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It was a long wait, but: Volkner's anime episodes have did finally arrive, after almost four entire years of the Diamond and Pearl anime! I have full summaries and screenshots (featuring mostly Volkner), along with so much original studio production artwork it will feel like your birthday everytime you look. These things, they are here for you! Enjoy the long awaited Sunyshore and Volkner anime!

DP165: Flint Sparks the Fire! (四天王オーバとジムリーダー・デンジ!)
DP166: The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! (発進!ナギサタワー!!)
DP179: The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! (電撃バトル!最後のバッジ!!)
Other Appearances?!

DP165: Flint Sparks the Fire! (四天王オーバとジムリーダー・デンジ!) >>>

633rd Episode of the Anime! (Animation by Team Kato)
Japanese Title: "Elite Four Flint and Gym Leader Volkner!" (Shitennou Ooba to Jimu Riidaa Denji!)
Japan Airdate: February 25, 2010
USA Airdate: July 24th, 2010

Ash and co. arrive in Sunyshore City, amazed by the automated walkways, solar panels and robotics running the city. They go right to the Gym, where a robotic voice informs Ash that the Gym Leader is currently cutting the battle out of the program, and to please take a badge freely. Ash becomes angry even as Dawn suggests he just take a badge, and says the point of a badge is to battle for it and earn it. He begins to beg and bang on the doors, when a robotic guard grabs him and holds him at bay. He is freed by a large Infernape, owned by a man who introduces himself as Flint, of the Elite Four!

Ash says he wants to see Volkner, and Flint says that they are friends and he can take Ash to where Volkner is. He takes them to Sunyshore Tower, and tells them as they go up that all of this, the tower and the solar powered robotics in town, was created by Volkner. Amazed, they look out over the town, but a Raichu suddenly comes up, growling and ready to attack! Yet when it sees Flint it leaps into his arms and snuggles him happily. Flint hugs him back and asks where his partner is, when Volkner steps up. Flint greets him and Ash introduces himself and asks for a battle, but Volkner refuses him telling him to just take a badge, that he has no interest in battling, and not to make him repeat himself. Flint starts to argue, but Volkner cuts him off to say the weather is nice and he's going home, which he does, leaving the group annoyed and frustrated.

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Flint takes them to a cafe, where the owner treats them to cocoa and sandwiches. Ash is still angry, saying he cannot understand, and was so excited to battle the strongest Gym Leader. Flint begins to tell them how Volkner was not always this way, and was once called the Lightning of Sunyshore. He, along with the mysterious bartender, remember when Flint was young and battling punks in Sunyshore with Chimchar, and Volkner appeared one day. They battled and Volkner lost badly, but they continued to battle each other and eventually Volkner was able to beat Flint. Flint said they continued to fight, and Dawn asks if they hated each other. Flint says no, and the bartender explains they respected each other, but males are not honest that way. One day they had their first team battle against a rouge poacher with a Houndoom, and it hurt them and their Pokemon badly. As they lay hurt, Volkner smiled at him, and they became good friends from that day on.

Ash asks what happened to that Volkner, and the bartender explains that when Flint turned 20, he left for the Elite Four. Volkner became the strongest Gym Leader, but Flint became Elite Four. Volkner began to lose interest in battling and turned back to his original hobby, tampering with machinery. He built the solar panels and walkways, and the Sunyshore Tower which controls them, converting the entire city to electric energy, putting battling aside. When finished, his will to do anything vanished, and it felt all over for him, as he was bored with or finished everything he'd done.

Flint begins to explain that's why he wanted the burning personality Ash to meet Volkner, but Volkner walks in then saying it was no use. Flint nervously asks how long he'd been there, but Volkner ignores him and orders his regular. Flint begs him to understand why he feels this way, but Volkner mockingly says Flint only ever comes back to lecture him, calling him Mr. Elite Four. Flint becomes angry and grabs him, and Volkner continues his mocking, asking him to punch him if he wants to. Flint says Volkner's not worth it before screaming at him where did his paralyzing, shocking battler of a friend go? Volkner says they are no longer kids and to grow up. Flint begins to fire back, but they are broken up by the bartender who suggest Flint battle in Volkner's place. Flint and Ash accept, and Volkner says he doesn't care what anybody does.

Meanwhile, James has a prized bottle cap stolen by a cleaning robot and takes chase.

Flint and Ash begin to battle, three on three. Sunyshore Gym's referee is a robot as well, all apparently created by Volkner himself. As Flint's large Infernape takes out Ash's Buizel and smaller Infernape easily, the bartender tries to get Volkner to care, commenting how it's been a long time since Volkner watched Flint battle, and how unfortunate it is that he obviously feels nothing while watching these battles anymore. Volkner tries to leave, saying all battles start this way and end the same, and he doesn't care. Then Ash sends out his Pikachu, and Volkner watches. As the battle, Volkner continues to look completely bored. Pikachu gets smashed by Flare Drive and In Fight again and again, and Volkner begins to flash back to his and Flint's tag battle, in which he battled very similarly.

