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The Raichu Toy Collection: OTHER GOODS

Raichu is a very special character to me. I have loved him from the very moment I saw him and Lt. Surge on TV in 1998, and chose to follow the same path as Lt. Surge and love Electric-type Pokemon. I have grown up with Raichu always by my side. This Raichu collection is the biggest in the world, has been featured in magazines and is even well known by one of Pokemon's original creators, Junichi Masuda. My goal is to uncover and catalouge all of the Raichu toys that have ever been made! Now, let's begin, and please, enjoy! (○`・ω・´○)

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Raichu Authentic Production Cels/ ライチュウ セル画
from Ep. 14 "Electric Shock Showdown"/ 第 14話 「でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム」より

Japan 1997

So........ how much better can it get than this?

I owned stacks of sketches from this episode already, and to be honest, I thought that would be as good as it got, and I was happy and content to own the sketches only -- works of hand-drawn art by the animators, and BASICALLY exactly what hundreds of thousands of people around the world have seen in this episode. Yet... not EXACTLY what you see on your screen. Those are the hand painted animation cels.

To be honest, I never ever thought I'd find Raichu. Most Pokemon cels are destroyed or kept private by the studio, and unless you're after characters who appear in every episode (Pikachu and Ash, Team Rocket, etc), you'll have an extremely difficult time finding a specific character or Pokemon. In fact, since August of 2002, Pokemon has been all digital, ceasing hand painted cel production entirely, and making sketches even more scarce.

Under these circumstances, to be able to own these gorgeous cels of a character, Lt. Surge, who only appeared in one episode, and a Pokemon who appears rarely in the anime, is a dream come true. They are famous scenes, iconic images from the episode that made me love Pokemon, made me want to study Japanese, made me want to collect Raichu, and changed my entire life in more ways than I could possibly write on this website. To own these real pieces of it - the originals artwork from scenes that have been viewed by people all over the world, a classic episode - rather leaves me feeling speechless, to be honest.

Please click here to see more details about these cels, these most precious items in my collection!

Raichu Authentic Layout Sketches
原画・ 動 画・修正原+設定稿

Japan 1997/2008

I got these long before my dream cels, and thought to myself, has my day as a true Raichu collector almost come? These are one of a kind, actual layout sketches from Electric Shock Showdown, Episode 14 of the Pokemon anime, Raichu's first animated appearance, and four from Diamond and Pearl anime. They are not CELS, but they are the pencil drawings done by the animators. These sketches are they taken over by inkers and painters to created the colored cels (or digital art) you actually see in anime.

I am the only person in the world with these EXACT pencil drawings, and I absolutely had the best luck to even get my paws on them. They cost a nice bit, but it is worth it. I am happy and honored to share with the world these treasures, more glimpses into the world of the animators who make a show we've probably all loved at some point in our lives!

Click here to view each cel sketch in detail -- including ANIMATIONS!
Click the image on the right to see Raichu's animation reference sheets and more, too!

Please look over all my sketches and enjoy seeing how Pokemon is made!
空気を入 れてふくらませるポケモンの風船 ライチュ ウ (フクラマチュウ)
Inflatable Raichu (Inflateachu)

Japan 1996-1998 (?)
Festival Prize (?)

The first in a wonderful few months of incredibly amazing Raichus! I spotted this dude on auction, but he was due to end right when I would be over the Pacific, in a plane heading back to America for 3 weeks. CRAP! I set up a few people to bid for me if my high bid was outbid (at the moment I am not paying Yahoo!Japan so I have a high bid limit). I landed, got home and checked - I WON HIM! Look how cute he is! An ultra-rare inflateachu - and he is huge, as well! Around a foot tall - if he were a plush he'd be one of the bigger Raichu plushies there is, that is how big he
is compared to everyone else.

 Inflateachu, you complete me. I love you, baby!

