FAQ & Policies




About Shipping

★When will you ship my item? When will it arrive?

Most items are shipped 1-2 weeks after receiving payment and/or after the release date of the item. Air Mail does not come with tracking and insurance, and arrives within 1-2 weeks depending on location, but can take up to a month or more in some rare cases. EMS shipping includes tracking and insurance, and usually arrives within one week.

Sunyshore is not responsible for any customs charges that may occur. Customs charges are the customer's responsibility. Please order accordingly.

★I want to combine my orders together. Help!

All you need to do is include in your order note that you want to combine with your previous order and include that order number. Sometimes due to heavy order traffic I might miss the note, so feel free to also send an email. We no longer send automatic refunds for combined shipping, so try to be sure all items are in your cart before ordering if possible!

★Two weeks(+) after placing my order I still have not gotten a shipping notice.

Your order was probably placed after a trip to the Pokemon Center. We usually only go once or twice a week, so it will sometimes require that extra week to process your order. If you place an order just before a trip to the Center, you'll find it may be shipped in as little as one day. It varies!

During extremely busy times with very popular promotions, it can take up to the full two weeks AFTER THE RELEASE DATE to ship items out. We will always be careful to get orders mailed so they should arrive before the expiration of the time limit to dispute payments on PayPal, for your own protection.

Sometimes a major delay occurs if an item was out of stock and we are to see if it is restocked or sold out for good/retired. In this case you should get a message about the situation with the option to keep waiting or take a refund.

★Delivery Instructions/Customs:

Please pass along delivery instructions (i.e. "Please leave package on porch") to your delivery courier. We do not have the ability to include delivery instructions with our shipments.
Customs fees or other things involved with customs are entirely the customer's responsibility. If you need our assistance with completing delivery, please contact us at any time.

About Problems

★Almost 35(+) days later my order has not yet arrived. What do I do?

Send us an email at sunyshore.com (-AT-) gmail.com to discuss your options. It is rare, but a few packages have arrived 3+ months later or are eventually returned to us. It is the customer's choice if you wish to wait this long, or take action sooner. We can partially refund you , or we can charge you the yen shelf price (no commission and no shipping) to replace any items still in stock. This again is the customer's choice, sometimes one is a better deal than the other, depending on the items.

If/when the package ever turns up to you, please do let me know, but you may keep any refunded money or replaced items that may have been sent as compensation for the long wait.


★My order arrived with something damaged. What now?

We try to protect your items from damage during the mailing process, but there is no known fail-safe way to send things by post. Do not hesitate to discuss a refund/replacement if you have any missing items or damaged goods. Similarly, if your package arrives with a bent tag, a dented box, or something similar that you may feel is just too "nit picky" to bring up, remember we are collectors too, and we completely understand how upsetting a bent tag or something seemingly small being out of place can be! PLEASE email us so we can discuss how to proceed until you are satisfied!

Please feel free to include a note with your order asking for extremely strong/tougher than usual packaging: specifically requesting items be sent in a box (as smaller items usually go into envelopes, and items over a foot and a half in length will usually be wrapped thickly in plastic), or with stronger-than-usual cardboard protection, or an especially thick layer of bubble wrap. This is especially useful if you have a history of mangled packages due to local mail service. However, you can request these things for any reason you like!

★Can I get a refund on an order that hasn't been shipped yet?

It depends! If it was a preorder for a future release, we can easily refund you the majority of the cost. However, if it was an order for a released pick-up item, it depends if we have picked it up or not. Please email us to check.

Please note refunds will not include nonrefundable fees. 

We do not refund orders for in hand/clearance items.

★Can you stock this item? / The item I wanted to buy is missing from your shop now!

The item has either sold out, or was low on stock at the Pokemon Center. If there is an upcoming release that is not on our store, please feel free to ask us to stock it, or for an individual pick-up! We always willing to pick up items not listed on our store, provided they are still available.

★Returned Packages:

When packages are returned to us, we will contact you about reshipping them to you. We are not reimbursed for shipping when packages are returned to us, so we will invoice you to pay for shipping the package again as delivery is the customer's responsibility.
We do not give full refunds for returned packages under any circumstances. We can either refund you the commission you paid on your item(s) right away, or you may choose to wait for your item(s) to be bought by another customer for a full refund of the item cost. We cannot guarantee the time frame of the second option, so please keep in mind you may have to wait a while.
We do not refund the shipping costs.

About Cost

★What is your commission fee?

The commission fee is the mark-up cost added to an item's  shelf price. It is already included in the listed prices here on Sunyshore. It will not be added on later. What you see is what you pay. :)

The minimum commission fee is roughly $5. Regular items have 20-50% added (usually based on demand), and rather large, costly or difficult to carry items have 50%+ added. If you are curious to calculate exactly how much commission was added to you items, you can locate the original shelf yen price usually by browsing pokemon.co.jp, the takara-tomy.co.jp Pokemon section, or simply by checking Google!

In-hand (not being picked up after payment) item prices are based on condition/rarity/demand.

★Why do you charge a commission fee?

A commission fee compensates the seller for the time and effort involved in getting the items from the store to you. Involved in the this are things such as train fare to and from the Center 1-2 times a week, taxi fare if required, bank transfer fees, "small business" tax, and a few dollars are eaten up by the fluctuating exchange rate. The fee may also vary based on the item's size, weight, and bulkiness.

★What extra is included in "handling" part of the shipping/handling cost?

Your shipping cost will be $3 minimum and is mainly the total postage required to ship your items, determined by weight. Any remaining costs (handling) cover the other things required to ship packages: packaging materials, international ATM transfer fees, and a few dollars may be added/subtracted depending on fluctuations in the exchange rate.

 If you receive your package and think the cart may have made a mistake in calculating your shipping cost, just send us an email at sunyshore.com (-AT-) gmail.com. A shipping refund may be in order!