest Raichu in the world. It's all..... OH MY RAAAAI!!!
Jakks Raichu was set to be released with the other D/P figures, but they decided at some stupid moment to make him an EXCLUSIVE FIGURE only available if you buy a HUGE FREAKING BATTLE DOME. Yep! That's the only way to get him. My good Raifriend Michelle snagged mine up for me, and she will be repaid with Japanese Raichus beyond her wildest Raichu. YAY HAPPYRAI !!!

UPDATE: Okay. It's been released in a battle pack with Pikachu for a normal price. FINE THEN! It was also released in a battle set with Pachirisu... but for some reason the one released with Pachirisu has an unpainted mouth. They are ALL like this. WTF?
アローラいっぱいコレクション ライチュウ(アローラのすがた)
Alolan Raichu "So Many! Collection"

Japan 4/2017
Takara Tomy

Alola Raichu's first gachapon figure and so happy to meet you!

リモコンバトル ポケモンスタジアム ライチュウ
Remote Control Battle: Pokemon Stadium

Japan 1997

His tail stabs.
Oh, and he's the biggest plastic Raichu ever made.

ポケモン ポップ (パート2) ライチュウ
"Pokemon Pop" (Part 2) Raichu

Japan 1999
バン ダイ
/Bandai [entire part 2 set]

Boy, does HE have a story.  A Japanese seller was one week slowly auctioning off stuff from my wanted page, bit by bit, slowly raising the price each time! By the time it got to him they figured I'd bid on anything they put up and listed it for 5000 yen. NO THANKS!! I didn't bid and they slowly lowered it, a bit more each day. They even emailed me to ask if I had seen it - giggle! Finally I did bid and he is mine - such a sweet little fellow!!
大きいフィギュアー ライチュウ
Huge Figure Raichu

Japan 1999

I spotted this guy in a 100$ Pikachu lot auction and contacted the seller about him. She sent me a photo of him and I was like this: OMGAAAAAAAWDS! And offered her 20 bucks and she was like OK 20 bucks! And Now I have him!! And he is HUGE and beautiful! He's 3.5 inches inches tall dude - not small! And that long, thick tail! Nice chu! He is also completely poseable, and made of the same material as Pokemon zukan figures. His ears, arms and tail attach to him like those too. Hmm.... from Yujin perhaps?

ソフビ だきつきポケモン ライチュウ
Grabber Soft Figure Raichu

Japan 1997

This guy is HUGE! And I'm not sure what he was originally sold under, so I made up the Japanese for him... anyway, squeeze his tummy and he holds things (as he demonstrates with the Raichu Moose's Mighty Beanz). I have no other information on him, but he is rare as nobody seems to have known of him. If you know more about him (year, company, etc) please let me know!

Thinkchip Raichu
Johto League Champions Thinkchip Raichu

America 2000

Finally, I have got him! The thinkchip Raichu... mwuahahaha! I knew I would get you, baby. Baby baby baby. AND NOW! WITH TAIL! The one I originally had pictured was my old one that was chewed by a dog and had no tail.... lulz.

ポケキャッチ/ ポケモンでキャッチ ライチュウ
"Pokecatch" Raichu Candy Dispenser

Japan (Yellow ver. was American release)

This was another one I owned when young and had to buy again when I came to Japan. He's worth it. Picks up the little Pokeball candies. <3 AND NOW! I have all three base colors the Raichu was released with over the years! Pink, Yellow, and clear Pink. Hurray for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!!!! Gin rules!!!

ポケモンキッズ 指人形 ライチュウ
Raichu "Pokemon Kids" Finger Puppets


Gotta love Pokemon Kids. The fat one is Surge's Raichu!! Click here for their backs :)
The sets are (not pictured in order):

1996: ポケモンキッズ2/ Pokemon Kids 2
1999: ポケモンアニメキッズ(パート2)/ Pokemon Anime Kids Part 2
2002: ザ・ポケモンキッズ2 復刻版/ The Pokemon Kids 2 Reprint
2006: ポケモンキッズダイヤモンド&パール/ Pokemon Kids DP
(click here to see the mis-painted Europeon DP Raichu!)
2008: キメわざポケモンキッズDP/Learned Attack Kids DP
2015: ポケモンキッズXY 圧倒!メガレックウザ編/ Pokemon Kids XY Overpower! Mega Rayquaza Ver.
ポケモンキッズ 指人形 ライチュウ (アローラのすがた)
Alolan Raichu "Pokemon Kids" Finger Puppets