Pikachu is flung back by a powerful attack, and Ash catches it before it hits the wall, flinging both of them against it. Suddenly Volkner is wide awake and staring intently. He remembers doing the exact same thing, using himself to brace his Pikachu's impact against a tree. Then he orders a Thunderbolt attack, finally landing a hit on the poacher's Houndoom. Back in real time, the bartender comments how Flint and Volkner were the best paralyzing combination, and how that battle is what helped him to get out of the poaching world. He takes off his glasses, showing he has the same scar above his eye as the poacher in the flashbacks. He says Volkner still has things left to do as a Gym Leader, and Volkner looks like he is beginning to believe this as well. As the battle comes to a close, he sees himself in Ash, and watches, finally feeling interested and excited by the battle even as Ash loses badly to Flint.

Meanwhile, James has lost two bottle caps to the city, and vows revenge, furious and out of his mind. Team Rocket begins to plot Sunyshore Tower's demise.

Back in the Gym, Volkner, looking smug, tells Flint he still has work to do as a Gym Leader, delivering paralyzing, shocking battles to trainers. Flint happily exclaims his friend's name, in disbelief. Volkner thanks Flint and the bartender for opening his eyes, but the bartender says to thank Ash instead. Volkner tells him he is a good battler, and he felt heated up just watching. Ash is beside himself with happiness as Volkner accepts his challenge for a battle. Flint and Volkner smile at each other, friends once again!


DP166: The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! (発進!ナギサタワー!!) >>>

634th Episode of the Anime! (Animation by Team Kato)
Japanese Title: "Take Off! Sunyshore Tower!!" (Hasshin! Nagisa Tawaa!!)
Japan Airdate: March 4, 2010
USA Airdate: July 31st, 2010

Ash and Volkner begin their three on three Gym Battle immediately! Volkner sends out Luxray and Ash sends out Grotle. Brock mentions the type advantage, but Flint seems confident in Volkner's power. After only a moment of battling, the power goes off, not only in the Gym, but in all of Sunyshore. Volkner checks the surge box and then they go outside to realize all the power is off. As the town is solar powered, Volkner deduces there must be a problem with Sunyshore Tower, which supports all the electrical currents in the city. Just then their seems to be a bad earthquake, causing huge cracks to form in the Gym. The nearby Tower has come up by its roots! It's Team Rocket who has equipped it with wheels, and begins to steal it, simply rolling away, forcing everyone to jump from its path. Furious, Volkner and Raichu take chase, Flint and the rest following. Officer Jenny is stopped as Nurse Joy runs up to her, upset.

The group keeps chasing the tower, but Flint says ahead is only ocean, and what do they plan to do then? That's when they see that the Tower has been strapped to rockets - and Team Rocket, inside, discusses their plans to make the Tower Team Rocket's new headquarters. Flint recklessly jumps onto the Tower without a second though, clinging to it, followed by Volkner and Raichu, then Ash and Pikachu. Flint is confident for all of a minute before he falls off and plummets screaming into the ocean. Ash yells after him, only to fall off as well. Volkner, who had had trouble climbing and was below Ash, manages to catch him and drag him back up. Then he points out an entranceway, confidently saying he built this tower and he can solve this.

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Flint is unhappy but alive, joining up with Dawn and Brock. Inside the Tower, Ash asks if Flint will be okay, and Volkner says not to worry about that guy, Raichu agreeing with him. Suddenly they are thrown off balance and Volkner realizes the Tower-Rocket is now flying horizontally over the ocean. Back in the city, the Pokemon Center is in crisis without power, sick and newly hatched Pokemon needing heat and care. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny ask for help generating power with two bicycles. Flint is happy and jumps right on, claiming to be a great bicyclist. Brock is reluctant but gets the second one to help.

In the Tower, Volkner apologizes that they finally began a Gym battle and it got interrupted. Ash waves it off, saying it's more important to get the Tower back. Volkner agrees that they must protect "the city lit up by the sun". Ash asks what he means, and Volkner explains that since long ago Sunyshore has been described as a city made to shine by the sun's rays. Ash realizes that must be why Volkner converted the city to solar power, and Volkner confirms it, saying that is why it's so important to return the Tower, which supports every Sunyshore resident's daily life. He vows to get it back!

