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Raichu is a very special character to me. I have loved him from the very moment I saw him and Lt. Surge on TV in 1998, and chose to follow the same path as Lt. Surge and love Electric-type Pokemon. I have grown up with Raichu always by my side. This Raichu collection is the biggest in the world, has been featured in magazines and is even well known by one of Pokemon's original creators, Junichi Masuda. My goal is to uncover and catalouge all of the Raichu toys that have ever been made! Now, let's begin, and please, enjoy! (○`・ω・´○)

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ポケモンセンターオリジナル ライチュウドール
Pokemon Center Original Raichu PokeDoll

Japan 12/22/2012
Pokemon Center

Congratulations, my best little buddy.

11 years of waiting after Pikachu and Pichu got theirs (2001), you finally have your own PokeDoll.

There can be miracles, when you believe. In Raichu PokeDoll. Now with added signed Raichu, autographed in person at Worlds 2014 by director Junichi Masuda and artist Hironobu Yoshida!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル アローラ ライチュウドール
Pokemon Center Original Alola Raichu PokeDoll

Japan 4/1/2017
Pokemon Center

A perfect round pancake, even if her nose is missing. I love her.

もっちりマスコット ポケモンドールズ アローラライチュウ
Squishy Soft Mascot Alolan Raichu PokeDoll

Japan 7/22/2017
Pokemon Center

A MINI AND TINY perfect round pancake!!!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ぬいぐるみ アローラライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original Alolan Raichu Plush

Japan 12/23/2016
Pokemon Center

Alolan Raichu's first ever plush, by the Pokemon Center!! With soft minky and creamy tummy and poised perfectly on her pancake tail!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ぬいぐるみ pokemon time ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original "pokemon time" Raichu Plush

Japan 7/12/2014
Pokemon Center

Soft velvety fur, big eyes imploring you to love him, brown button nose, perfectly curled ears. Perfection.

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ぬいぐるみ ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original Raichu Plush

Japan 4/11/2015
Pokemon Center

Raichu joined the "Pokemon Center Plush" lineup in April 2015! He was only announced by email newsletter, and the site didn't post about him until after he was already on sale. GOSH!!! In any case, Pokemon Center Plush are great for being soft and cuddly scale plush without being chibi or stylized, just a nice regular looking plush for the whole darn family. Hooray Raichu!!

ポケットモンスター PP60 ライチュウ(アローラのすがた) (S) ぬいぐるみ
ALL STAR COLLECTION Alolan Raichu Plush + Regular Raichu Plush!

Japan 5/20/2016~11/2017

Alolan Raichu AND Raichu-the-norm both made it into the super soft super cute incredibly well made All Star line up!! What a round cupcake of a pancake.

Raichu Pokemon Legacy Plush

USA/Europe/Australia 2018

The Legacy Pokemon Series added the cutest happiest Raichu of all time to its lineup!!
Look at this happy good boy!!!

Toy Factory Raichu Plush (3 sizes)

USA 2018
Toy Factory

Three sizes of big baby... one over THREE FEET TALL! Even BIGGER than lifesize!!
These are prizes at fairs and amusement parks, light as a feather and not very squishy, but the big smiles make up for it.

ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン でっかいぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ(アローラのすがた)~
Pokemon Sun Moon Big Plush ~Alolan Raichu~

Japan 2/9/2017

A giant chunky pancake of a soft buttery Raichu!

ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン ぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ(アローラのすがた)~
Pokemon Sun Moon Plush ~Alolan Raichu~

Japan 2/16/2017


ポケットモンスター くつろぎタイム ぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ~
Pokemon Relaxing Time Plush ~Raichu~

Japan 11/15/2016

He's relaxing. Shh.

ポケットモンスター ころりんフレンズ でっかいぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ~
Pokemon Kororin Friends Big Plush ~Raichu~

Japan 1/24/2017


ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン ころりんフレンズ ぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ~
Pokemon Sun and Moon Kororin Friends Plush ~Raichu~

Japan 5/16/2017

And a teeny tiny version of the above!!!!!!!!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル くったりぬいぐるみ(+おやすみver.) ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original Raichu Relaxing(+Goodnight ver.) Plush

Japan 7/18/2015
Pokemon Center

Raichu and sleepy Raichu, in the very first Kuttari plush series from the Pokemon center! Floppy and floopy and fluffy!!! ( ;∀;)
The first set included FOUR out of SEVEN electrics, though Pichu has currently been delayed for unknown reasons!!