Japan 2017

Just one, but one is plenty of pancakes for the whole party!
From ポケモンキッズサン&ムーン VS カプ・コケコ!編 (Pokemon Kids Sun and Moon VS Tapu Koko Version)!
ポケモンキッズ クリアー 指人形 ライチュウ
Raichu "Clear Pokemon Kids" Finger Puppets


...and I finally decide to try to collect the clear ones.
(The Anime and Attack Kids did not have clear versions, sadly!!)
メタルコレク ショ ライチュウ
Metal Collection


These Raichus come in many colors and are from old 1997 releases. I do believe this is a full set of eight colors!
AGメタルコレク ショ ライチュウ
AG Metal Collection


This is a re-release and brand new mold of metal Raichu released during Fire Red/Leaf Green. These figures are somehow harder to find than the original Metal Collection, and I don't even know how I have managed to get the ones I do have! This is a complete set of five colors!
Other Metalish Raichus! from Japan

金・ 銀けしモン ライチュ
Gold and Silver "Keshimon" Raichu
These figures are the original "keshipoke" from 1997! You can see some recent keshipoke on the lions page.

金フィギュ ア ライチュ
Gold Raichu Figure
I am not sure what set this golden Raichu is from! It is solid with a gold coating.

ポケモンコレクション D ライチュ
"Pokemon Collection" Set D, Raichu
The bronze-y figure in back! He has the stickers he originally came too!
バウンドボール ライチュウ
バウンドボール ライチュウ
Raichu "Bound Ball"


God this thing is the roundest Raichu in the whole world.
ポケモン10番勝負 「宿命の対決」
ピカチュウVSライチュウ バトルフィギュアー
Pokemon 10 Battles [Battle for Life]
Pikachu vs. Raichu Battle Figures

Japan 1999

One of the few items I can claim I lost as a kid; I had this when I first got into Pokemon and had to re-buy it in Japan. Always a classic!!! Recently the line was once again revived and Zekrom got an amazing electrical diorama figure in the same style, and they look so amazingly cool together...even if Zekrom is much smaller than those tiny mice!

ライ チュウ フラットフィギュア!
Raichu Flat Figure (Burger King?)

South America 2001

The famous flat Raichu Figure, that looks like the KFC Figure above after being run over. Not run over in the horrible bone-crunching way, but run over like cartoon characters get run over and go flat. Thus... flat Raichu! I have only ever seen this once, so I can assume it is quite rare. Based on a pamplet it came with, I can assume it is from Burger King, but who knows for sure!? This is all the info I have on this series. There was also a Meowth, Lugia, Gligar, and more!

ライ チュウ 組み立てフィギュア!
Raichu Frito Lay Flat Buildeable Figure "Pokemon Armables"

South America 2001

A rare, plastic, buildeable Raichu figure, also from South America like the one above!
These were given away with Frito Lay chips. They made tons from RBY and GSC!
A photo gallery featuring more can be found here!

ペ ル製 ライチュウのあまけおもちゃ
Peruvian Raichu Cereal Prize Toys

Peru 2003 (?)

These Raichus are part of a series of prize figures from Peru that includes dozens of Pokemon and a few trainer characters too, spanning Generations 1-3. The red one is called a "spoon" although it is more of a toothpick in my opinion. The previous owner of these figures suggested they came from cereal, but another Peruvian Pokemon collector thought they came from pasta. Pasta prizes?! What kind of magical country is Peru, anyway?!

ポケモンキャラクター 貯 金箱 ライチュウ
Pokemon Character Bank Raichu


Mine has a small spot on his tummy. I love him anyway.

A little too small (3-4 inches high) to hold too many coins, though. That's okay. After buying this collection it's not like I've got extra coins anyway. Since you know, I bought it all at once, not over a decade+ or anything.
My, what cute stamps you have!

ち びコロスタンプ ライチュウ
Raichu Little Rolly Stamp
Japan/USA (released in both)
(the one on the blue pokeball) This Raichu was sold in both Japan and America, and is SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!! Just about every Raichu collector has one of these cutiepies :D Look at some of the packaging they were released in.

ポケットモンスターキャラクタースタンプ ライチュウ (3種類)
Raichu Pocket Monsters Character Stamp (3 kinds)
How cute! The Chibi Raichu Stamp twins are here to bring pink and blue into my orange and yellow collection ._. And now with the green base stamp, I have all three of the colors! I just love complete color sets :D!!!!!
ポケ モンスイング ライチュウ・ピカチュウ + 復刻 版
Pokemon Swing Keychain and Reprint


I bought the whole damn set just to get this... and it was worth it!
Raichu is always worth it. Now featuring both old version and reprint!

