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As of December 5th, 2020, we are closed for new orders for an undetermined amount of time.

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Pokemon Center Japan specialty store! We pick up Japan exclusive Pokemon merchandise and deliver worldwide!

The Sunyshore Pokemart is a two-person-operated shop. I have shipped out over 15,000 orders since 2006 to places all over the world! Most listed items are pick-ups and pre-orders from the Pokemon Center. I visit the PC every week to get your orders. Occasionally we have a few older/retired/vintage items from Japan available too!
Sunyshore accepts PayPal!
Most items arrive 1-2weeks after shipment. Orders ship 1-2 weeks after receiving payment and/or after the item's release date! All items are from a 100% smoke-free home in Asaka-shi,Saitama-ken, Japan.

If you would like to see some feedback, here is my PKMNcollectors community feedback, here is my eBay feedback and here is my Yahoo!Japan feedback.

We can be contacted at sunyshore.com (@) gmail.com if you have any questions.

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