大きいサイズぬいぐるみ ライチュ ウ
Giant Tomy Plush Raichu

Japan/Europe 1997(?)

Meet Raiceus, King of Raichu!
He is the biggest official Raichu plush ever (2 FEET TALL!), but we're still kind of trying to figure out exactly where and when he was sold. He is by TOMY, and his design is similar to the Hasbro Raichu beanie. Back when they created those beanies Hasbro used a lot of designs of already made Japanese plush, and they were also the US distributors for TOMY goods. Perhaps this fellow is linked between the two companies, or a prototype of a toy never made for regular distribution. TOMY has been known to create giant plush hardly anyone owns or has even heard of. Where did you come from, you mysterious large TOMY plushies...? The world may never know??? Thank you to a toy collector in Poland for this beauty.

すずなりポケモン ぬいぐるみ ライチュウ すずなりポ ケモン ぬいぐるみ ライチュウ
Bell Plush Raichu

Japan 1997

I lied about plushies, I decided I will maybe never be able to find all Raichu plushies, because LOOK AT THIS GUY I FOUND! He actually matches the only Electabuzz plush ever made, found on the Electric page. Little Shiny Bell Raichu Plush! We love bell plushies here at Sunyshore, and you can see even more over at the Electric page!

NEW! Mint-in-box Raichu bell plush!! Waaaaaai! Now it is truely complete.

キャ ンバス ぬいぐるみ ライチュウ!+ 増田サイン入り
Canvas Plush Raichu! + Autograph by Junichi Masuda

Japan 1/2010
Pokemon Center

It's.... it's Raichu's first ever Pokemon Center plush.....!! (;___;)!! What a wonderful day!! My two favourite lines have now gotten canvas plushies, it's beautiful! I absolutely adore this Raichu to bits and pieces, from her soft colors to her cute brown eyes and widdle nosey!!! One of the best Raichu plush - ever!!

The Raichu on the top right was signed by the director of Pokemon, Junichi Masuda, especially for me, in person :D! Don't know why that's so special? Give him a google! 増田さん、ありがとう!

「みんな集まれ!ピカまつり」 マスコット おまつりライチュウ
"Everyone Gather! PikaFestival" Matsuri Raichu Mascot Plush

Japan 7/2/2016
Pokemon Center

I LOVE PIKACHU+ でっかいぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ~
I LOVE PIKACHU + Big Plush ~Raichu~

Japan 6/7/2016

I LOVE PIKACHU+ ぬいぐるみ ライチュウ
I LOVE PIKACHU +  Plush Raichu

Japan 6/16/2016

Just a Raichu...but is a Raichu ever really just a Raichu? It's way more than that, isn't it? It's Raichu.

I LOVE PIKACHU+ クッション ライチュウ
I LOVE PIKACHU +  Cushion Raichu

Japan 7/2016

I LOVE PIKACHU + HQぬいぐるみ ライチュウ
I LOVE PIKACHU + High Quality Plush Raichu

Japan 4/22/2014

This is a Raichu dream plush come true. It is soft, it is pastel, it is cuddly, it is squishy, it is well made, it is truely high quality... I can't even make some silly little comment about him. He's just too beautiful and ....and......beautiful!!! Just let the images talk! I was also lucky enough to get a mint condition arcade poster for this plush. Just..........GAH!!!! Gah.

スコット Pokémon Petit ライチュウ
マスコット Pokemon Petit Pastel ライチュウ

Raichu Pokémon Petit Plush Keychain + Pastel version

Japan 4/26/2014, 9/3/2016
America 2015
Pokemon Center

The "Pokemon Petit" line of chibi Pokemon Center-only goods has decided to include the cutest Pokemon of all in its Spring 2014 lineup. Raichu of course! Including Adorable plush keychain. American version and brand new Petit Pastel version now included!

I LOVE PIKACHU + カバンに付けられるぬいぐるみ  ライチュウ
I LOVE PIKACHU + "Attach to a Bag" Plush Raichu!

Japan 11/7/2013

The very first of the I LOVE PIKACHU + line! This cute keychain plush, called the "Attach to a Bag" series (a common term in the I LOVE lines), was actually a very early release - four months before the actual start of the I LOVE PIKACHU + line! A "preview" if you will? Or maybe to hold over rabid Raichu fans? Did they know we would write strongly worded letters to them if they did not give us a Raichu RIGHT NOW? Wait -- isn't strongly worded letters demanding Raichus how we got the rest of the Pikachu family into this line to begin with? POW!

