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these are my most sought after items! please, help me find them! i will trade or pay - let's fun time!
探している物をお持ちしている方は交換・販売で もしましょう!★
連絡先・Contact me about wanted items at denkimouse =at= :)

Sunyshore Gym Battle DVD + Beacon Badge!
「電撃バトル!最後のバッジ!!」DVD + ビーコンバッジ
from japan!
my current holy grail of collecting, this DVD was a special prize giveaway only. typical! i may never own this, but i will continue to hope and dream, and i am glad to at least have images to dream by!

any various raichu, lions + electric items!
from taiwan, europe?
so far these are the only raichu plush i know of that i do not own. the small one is from taiwan, a mirage plush, and probably around 15 CM tall. the big one is huge, over 1.5 feet tall, and comes from europe, i believe. also looking for any electric mirage plushies! if you own or come across these, you can demand the big $$$ from me and i will gladly fork it over, oh yes, my precciiouuusssssses!!!


from both america and japan.
なかなか手に入らないライチュウ・ライオンのグッズで す・・・  i mostly just collect plush and figures, but these are all cute too and are all items i am searching for! basically any raichu or lion toy i do not own is what i want most! here are some raichu toys i'd really like to get my mits on. will pay cashmonies for these rare little fellas! 


イチニッピカ ピッ!・ichi ni pika pi!
from japan!
左側の写真に写っているものは既に持っている、ポケモ ンセン ター2003年の「イチニッピカピッ!」グッズでございます!ライチュウの画像がある「イチニッピカピッ!」をとくに探しています。 持っているならばこちらに預けると¥¥¥に なりますよ!;D 
i am looking for goods featuring raichu from the 2003 pokemon center exclusive promotion, ichi ni pika pi! the items pictured ON THIS PAGE are items I ALREADY OWN, which is varying items with raichu, along with some others from the promotion without him. i am not specifically collecting anything without raichu, but i love the artwork so much i do own some pikachu things too :D will pay big $$$ for raichu items from this promotion!

Goods from this promotion I know I am missing include ごみ箱 (trash bin, 780円), プラペンケース (plastic pen case, 400円), 鉛筆 (pencils, 580円), 定規 (ruler, 220円),下敷き (pencil board, 250円), スパイラルメモ (spiral memo pad, 200円), and probably more!
> searching (探し中)

color variation raichu items wanted!
from japan.
写真に写っていない物・色の物を探し中です!・these are items which i already own, but i am searching for their color variations for true completion!
and any of the metal colors other than what is pictured, and any weird colored raichus you don't see here (and by weird i mean the official solid colored raichus, not bootlegs with unpainted faces or red cheeks :3 )

i am always looking for more production art!
from japan - obviously!
新しいセル画・動画・原画・設定などはいつまでも探し ています! i have an addiction, it is cels, sketches, and settei featuring my favourite pokemons. every single piece of artwork is unique and one of a kind, and i am always interested in adding more pieces to my collection. feel free to tear my wallet open if you are looking to sell or know of any more production artwork featuring raichu, lions, or any of my favourite human characters!

cels: ANY RAICHU -- raichu ONLY (or lt. surge of course!). i cannot afford to go hunting for all electrics in cel form :)

sketches: ANY RAICHU, along with most anything from Best Wishes!, otherwise, cute or unique things featuring Electric Pokemon.
とくにライチュウ・マチスの原画・動画を探していますが、Best Wish!やかわいい電気タイプの原画でも購入します。

settei: my current settei wantlist--

any electric pokemon from Best Wishes or XY! (ポケットモンスターBest Wishes!, XY からのすべての電気タイプ)
mienfoo, mienshao, and braviary (コジョフ、コジョンド、ウォーグル)

flaaffy, magneton, and magnezone (モココ、レアコイル、ジバコイル)
all six rotom forms (六匹のロトム)
jasmine, wattson, palmer, byron, alder, elesa, ingo and emmet (ミカン、テッセン、クロツグ、トウガン、アデク、カミツレ、クダリ、ノボリ)


ジンのト レード基 地

の グッズをトレード
しよう!交換はポ ケモンの心だぞ!!
i have these rare raichu items up for trade. i hope to trade them to other raichu lovers and raichu collectors. if you have a raichu item i don't know about, or do not have on my list or raichu collection page, please tell me and we can arrange a trade! the items offered below are top condition and incredibly rarity, and will not be sold or traded for peanuts! bring your hardcore raichu fan-ness to the table!

Currently offering a Raichu Puzzle Island, very rare Raichu
Raichu big figure, and very very rare Raichu mirage plush!