(Old version is on the right. See Raichu's browns are much browner? Recently Raichu's browns have been slowly turning grey, for reasons unknown...)
ポケモン超ゲット大 全3 ライチュウ・ポケモンフルカラーア ドバンス13
"Chou GET!" Figures, Set 3/"Full Color Advance" Series 13 Figures

Japan 2005/2007

He could connect to the other Chou GET! figures, if I wanted any of the others! Yay Raichu!

Raichu Raichu look at your little pawprint <3<3<3

ポ ケモンフルカラース タジアム/
ポケットモンスター フルカラーコレクション ライチュウ
"Full Color Stadium/Collection" Figure


I have way too many of these Full Color Stadium things, but surprisingly Raichu was in none of the sets I bought! I had to get them special. Hello clear and demented Raichu <3 And I'm not completely sure why I find various names for these toys, so I'll figure that out, since they are obviously from the same series.

10th Anniversary "Attack Action!" Raichu/Pikachu/Pichu ポケモン10周年フィギュアー ライチュウ・ピカチュウ・ピチュ
10th Anniversary "Attack Action!" Raichu/Pikachu/Pichu

America 2006

Wow. What a face. ...... yep. Face.
Even with such a face, I struggled to get it... you and your face, Raichu!!
I cannot figure out why this item is so hard to find... the one I ended up getting was in a lot of toys, and at least three people asked the seller to buy it indivudually. Weird... it's only 1.5 inches tall and kind of funky faced, but so incredibly rare!

ポ ケモン アクションフィ ギュア3 ライチュウ
Raichu Action Figure Series 3


His legs are poseable. When you get him you have to attach his legs and tail. Very cute ☆
MEGA BLOCKS キャラブ ロック
ポケモンシリーズ コレクション ライチュウ
Mega Blocks Pokemon Character Block Series


Totally just made of awesome.

共同 ポケ鈴コレク ショモンスターボール/マスターボール/スー パーボール
Pokemon Bell Collection; Pokeball, Masterball & Superball Raichu


They ring as sweet as Raichu should! And have huge noses.

ポケ モンリアルフィ ギュアPART2 ライチュウ
Pokemon "Real Figure" Series Part 2

Japan 1998
トミー/ TOMY

Yeah it better be real! This Raichu was in this series RANDOMLY
with Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Brock, Psyduck, Misty, and Togepi.
HUH? Poor Raichu doesn't know any of these people!!

ラ イチュウ アメリカ製キーチェイン
Raichu Keychain from the U.S.A.

America 1999 (?)

This is the adorable and happy American Raichu Keychain, with a Pokeball and red clip to match even the newer Jakks keychains coming out a decade later! He is one of the cuter things to come out of the states for Raichu and I am happy I finally have the full set with red clip and ball (thank you Killerjaw for trading my older one with me!)

Here are some other keychains that I honestly can't confirm if they were bootlegged or sold legit in a shop or whatnot, so have them anyway!

韓国 鉛筆に付ける フィギュア ライチュウ
Korean Raichu Pencil Topper Figure

Korea 1999

Here is a real and true rare little novelty ... a Raichu pencil topper figure from Korea! Mint with it's original package all the way from 1999! An official licensed item, too! How fancy!

This rubber figure may have also come in red and blue versions, evidenced by a few other Pokemon being seen in those colors (examples if you click here!). At least if I have one color for now, it's the best one for Raichu!

ラ イチュウ フランス製キーチェイン
Raichu French Keychain

France 1999 (?)
Origins Unknown

Here is a cute little fellow who came to me from France. He is unlike any other Raichu mold I have seen before, and super chubby and adorable! He is also large -- two and a half inches tall, and wants a hug very much. A very adorable and unique and BRIGHT ORANGE little guy.

ラ イチュウ ヨーロッパミュージックボックス
Raichu European Music Box

Europe 1999 (?)
Origins Unknown

This music box is a very similar, but not identical, mold to the above keychain. You can especially see in the facial expression and shorter little stubby arms, along with being a bit taller and skinnier. Where did you come from little guy? What company made you, what store were you sold in?

Regardless of uncertain origins, this Raichu and his rather rubbery, squishy keychain brother, are some of the most adorable Raichus I own. Props!

V-Trainers Battle Packs
Raichu Thinkchip Figure



Master Quest Thinkchip w/ Phanpy & Raichu
Trainer's Choice Thinkchip w/ Suicune & Raichu
(same Raichu in both editions)

ローラースタンプ  ライチュウ (3種類)
Raichu Roller Stamp (3 kinds)


Big nose, big heart ☆ They stamp a continuous line of Raichus!