After finding a Pikachu of this same series, I found out this fellow might have been a prize at various festivals in Japan in the late nineties. Nowadays there are still Pokemon masks and prizes given out at festivals, so this is very possibly where he came from!

Thunder Badges!・オレンジバッジ
ポ ケモンジム バッジシリーズ 

Pokemon Gym Badge Series (Vermillion City Gym
ジムバッジコレクション コンプリートセット 赤緑・Gym Badge Collection Complete Set Red/Blue

Other Japanese Thunder Badges
Most of these items are official Japanese Thunder Badges and rather hard to find! The round badges on the very bottom are from a set that included every single Kanto, Johto and Hoenn GL, the Kanto leaders getting two each (one set from FRLG). They were TCG League prizes one had to both earn and then mail in to get. Probably most of the Japanese badges had to be aquired this way. The one at the very top looks to be the same as the badge in the Badge Series set, but it was actually seperate, and is silver with a different backing. Then there is the replica Thunder Badge sold with a Gym Leader VHS and extremely gorgeous and rare - the perfect badge! The full set can be seen below with my VHS's. Last is probably the oldest thunder badge ever, with the set having designs from original R/B, some obviously not even knowing proper coloring yet!

USA Thunder Badges
The thunder badges on the left and right corners of the plastic are the American TCG Indigo League Thunder Badges! The first was the rectangular one given out in 2000, and the rounder one was handed out in 2006. Yay!!! The Lt. Surge postcard is the American POP scorecard. On the keychain is the extremely rare Pokemon Championship 2000 badge - made of hard solid metal and maybe the last badge I needed for my collection!

Random Thunder Badges
The pink plastic thunder badge (from an old Japanese board game, it had a full Kanto set).
缶バッジコレクション ~カントー編~ マチス・ライチュウ
Can Badge Collection ~Kanto Edition~ Lt. Surge and Raichu

Japan 2016/8/20
Pokemon Center

ビッグ缶バッジ 026
Big Can Badge 026

Pokemon Center

Hurdle Dash TCG Challenge Scorecard and Patches

Int'l 2010-2011

W-wao! If the 2007-2008 TCG League was about the lions, then 2011 is about....well, the Pokethlon, but with a Raichu season, wow wow wow! How adorable is this, how adorable?! Too adorable, and the patches, the patches! I loved this Raichu artwork ever since it came out promoting the Pokethlon in HGSS, but now they've made official merchandise with it, and I could not be happier.

Check out the scorecard on the inside and back too, not to mention the full length poster?!?!? How Raichutastic! You rock, Play!Pokemon!

Other Collectible Displays, Cards and Etc.


Though I focus on toys over flat items like stickers, you will find a slew of extremely unique and collectible goods such as these on my site! ESPECIALLY if featuring Lt. Surge!

We have a postcard of Episode 14 Raichus, a Lt. Surge and Raichu vrs. Ash Episode 14 jumbo original art card, a more modern Lt. Surge and Raichu bookmark, and Raichu and pikachu on an P.O.P. display for the game Pokemon Conquest.

Word! And the word is flat.

チャリティーグッズ「POKÉMON with YOU缶バッジ ライチュウ
"Pokemon With You" Raichu Charity Badge
"Alola Raichu + Raichu with YOU" Charm

Japan 2012-2017
Pokemon Center

"Pokemon With You" is a line of Pokemon Center goods which sends all proceeds made to the ongoing relief and rebuilding effort in Tohoku after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011!

ラ イ チュウ カンバッジコレク ショ ン その他
Other Raichu Can Badge/Buttons!!

Pokemon Center

Yay buttons! The 151 Badge from the Pokemon Center I'd especially been looking for for quite a while. Quite a while, let me assure you!! So cute, so sleepy! The middle is an original can badge collection from the original Pokemon release. NEW ADDITION! Cute as pie Raichu and Pikachu badge, rare as pie too! If pie were VERY rare. It's from a set called イチニッピカ ピッ!ichi ni pika pi!), which featured Pikachu and the occasional original Raichu art!