Back at the Center, Brock is quickly running out of steam while Flint loudly insults his lack of stamina. Nurse Joy, as if in a shojo fantasy, pleads for Brock to have strength, and Brock suddenly powers up, pedaling even faster than Flint. In the Tower Volkner has located the door leading to the main control room, but as he hits the button to open it, a cage falls on him, Ash, Pikachu and Raichu, trapping them. They order Pikachu and Raichu to use Thunderbolt and Thunder respectively, but the electricity is only redirected into the Tower to power it up. Ash tries Gible next, ordering Rock Smash, and the dragon punches through the cage, then pummels through the door to the main control room, eating away at the command station. Ash recalls it and a battle begins to claim control of the Tower, but all of Pikachu and Raichu's electric attacks continue to be redirected to charge up the Tower. The two rodents begin to take a beating by Seviper and Carnivine, and Ash sends out Grotle to block the beating and fight back with non electric attacks. After pushing Team Rocket's Pokemon away, it suddenly evolves into Torterra and uses Leaf Storm on Team Rocket.

They become angry, shouting at it that it wasn't supposed to suddenly evolve and to please use recyclable electric attacks instead of Leaf Storm. In response, it uses another Leaf Storm attack to blast them out of the Tower. Air sucked through the hole left behind threatens to pull everyone out, but Volkner climbs up to the main controls and closes it up with an emergency shutter, then asks Pikachu and Raichu's help to power the Tower as he attempts to pilot it back. At the Center, Brock is running out of energy again, until Joy begs him to continue trying. The windows begin shaking, and the Tower flies right over the Center, narrowly missing it. Then the power is back - Master (the bartender) and his crew managed to restore power temporarily. Volkner shouts that they've nearly reached the spot and he is going to try to land, Raichu, Luxray and Pikachu still powering the Tower themselves. Ash is worried, but Volkner says to believe in the Tower he himself built, and swears to land it properly. Despite some difficulty and shaky navigating, he is able to set it down perfectly in place! From inside, Volkner, Ash and their Pokemon wave to Flint and the others.

The Gym is still badly damaged from the tremors caused by dislodging the Tower, and Volkner asks Ash to give him time to repair it, and that he will contact him when he is ready to finish their battle. Flint wishes Dawn good luck in the Grand Festival, and he and Volkner wave as the group heads off towards the next town.


DP179: The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! (電撃 バトル!最後のバッジ!!) >>>

645th Episode of the Anime! (Animation by Team Kato)
Japanese Title: "Electric Shock Battle! The Final Badge!!" (Dengeki Batoru! Saigou no Bajji!!)
Japan Airdate: June 3rd, 2010
USA Airdate: October 30th, 2010

Sunyshore Gym is repaired and Ash and Volkner begin their Gym Battle! Flint and the others watch on as it begins despite a long line outside, and Flint explains Volkner refused to accept any challengers until he had battled Ash. Volkner sends out his Electivire and Ash chooses Torterra. Brock seems confident Torterra has the advantage, but Flint explains Volkner is not that simple. Torterra is quickly subdued by Electivire's surprise Fire and Ice Punches. Next Ash chooses Pikachu, who at first has trouble in its attempts to shock Electivire due to its ability Motor Drive, which weakens electric attacks against it and increases its speed. Yet soon Electivire finds itself paralyzed by Pikachu's Static ability, and with its speed and power down, Pikachu takes it out with Iron Tail. Confident and enjoying the battle, Volkner sends out Jolteon and Ash sends out Infernape, who initially has the advantage when it powerfully shocks Infernape, but then surprises Volkner by taking Jolteon out fairly quickly, punching it and its attacks out of the way. Volkner is surprised that he is the first to send out his final Pokemon, which is Luxray. Although Pikachu initially gets in a few good hits with Iron Tail, Luxray knocks it out with Thunder Fang and Charge Beam. Infernape is sent out again. Luxray gets in the first moves after Double Team, hitting it with Thunder Fang and Iron Tail, when the power suddenly goes out. Team Rocket had been attempting to steal the Sunyshore Tower again, growing frustrated by its new defenses but eventually breaching it and hitting every button possibly, blowing themselves up and killing power in the City. Volkner asks Ash what he wants to do, and Ash says to continue.

Then everyone notices a glow in the Gym. Infernape has begun its Blaze ability, its flame glowing brightly and its eyes crazed. Flint is impressed until Brock and Dawn explain everytime this happened before, Infernape (then a Chimchar and a Monferno) stopped listening to Ash and attacked him. It shoots a Flamethrower into the walls and ceiling causing massive damage. As Infernape approaches Ash looking insane and about to attack, Ash smiles and says he believes in Infernape. Infernape then grins and nods, having mastered control of its Blaze ability at last, and Ash begins his final attacks. Luxray is unable to hold its own against the now powered up ape, and is taken out after a good fight by Flame Wheel. Volkner awards Ash the Beacon Badge, thanking him for an amazingly good battle, and knowing he made the right choice in letting Ash be his first challenger once back on the job. With all eight badges, Flint says the Pokemon League begins in 2 months, and a boat leaves from Sunyshore to the Island it will be held on. The gang excitedly heads off together!


Other Appearances?! >>>

Yes, this exists. From the "Farewell to Diamond and Pearl" credits of the Zoroark movie!

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