ころっとまんまるい ぬいぐるみ スーパーDX ラ イチュウ (ピチュー進化コレクション)
Super DX Raichu Plush! (Rolly Polly Plush Evolution Series)

Japan 5/2008・5/2009

SOOOOO BIG! EEEEEK! This Raichu is the first Raichu plush to be released in EIGHT YEARS - wow!! It is adorable, well made, so soft, so shimmery! Look at that adorable tail and those ears and paws! I died from the cute. I caught this big lovey dovey all by myself... and oh, how I love you, Raichu!!!! NEW! The 2009 FUZZY version is here!  I want to go out publically and say now that it's furry, it's one of the best official Raichu plush ever made. No question. If you only own one Raichu, make it this one. Thank you, Banpresto. Thank YOU!!!!

I LOVE PIKACHU + ぬいぐるみパスケース ライチュウ顔!
I LOVE PIKACHU + Raichu Face Plush Pass Case!

Japan 3/13/2014

The second I Love Pikachu + goody is here and it's a HUGE Raichu face pass case! You can put your train/bus/whatever pass in here and show your immense love for the best Pokemon ever anytime you get on public transportation. With a handy clip, you can put it on your bag, and with a handy pull string, it's easy to touch it to the reader! I'll use this Raichu pass!!! I volunteer as tribute!

モコモ コライチュウスリーパー
Fuzzy Raichu Slippers

Canada 2000

FUZZY RAICHU SLIPPERS!!! FUZZY RAICHU SLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at those FACES!!! *squeeeeeezy cuddles!*
These were acquired by accidental lucky chance on Ebay when my a friend spotted them! Until that moment, I never knew they existed.

And here is their buttses!

ほっ ぺピカピカぬいぐるみ ライチュウぬいぐるみ
Springy Cord Light-up Raichu Plush

Japan 1998

I thought I had finally found one of the last Raichu plush I needed to complete my Raichu plush collection! I was certain this would mean I had one of every single plush they ever made of him... but I found a photo of an American Made plush I did not have (at the time) the same day I found this little guy!!!  And then about a thousand more! But I still feel the same elation thinking I had finally completed my plush collection when I look at this cute smile. Anyway...squeeeeak I'm in love! His cord glows red!

  ライ チュウ クリップぬいぐる み
Raichu Clip Plush

Canada 2000ish

The plush I found in a long ago taken photo, searched all day to find the taker, only to find she had stopped caring for Raichu and her clip plush had been pooped on by ferrets and thrown away. Oh the pain!

But then! The shining light of the LJ Pokemon Community and its members shone through months later, and here is my clippy, clippy-chan, probably the last official Raichu plush I needed to complete my plushie collection...(is what I thought at the time, anyway. I was WRONG!)

「1995 年風」まるで丸くて丸のようなとっ ても丸いライチュウのぬいぐるみ
"1995 Style" Roundest of Round Very Round Raichu Plush

Origins Unknown

LOOK AT THIS POTATOCHU. JUST LOOK!!! Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Or King Henry VIII? Or President William Howard Taft? How about just a pumpkin? There are many things one can say about this Raichu, who I will call "Raichu von Pokemon", which sounds fancy, and also is what his listing was titled. Raichu von Pokemon, you are a mystery of mammoth proportions. When Arceus created you, he had a special plan in mind, one that did not include a neck, or any reasonable amount of mobility. Raichu von Pokemon, you may get from here to there by being rolled along by a few Oompa Loompas, but my heart grew three sizes the day I first laid eyes upon you. From all the trans fat. Please also feast your eyes on his twin (on the left), who has varied shades of orange and yellow as compared to the original. Who are you and why is your palette slightly altered, Raichu von Pokemon's twin?

PS: You win the prize for "Raichu plush most resembling Raichu's original design", his Red/Blue sprite. It's true -- Raichu really was originally a round blob with limbs and ears. REPRESENTING.

オリジ ナル・アメリカン・ライチュウ
Beanbag Plush
"Hasbro Raichu"


Whatever American doesn't own this, should be ashamed of themselves.
This is THE American Raichu plush. Don't ever forget it.

Seriously. Go buy one on Ebay, right now.

Please also look to your RIGHT to see my extremely rare, possibly one of a kind (at the very least, the only one known to exist), factory error orange-eared Raichu Hasbro plush! He is 100% official with all tush and hang tags and completely perfect except for his accidental orange ears. A very unique and rare addition to my rat pack!!

There are also unofficial fakey versions of this plush, one with voicebox and string, found in a crane game in Europe, and one from Taiwan with a cutely halved mouth. Check them out too! They are oddly quite different for being simple copies of the same plush.

