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「2月11日(土・祝)に、ポケモンセンターから、マッギョの魅力が いっぱいの商品が発売されるよ!」
"On February 11th, goods full of Stunfisk's charm go on sale from the Pokemon Center!"

With these words, Electric Pokemon history was made!
No, really -- besides Pikachu, from the 1990's into 2012, NO single electric Pokemon ever had an entire PokeCen promotion one hundred percent to itself. It's the truth -- maybe some of them got thousands of goods over the years, but they never had their VERY OWN PROMOTIONS. Let alone did any not-mice get even CLOSE to the CHANCE of a promotion... but that's all changed (and as of April 2013, it's changed again). Everything in the world has changed, because Maggyo (Stunfisk) has his own promotion, featuring an incredible 28 different kinds of goods, all of them so amazing, it will blow all your fishes right out of their mud puddles. The day these goods came out, the Pokemon Centers of Japan were stormed by people driven to madness by Maggyo's intensely fierce gaze and handsome good looks. Items vanished in minutes. The mob cried out for more Maggyo. And that day, the world learned the true danger of Electric Pokemon -- that they are so downright, mind bogglingly amazing, that they can cause an insane stampede of fish-crazed humanity all vying for the chance just to hold a delightful Maggyo in their own arms.

Thus I present to you ... all 28 items from the "Stunfisk 'Pokedex'" (マッギョずかん) Pokemon Center promotion. Just try to stay calm, and take it slow. Maggyo's beauty may overwhelm you, and I will not be held responsible for your lovesick-for-a-fish actions. This is your only warning. Proceed...

ぬいぐるみ ポケモンキャンバス マッギョ
"Pokemon Canvas"
Plush Series -- Stunfisk

Original Price: 750
Size: 13 cm

Canvas plush are beautiful, squishy, minky-fabric things with soft colors and in Maggyo's case, eyes full of romance. With just the little hint of a smirky smile, this bite-sized plushie is my flat little friend.

He joins Raichu canvas and Shinx canvas as honored canvas on this site.

湯のみ マッギョずかん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Japanese-style Teacup

Original Price: 1200
Size: 8 cm

Do you like authentic, old-fashioned, eye-wateringly bitter, frothy and thick Japanese green tea? No? You will if you drink it out of this amazing Maggyo teacup. No really, Maggyo makes all the difference.

コースターセット マッギョずかん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Coaster Set

Original Price: 700
Size: 11 cm

And while you choke down every health-filled, rich drop of scalding hot liquid, you can set your cup down on Maggyo's smirking face anytime you can't quite take it anymore.

He's mocking your pain.
ざぶとんクッション マッギョ
Stunfisk "Zabuton" Plush Cushion

Original Price: 2500
Size: 45 cm

Teach that smug fish a lesson by sitting on his face. A zabuton is a type of pillow traditionally used soley as a sit-upon, a thing to place your bottom on for a nice rest. That'll learn him.

Seriously though this thing is beyond soft. And squishy. I'm sorry Maggyo, I love you.

等 身大フロアマッギョ
Lifesize "Floorma...ggyo"

Original Price: 2800
Size: 70 cm

I love you enough to step all over your precious little face!!! kind of like that, eh?  Isn't it your schtick to get stepped on and shock the hell out of innocent folks?  And I've placed you near my shower. Mayhaps not the best spot unless I wish a swift death by fish electrocution.

Anything for you, Maggyo.
箸置き マッギョ
Stunfisk Chopstick Holder

Original Price: 550
Size: 4 cm

Wait. Gorgeously painted porcelain Japanese chopstick holder? Japanese teacup? Japanese zabuton cushion?

I get it! I get the theme now! It's that he's super flat, right?

マグネットセット マッギョずかん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Magnet Set

Original Price: 800
Size: 5 cm

Stick a reminder note on your fridge reminding you that Maggyo is flat by using these plastic bubbley magnets.

That are decidedly not very flat at all.

タオルハンカチ マッギョ
Stunfisk Towel/Handkerchief

Original Price: 450
Size: 25 cm

Wipe up the blood of Maggyo's victims with Maggyo the washcloth towel hanky thing. You think he's just sitting there all innocently, until you make out his evil faces embedded in the back.

You are sneaky, Maggyo. And handsome.

ボールペン マッギョずかん
シャープペンシル マッギョずかん

Stunfisk "Pokedex" Ball Pen / Mechanical Pencil

Original Price: 600

Plushies, toy magnets, silly things not your style? Are you a man of BUISNESS? Is the pen your mightiest weapon? Or maybe the mechanical pencil? Or maybe just Maggyo? He's my mightiest weapon, for sure.

Anyways. These are way too fancy and nice for words. Just look at that gold detaling. Boy-howdy!! You've got it made, Maggyo, man of buisness!

ぬいぐるみスリッパ マッギョ
Stunfisk Plush Slippers

Original Price: 2000

Back to the silly stuff. Wear these when walking through potentially Maggyo-infested puddles, to ground yourself against his trolling shocks. But then the slippers themselves might shock you, so this is kind of lose-lose, unless you just want to tromp around in some Maggyos, then it's win-win.