I'm sure there's plenty more out there, so I'll have fun expanding my collection of Raichu Buttons! Oh, that 3D button up there, well, he's from America, sold in bookstores like Books-a-million and Barnes n' Noble... it's a bit hard for me to believe that he is authentic, so for now he just gets a place of honorable mention on the side :D Since he's too cool to ignore!

カラオケ コート・ダジュール「ポケモンキッズウィーク」 オリジナルポケモン缶バッジ アローラ ライチュウ
Karaoke Cote D'Azur "Pokemon Kids Week" Original Can Badge Alolan Raichu

Japan 2016/7
Karaoke Cote D'Azur

Oh my gosh! First Luxray, next Alolan Raichu! They make you sing karaoke to get this. JEEZ.
ポケモンセンターオリジナル くったり3連キーホルダー ピチュー・ピカチュウ・ライチュウ
Pokemon Center Original Relaxing Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu Keyholder Charms

Japan 6/25/2016
Pokemon Center

Relaxytimes Raichu and his family!!

This was also made into an acrylic charm with Raichu sitting under...Piplup and Charmander. It' a bit random, but I'll allow it.

ライチュウ ジョウト・全国図鑑メタルチャーム
Raichu Johto Dex/National Dex Metal Charms

Japan/America 2009/2011~2016
Pokemon Center

These are the cutest out of all hundreds of Pokedex Metal Charms!

The original Raichu (with one paw up) is
of course from the Johto Pokedex charm collection craziness of 11/21/2009... never forget 11/21/2009!! The staff was unprepared for the hoardes of people rushing inside when the doors opened, kicking and punching as they fought to reach the coveted tiny pieces of metal. Did they all want Raichu? I am not sure, but if they did not, I'm sure they regretted it later. Raichu forgives them.

When it was time again to release charms, this time all 646 Pokemon in the National Dex as of 12/2011, the staff were prepared, the masses of humanity kept in control, and one could easily pluck a sweet Raichu set of charms off the rack for themselves. Which is just what I did... and now here they are for you to see. Do not miss their Lion brethren... and can you spot ALL the Electric charms on the Electric Collection page?
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり メタルチャームセット ライチュウ
"Everyone Gather! PikaFestival" Metal Charm Set Raichu

Japan 7/2/2016
Pokemon Center
愛媛県「ポケモンストア エミフルMASAKI店」オープン記念限定グッズ
メタルチャームセットA えひめみかんとポケモンたち

Japan 9/22/2017
Pokemon Center

メタルスイング ライチュウ キーホルダー
Metal Swing Keychains Raichu


The red sparkly ones are actually older and rare Raichu keychains, part of a set that includes all 151 original Pokemon...and Gold/Silver both gold and silver metals... so cute!

The gold Raichu-shaped one is also awesome!!! It's a strong clip as well as a keychain. Good method to keep keychains from falling off backpacks! Also an older and rare item.

And the triplets, nifty round metal keychains! With butts! Love the design. I finally got all three colors!!! :D Took a long time but it is now COMPLETE!!!

一番くじ ピカチュウ&フレンズ HAPPY BEACH TIME
 I賞ラバーコレクション アローラライチュウ
Ichiban Kuji HAPPY BEACH TIME "I Prize" Rubber Collection Alolan Raichu

Japan 4/1/2017

Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surf's up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More surfing lingo!!!!!!!!!!
All hilarious jokes aside, this strap is tropically gorgeous!

ライ チュウ スタンプ烈伝 (アドバンスジェネレーション+DP)
Raichu Stamp "Retsuden" (AG+DP)


From Ruby/Sapphire generation, an orange Raichu stamp! Yay! I really love the stamps in this series - the "lid" screws on to keep ink nice and wet! And now - two DP versions! How HAPPY! Raichu gets three retsuden stamps, some of the hardest stamps to find, ever. Aren't you proud, baby? (I especially love the "warm color" theme going on with these guys :D)
  Official TCG Raichu Binder + Raichu TCG Card Collection

Trading Card Game

Raichu has been starring in the Pokemon Card Game since it began, and has also been featured as the star of many packages, decks, and other merch! This is what I hope is a mostly complete selection of those TCG sets starring my favourite fat rat.

