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ポケモンカードゲームXY BREAK ゴールデンプレゼントキャンペーン(1)金のモンコレセット
Pokemon TCG XY BREAK Golden Present Campaign (Prize 1: Gold Moncolle Set)

The Pokemon Card Game XY BREAK Golden Present Campaign was run in fall in 2015, and by entering, players could win three different prizes: a set of four golden MC figures (5 winners), a deck box, binder, and playmat set (30 winners), or energy cards (2500 winners of each type, 5000 winners total for two types). Sunyshore has one of the only five sets of golden MC figures in the entire world. Here they are!

The Gold Monster Collection Figure Set

The Golden Present Campaign Prizes

I actually managed to win some of those dark energy cards from my own entries! This is all of the Golden Present Campaign prizes I have.

Golden Present Raichu Image Gallery