南ア メリカ限定・ライ チュウコインパースぬいぐるみ
South American Exclusive Raichu Coin Purse Plush "Raichu de Mayo"

South America 1999/2000

Wow!!! Check out this adorable fellow!!! You wouldn't know it by looking at his cute ickle innocent face, but this Raichu coin purse plush is one of the rarest Raichu plush in existance! This Raichu is from a set that all had white clips and color-coordinated straps and zipper pouches in their backs. Despite having tags from Play-by-Play, Raichu's pattern, color and style do not at all resemble the Raichu clip plush by the same company. Folks saw this set of plush for sale from Mexico to Brazil, and like the PBP slippers and backpack (amonst others) being sold only in Canada, this Raichu was only ever sold in South America.

Now he has arrived in my heart, on May 5th, thus he shall be called, Raichu de Mayo. Olé!

ドイツ の祭 り ライチュウぬいぐるみ (ドイツチュウ) (3サイズ+編集版)
German Traveling Fair Raichu Plush (Germanchus) (3 sizes+ Edited Version)

Europe 2000
Play by Play "Traveling Fair" Novelty Toys

These are plushies from Germany, who were found for me by a friend of a friend! They all had no cheeks or belly, so I added them on to the one guy for fun and left the ones on the left as they were. The lack of cheeks and belly made me wonder about them, but a German friend finally explained where they came from! They were prizes at a festival in Germany when Pokemon Yellow came out there. They had Pikachu and Raichu amongst other unique plush as prizes. For now we know of three sizes: Large (25 cm), Medium (17 cm) and Small (12 cm), along with dark brown and light bright versions, each with distinct eyes, nose and mouth shapes. I am sure there are even more out there, and I am on a quest to collect them all! :D They are such an adorable and unique addition to my collection, and also incredibly rare, same as some other German-only Pokemon plush we've also seen.

Some have said they are the cutest Raichu plush ever. Way to go, Germanchus! Gettin' all the ladies!
ドイツ の祭 り ライチュウぬいぐるみ (ドイツチュウ) (黄色版)
German Traveling Fair Raichu Plush (Germanchus) (YellowChu Version)

Europe 2000
Play by Play "Traveling Fair" Novelty Toy

This Germanchu is the same as the above ones, only he is....yellow?! He is quite yellow. Very yellow but it doesn't take away from his cuteness, no sir! He is also my only Germanchu with a fully intact tag, proving the authenticity, origins, date of production and whatnot of himself and his brothers. His tag's details can be seen below!

ドイツ の祭 り ライチュウぬいぐるみ (ドイツチュウ) (でかい!版)
German Traveling Fair Raichu Plush (Germanchus) (Big!! Version)

Europe 2000
Play by Play "Traveling Fair" Novelty Toy

WOW!!! This guy is gigantic - see Pokedoll companion to get an idea! He is also SO soft and fuzzy! And his tail is almost 2 feet long, wowza! This might be the most huggable Raichu in the whole world! He was my very first "Germanchu". His origins were unknown, because this guy has his tag chopped off, however, the matching Pikachu I got with him had a tag, and it is for the company Play-by-Play. Further research revealed a big chance he is one of a set of foot-tall very fuzzy plushies (probably prizes in amusement parks) by Play-by-Play, which included this mewtwo.
When Yellowchu (above) arrived, all the clues finally fell into place! Now this begs the question: How many more hard to find, adorable Raichu plush did they possibly make?! I eagerly await the truth WHICH I SHALL UNCOVER!

Please view the photo below to see all three shades of Germanchu together at last!

Rather Fat "Big Ol' Butt" European Raichu Plush


Meet the Raichu with the biggest butt ever! He is yet another amazing European exclusive Raichu plush -- though from what country in Europe, we are not sure. The original owner's father traveled extensively and brought her back many unique Pokemon plush from various countries, of which Raichu was not the only one!

He is made of super soft, super fuzzy fur, and he joins the league of Raichus with orange tails -- though most of the other orange-tails are Japanese, not European. Because of his large bottom, I've named him after one of my favourite improv comedians, Wayne Brady! Who used to be very well known on Whose Line is it Anyway? for his big ol' butt B)

Happiest "Glowing Cheeks" Taiwan Raichu Plush


This Raichu plush from Taiwan was so filthy, he was being given away as a freebie if you bought something else. Of course I adopted this beautiful big boy with his light-up red cheeks and flawless happy face! And of course I cleaned him right up too, since when you have a unique and amazing new Raichu plush you've never seen before, he deserves to be treated as a king. His paw had glue residue, probably from a "Press Here" sticker, if the others in this series are anything to go by.