やわらかポケモン ライチュウ
Soft Pokemon Raichu


Very soft, but these are very easy to damage, too. Basically just the Bank covered in soft velvety fuzz... looks like a plushie (o^∇^o)
  The ball is the original gachapon ball that these figures came out of the machine in!

ポケモン  コロンブス ライチュウ
Mighty Beanz Raichu


It's the American-made Moose's Mighty Beanz, and it's the Japanese version of Mighty Beanz, and isn't the Japanese one so much cooler? Mmmmm. Ovalchuu.

ポケモンスイングキー チェイン ライチュウ
Pokemon Swing Keychain Raichu

Japan 1997-8

I bought this on Ebay from a seller in Japan. They wanted to charge me $14.00 to ship it. I was like uh, I live in Japan and I know a keychain like this would cost $1.00 to mail to me. She wrote back with some lame spheal about insurance and asked for $8.00. I gave her $4.00.I got Raichu.

明治ポケモンチョコボーフィギュアケース入りコレクショ ン
Meiji Pokemon "Chocopoh" / "In Case Collection"


Little Meiji figures who were packaged with candy, as always, whoops, bought the whole set just to get this one rare Raichu from a bazillion years ago. Still trying to get rid of those things...
 And yeah, you guessed it, I had to buy about a hundred of these "in case" figures to get Raichu as well. I'm going to go drown in extra toys now. But Raichu is happy in his pretty plastic case!

バーガーキングおもちゃ ピカピカライチュウ
Burger King Kid's Meal Toy - Light Up Raichu

America 2000

I had to buy a lot of about 30 unopened toys to get this Raichu with a tail, since the tail falls off so easily nobody else was selling one with a tail. It cost me 60$ to win the auction and I turned around and resold it for 70$. I got paid 10$ to own the Burger King Raichu! It glows red when you hit a switch on the back (why red???).

ポ ケットモンスター ソフ トキーホルダ ライチュウ
Pocket Monsters Soft Keyholder


Soft? There is nothing soft about this Keyholder. But that's what it's called, I guess.

プラモンシリーズ P-09 ライチュウ
"Puramon" (Plastic Monsters) Series Snap Together Raichu
(shoots lightning bolts)


He shoots lightning bolts!

This figure not only shoots lightning bolts from its tail, but it's a plastic model figure that comes in a box and you must snap out all of the pieces and force them to fit together and I've had like three of them and this is the only one that's actually had all the pieces fit together properly!!! *pant pant pant*

ポケ モ ンス タンプ151 ライチュウ (2種類)、+スペシャル
Pokemon "Stamp 151" Series (2 kinds) + Special Stamp


WE NEED EMERGENCY YELLOW OVER HERE. REPEAT, SERIOUS LACK OF YELLOW OVER HERE. IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE REQUIRED. Yes, they are legit, just some of the only official Raichus with some poor coloring jobs. This is a complete set of Raichu stamps from the 151 Stamps series.

This, by the way, is a bootleg of the clear yellow base one! Do not be tricked as I once was!

Weirdly Colored Raichu from Japan :D (none are bootlegs!)
There are a lot of little weird colored Raichu out there - I'll collect them as I can, I guess, but this is not all of them! All are from Japan.

ソフビ人形  ライチュウ
Soft Figure Raichu (glow in the dark!)

ミニーモデル  ライチュウ (9種類)
"Mini Model" Raichu (9 kinds)

クリアフィ ギュア ライチュウ
Clear Raichus (Yellow and Purple)

水色フィ ギュア ライチュウ
Light Blue Raichu

Other Weirdly Colored Raichu!
From not-Japan.

Vietnamese Clear Raichus
These two weirdly colored Raichus are from Saigon in Vietnam. Thanks to a Japanese toy collector for these cool additions to the rat pack! They each hold a flower in one paw and are scratching their cheekies with the other. How cute!!! Are there any more colors?!

Replica Pokeball
with RAICHU inside!

America 1999

Look, I have one mint in box and one I used to store a bunch of my random Raichu stuff! Actually, I wasn't sure what this was for a while, until I DID get the one that is mint in box. Who woulda thought it was a REPLICA POKEBALL? It even suggests storing collectables inside on the box. Thank you, I will! Raichu is a slightly different mold than the Monster Collection Raichu, and on a spring that is springy. Yay! Springy spring!

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