• !!NEW!! *PokeCen* Motchiri Manmaru ~ Socks! (Release Date: 02/22/20)

!!NEW!! *PokeCen* Motchiri Manmaru ~ Socks! (Release Date: 02/22/20)

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Goods featuring cute, round Pokemon!

These are short socks! Choose from the Togedemaru and Oddish, Shroomish and Rowlet, Gulpin and Goomy, or Wooloo and Drifloon designs!

Sized to fit feet 23-25cm long.

RELEASE DATE: February 22nd, 2020

This is a pick-up item, meaning I will pick it up after receiving payment. You will receive notice when it has been purchased and mailed to you. If there is no stock remaining at the Center you will be refunded promptly.

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