As he is so happy and stuck in a perpetual state of laughter, his name is "Drew Carey".

He is part of a series of Light-Up Cheek plushies, which also featured Pikachu in a few sizes and fabrics. You can see some images of the Pikachus in the series here! Probably being part of this series is why his cheeks are red and not yellow.

Teensy Tiny Taiwan Raichu Plush


A smaller, PokeDoll sized version of the above huge Taiwanese made Raichu plush! One is regular colors, and one is fairly yellow. These are some of those rare mystery plush that are basically perfect with markings and colors! He has a suction cup and no tags. Compare him next to the Raichu PokeDoll with the image above of the big guy with Raichu PokeDoll to get an idea of how cute and petit these little guys are!

もこもこバッ クパック ライチュウ
Fuzzy Raichu Backpack

Canada 1999

I wanted this backpack for soooo long and I always lost it on Ebay so finally one day I was like OMGGGG ARGH and I just went like "$67584765865.00" for my high bid, and I won it! And I didn't have to pay

Tiny Mini South American Raichu plush + scrunchie version!

South America

Teeny tiny little orange Raichu plushies from South America, with no cheeks, perhaps the tiniest Raichu plushies of all time!
By Play-by-Play, the ever mysterious.

モンスターボールになっちゃうポケモンマスコット ライチュウぬいぐるみ
Change to Pokeball Pokemon Mascot Raichu Plush


This plush was on my "Wanted Items" list for a long time and finally I found one on some weird auction website. I used to have one when I was little, so I am very very happy that he is mine again <3 Yay!

ポケモンフレンズ2 ライチュウぬいぐるみ
Pokemon Friends (part 2) Raichu Plush

Japan 1997

Now THIS is soft! And so nice and fuzzy... I love you Pokemon Friends Raichu <3
This is probably, also, the first Raichu plush ever made. Keep that in mind folks.

KFC ポケモン ライチュウ・ピ カチュウ 進化 ぬいぐるみ
KFC Pokemon Evolving Pikachu/Raichu Collectible Plush

Asia 1999

Wow! What a discovery!! This poor guy has been bootlegged all over Ebay and I had to search for eight YEARS to find one that was real - and finally here he is, mint from his package! Wow!! He was a KFC toy (there was also guys like Poliwag -> Poliwhirl and Clefairy -> Clefable in the set) from 1999 in promotions that seemed to occur in most English-speaking Asian countries like Singapore (where mine is from), Hong Kong and Malaysia.

He is just so extremely cute and I am SO glad to FINALLY know where and what he is from, and own one with a complete tag and package set including the original paper. The photos below show him as he was packaged. The second guy I'm using in the photos is also official - but had its tush tag cut off before I bought it, so I could still never confirm where he was from or that he was even real. What a relief!! I wanted to keep this cutie in my gallery and now I can do it with pride!

タフタ ぬいぐるみ ライチュウ Part 1/Part 3 (2種類)
Taffeta Plush Raichu (2 kinds)

Japan 1998

The less purpley one is actually one of the bigger plushies ever made of Raichu. Kudos to you, Raichu!
Also both of these prove that even some Japanese plush companies do silly things with coloring... as if Jakks Pacific didn't already prove that to us in America...
Mini Very Very YellowChu Plush

Europe (?)

Meet Mini Very Very YellowChu, almost if not more yellow than German YellowChu, with even more unknown origins, but a handy little keychain attachment. His pattern doesn't match any other Raichu plush I own, so who are you, mini YellowChu?? Who are you?!?!?!

Rai Back Chu Pack


This Raichu Backpack is probably not legit... but for the sake of documentation, and due to its originality, here it is.
The Rai Back Chu Pack!
ぬいぐるみ・マスコット へんしん!メタモン ライチュウ
Plush/Mascot Change! Ditto Raichu

Japan 8/6/2016
Pokemon Center

Are you a Raichu???

ピカチュウねぶくろコレクション でっかいぬいぐるみ~ライチュウ~
Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection Big Plush ~Raichu~

Japan 5/24/2016

Does this truely count as a Raichu...?
I gotta say ... yes? Because this Pikachu wants SO SO badly to be a Raichu....!!!

But, he still goes at the bottom for still being a Pikachu. Even if he's in a Raichu sleeping bag. SO CUTE.

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