Maggyo always wins.
メタルチャームセット マッギョずかん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Metal Charm Set

Original Price: 600

These charms are huge, heavy, double-sided, and can whoop the butt of any other kind of charm. You think your charms are so cool? Nice try buddy. Maggyo charms rule... or else would they look so smug and also...surprised? Surprised you thought there was better charms than this out in the world.

ぬいぐるみパスケース マッギョ
Stunfisk Plush Pass Case

Original Price: 1000
Size: 14 cm

Hey bus driver, nice day? WHAM!! My pass is inside a Maggyo. Hi there train gate, you got MAGGYO'D ALL UP IN THAT. Subway Masters Emmet and Ingo? More like, Subway Master Maggyo all letting people onto the Subway with his mighty pass holder powers. And hey, have a problem with people stealing your pass? Not a problem no more, friends, who wants to mess with this guy? Nobody. Is who.
携帯クリーナーストラップ マッギョずか ん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Cellphone Cleaner Strap

Original Price: 600
Size: 5 cm

Is your cell phone a filthy, dirty, bad and naughty thing? Is your smart phone not smart enough to prevent all those bloody fingerprints getting all up in that? Maggyo has something to say to your cell phone. Come closer so he can tell BAM you just got cleaned, cell phone. Thank Maggyo later. If he can make room for you in his busy schedule. 

ストラップ マッギョ
Stunfisk Strap

Original Price: 500
Size: 3 cm

Once your phone is cleaned up, you might grace it with the presence of this gorgeous creature.

な りきりキャップ マッギョ
Become-a-Stunfisk Cap

Original Price: 1200
Size: hat sized

I got nothin'. This is ridiculous. Become-a-Stunfisk cap? How the heck does this become anybody, let alone become-a-stunfisk? It should be called, Stunfisk is sitting on your head, chilling out, probably sucking out your BRAIN. What's he even doing up there? Do you transform into Maggyo if you wear this? I AM SO CONFUSED, SCARED, AND EXCITED.

Raichu looks good wearing even this ridiciulous thing, though. Thanks Raichu, always my buddy.
手ぬぐい マッギョずかん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Long Handtowel

Original Price: 1200
Size: 80 cm

This towel... is long. I couldn't even find a surface big enough to unfurl it in its entirety for this shot. It's called a "tenugui", a Japanese-style hand towel, which as you can see, can be folded lengthwise. Learn about Maggyo's amazing traits while drying your hands on his face. He doesn't mind, it's just how he rolls.

Stunfisk Socks

Original Price: 400
Size: Small (19-21 cm), Medium (23-25 cm), Large (25-27 cm)

Well, some people have said Maggyo's little exclamation point on his back looks more like someone stepped on him, which might be the case, since that's what you do to Maggyo. Step on him.

Who knew he'd turn that around and become socks? GENIUS. How did you get so clever, fishie?

なべしき マッギョ
Stunfisk Potholder

Original Price: 1200
Size: 25 cm

Let's continue with the "sit stuff on top of Maggyo, he cool with it" theme. Now, I am NOT sure if it's part of his Pokedex entry that you can set boiling hot things atop his face, but this is called Stunfisk Pokedex promotion, right? So it must be true, right? Right Maggyo? Maggyo...?

ダイカットふせん マッギョずかん・メモ  マッギョずかん
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Post-it Notes / Memopad

Original Price: 500円 (post-its) ・ 450円 (memopad)
Size: 7.5 cm (post-its) ・ 10 cm (memopad)

Inside of this delightful memopad is all of the artwork featured in this entire promotion. In full color, so where exactly do you write your actual notes? On the post-it notes, which are faded enough you can actually use them to WRITE STUFF. Maggyo, what are you thinking?

A4 クリアファイル マッギョがいっぱい
A4クリアファイル マッギョずかん

Stunfisk A4 Size Clearfiles:
"Lots of Stunfisk" / "Stunfisk Pokedex"

Original Price: 210
Size: 31 cm

You can use these to store all the other stuff in this friggin promotion in. Don't miss all the varying Maggyo faces on the second... because it's a thing of beauty, friends.

デッキシールド マッギョ
デッキケース マッギョ

Stunfisk Card Sleeves / Deck Case

Original Price: 380
Size: 9 cm

Somehow I get the feeling if you actually used these, it might intimidate your TCG opponents into forfeiting. Forget this, man, that fish won't stop looking at me. STOP. LOOKING. AT ME. WITH THOSE EYES. THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!

Stunfisk Senbei (Rice Crackers)

Original Price: 500
Size: senbei sized

I gotta say, I ate these. And they were fantastic.

シールセット マッギョずかん・ステッ カー マッギョ
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Sticker Set / Stunfisk Sticker

Original Price: 500円 (set) ・ 200円 (single)
Size: sticker sized

Last but not least, when all is said and done, wrap up all your stuff, call it a day and put Maggyo stickers on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU OWN. Had a favourite artwork in the promo? Done. We have a sticker for that. Just want a giant Maggyo sticker? We have a sticker for that too.

And everyone was happy. Especially Maggyo.

マッギョずかん iPhone4/4S対応
Stunfisk "Pokedex" Phone Case

Original Price: 1680
Size: phone sized

This was not actually released on the day of the promotion! It came out half a year later, but matched the entire promotion so here it goes on this site. Adorable, yes? Yes.