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Raichu Authentic Layout Sketches "Genga/Douga"/ ライチュウ
原画・ 動 画・修正原
from Ep. 14 "Electric Shock Showdown" and more/ 第 14話 「でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム」とその 他より

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Here is a closer look at my layout sketches from Episode 14, one from the Orange Islands episode "Stage Fight", and four from Diamond and Pearl!
These are original pencil drawings by the artists, the true art used for the actual episodes! Each sequence came as a bundle, including mouth movements, hand twitches, etc, andI have scanned the best artwork for you here. Enjoy, and don't miss the animations! For more art from this classic episode when Raichu first appears: Don't miss my cels and their accompanying art, and the studio reference settei!

Episode 14:
"Electric Shock Showdown

Can you tell? Raichu never actually made the above face face in the anime - it got scrapped!
Too beady eyed perhaps? Well,
seen below is the face they really used in the anime.
(You will notice a pattern of the various colored pages being the "fixup" sketches for white pages.)

This is another face Raichu ACTUALLY makes in the anime! Keep scrolling to see the face they scrapped.

Here is the scrapped sketch in which Raichu's face is completely different from the actual anime.
...but SO cute! You can see Lt. Surge's head was changed too.

Animated! I tried to use the unedited drawings which they did NOT use in the anime, so you can see how it WOULD have looked!

Wrong, baby!

Oh well!


Can you tell which shot of Surge was actually used in the anime (green paper or white paper version)?

Go Pikachu!

So, which of THOSE two Raichus did they actually use?


Now a mega kick!!

The bit of Raichu's mouth that is missing is stuck to the paint on the back of this cel!
Also note as with the cel, Surge's head was drawn on a completely different paper (so as to animate it moving).
Everything else in this gallery you can see it as it really is, but this one I had to combine - Surge's bare head-stump is so disturbing!

The aftermath...

Ash's hand was re-drawn but not the stone. Picky picky!

Thunderstone, edited hand, and Pikachu genga combined. QUIZTIMES: What is missing from the sketch?

Our lucky shining today!



The tables are about to turn.

This is an extremely famous shot of Raichu!

Look at how much was cut off! Wowza.

In the anime, during this "agility" run around moment, Raichu never actually turns this far around. I wonder why they scrapped it?

Let's play again - figured out the pattern by now? Which of THOSE two faces did they actually use?

Animated! There's seperate Pikachu sketches on seperate pages used to make this work.

All three combined together!

This is about where Pikachu begins running in the anime-- but he had about 2 more leaps in the sketches. See the animated genga below for the rest!

Raichu's arms are actually on seperate pages -- combined here for your viewing pleasure.



Orange Islands, Episode 90:
"Stage Fight! (おどる!ポケモンショーボート!)"!

I had always hoped to get a sketch or cel from this episode about an adorable Raichu actor with stage fright, and now it joins the ranks!!

Diamond and Pearl Anime:
"Camping it up (
I own a mere four sketches of Raichu from anything other than Episode 14, and they are from the Diamond and Pearl Episode, "Camping it up", when Ash is lent a Raichu by the summer school he enrolls in. It is actually a somewhat historic episode in its own right, at least for Raichu fans: it is the only time, ever, that Ash has ever battled with a Raichu as his partner. In this scene, he is trying to bond with the shy, jumpy Raichu when Monferno starts spitting fire at them.

Note that the poses Raichu and Ash are in will switch from the genga themselves in two of the sketches. But all four poses are there!

Animated! Man, animating "flailing" was actually quite easy.

Until you come to view these wonders again!
See ya!!
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