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「ここは、とある研究所。オレンジ色の電化製品が、不思議な機械に囲 まれています。」
"Here at a certain laboratory, orange electrical appliances are surrounded by a mysterious mechanism."

With these words, Electric Pokemon history was made... again!!!
After the "Maggyo Zukan" Promotion in February 2012, we Electric Pokemon masters were pretty pleased and content with life, with our first not-Pikachu Electric-Pokemon-centric goods PC promotion. It had been 14 years since the Pokemon Center opened, and with only one of these under our belt, I certainly did not expect another one... just one year and two months later. Especially not from a Generation 4 Pokemon when we were still in the thick of Generation 5!

Rotom!! And his five forms, are beautifully depicted in pop art style in this "Plasma Pokemon Rotom" promotion featuring tons of fun goodies, and perhaps best of all, the final completion of the Rotom PokeDolls. For history's sake, at this same time, within one month, the Kanto starter evolutions also completed their PokeDoll set (Venusaur and Blastoise joined the previously released Charizard) and the Deoxys forms were also completed (Speed Form had been left out for a very long time). But let's get back to what is most importan to all of us and the entire world: Electric types. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


ポケモンドー ル 全6種 (ロトムドール・フロストロトムドール・ヒート ロトムドール・スピンロトムドール・カットロトムドール・ウォッシュロトムドール)
Six Rotom PokeDolls (Rotom/Frost/Heat/Fan/Mow/Wash)

Original Price: 980
Size: 15 cm

It was a long time coming, with Rotom and Cut Rotom dolls sitting all alone together for years until their four brothers joined them. Not only are the new ones a beautiful set, but Rotom and Cut both changed, Rotom himself in drastic ways since his original 2008 Halloween release! See the comparisons below (new ones on the left). Go on. Marvel at their beauty. Or may your television be forever haunted.

ロトム フィギュ アコレクション 全6種
Rotom Figure Collection (6 Kinds)

Original Price: 各600
Size: 5 cm

Set Contains: Rotom (2 kinds), Frost Rotom & Refrigerator, Hea
t Rotom & Toaster Oven, Fant Rotom & Electric Fan, Mow Rotom & Lawnmower, Wash Rotom and Washing Machine (ロトム<2 種>・フロストロトム&冷蔵庫・ヒートロトム&電子レンジ・スピンロトム&扇風機・カットロトム&芝刈り機・ウォッシュロトム&洗濯機)

クッション ロトム
Rotom Cushion

Original Price: 2000

ラバーマスコット 全6種 (ロトムドール・フロストロトムドール・ヒート ロトムドール・スピンロトムドール・カットロトムドール・ウォッシュロトムドール)
Rotom Rubber Mascot Keychains (6 Kinds)

Original Price: 各480円

缶バッジセット ロトム
Rotom Can Badge Set

Original Price: 750

シリコンマグカップ ロトム
Rotom Silicone Mug Cup

Original Price: 800

カンペンケース ロトム
Rotom Tin Pen Case

Original Price: 850

ラグランTシャツ ロトム  (S/M/L)
Rotom T-shirt

Original Price: 各3000

ハー ドカバーノート ロトム
Rotom Hard Cover Notebook

Original Price: 1200

マグネットシート ロトム
Rotom Magnet Sheet

Original Price: 650

ふ せんセット ロトム
Rotom Label Set

Original Price: 650

A4クリアファイル ロトム
Rotom A4 Size Clearfile

Original Price: 210

チェンジングポストカード ロトム
Rotom Changing Postcard

Original Price: 350

蓄光シールセット ロトム
Rotom Glow-in-the-dark Stickers

Original Price: 700