Check out what's inside! We feature bright lovely scans of each Raichu card in my collection! Click here to have a look! Now featuring a special info page for the Action Points Great Raichu card!

and more...!

Official TCG Goods featuring Raichu

Trading Card Game

Raichu on the original, ancient, late nineties red TCG binder made in the USA!

Along with Raichu on a promotional deckbox from DP era, and a "Trainer's Kit" box from around the same time.
アクリルキーホルダーコレクション みんな集まれ!ピカまつり
"Everyone Gather! PikaFestival" Acrylic Keyholder Collection

Japan 7/2/2016
Pokemon Center

ポケモンセンターオリジナル 「Pokémon Market」
Pokemon Center Original "Pokemon Market"

Japan 1/1/2016
Pokemon Center

Pokemon Market, released on New Year's Day 2016, featured Raichu and his family on many of the goods, all in the best colors of red, orange and yellow ♥ Every single item is extremely high quality and amazingly useful. Great series!
  • Lunch Box "Pikachu" (ランチボックス Pokémon Market ピカチュウ)
  • Stainless Bottle "Pikachu" (ステンレスボトル Pokémon Market ピカチュウ)
  • Plate "Pikachu" (プレート Pokémon Market ピカチュウ 20cm)
  • Stacking Mug "Pikachu" (スタッキングマグ Pokémon Market ピカチュウ)
  • Smart Phone Pochette "Pikachu" (スマホポシェット Pokémon Market ピカチュウ)
  • Mini Tote "Pikachu" (ミニトート Pokémon Market ピカチュウ)

「POCKET MONSTERS Sepia graffiti(ポケモン セピアグラフィティ)」
ket Monsters Sepia Graffiti

Japan 2015

Sepia Graffiti is a series of useful goods, from passcases to pouches to envelopes to pens and pencils, amongst other items! An entire Raichu family is featured in "Photo Studio", obviously the cutest artwork in the Sepia Graffiti line!

  • B7 Memo Pad "Photo Studio" (B7メモ フォトスタジオ (60枚)
  • A4 File "Photo Studio" (A4ファイル フォトスタジオ (ダブルポケット))
  • Drawstring Bag "Photo Studio" (巾着袋 フォトスタジオ)
  • Gift Package "Photo Studio" (ギフトパッケージ フォトスタジオ(5枚入/シール付))
  • Free Pouch "Photo Studio" (フリーポーチ フォトスタジオ (キャメル))
ポケモ ンウォッチアソート ライチュウ
Pokemon Assorted Watches - Plate Watch Version Raichu


I think this watch keychain will have my children one day.

I get the image of Raichu surfing, even if he's really just standing on some DISCO DANCE FLOOR and shooting RED LIGHTNING BOLTS!!!

I LOVE PIKACHU + Other Goods Collection

Japan 2013-2015

It was mid-July 2013 when we first got word that RAICHU and PICHU would be added into the I LOVE PIKACHU line of Banpresto plush and other goods. The new line would be called I LOVE PIKACHU +, and it was JUSTICE! When the I LOVE EEVEE line of toys included not only Eevee but all of its evolutions, Raichu fans gave a little sigh, but we are used to such things. YET TRUTH AND JUSTICE PREVAILED. Huge fatness and all, Raichu was put into the I LOVE PIKACHU line due to an "overwhelming demand by fans"! Now THAT is the ultimate proof of Raichu's amazing perfection! Not because "Why not?", or "We did it with Eevees, so" or "We need a new idea", it was plain and simple THE PUBLIC DEMANDED THEIR RAICHUS AND THE PUBLIC GOT THEIR DAMN RAICHUS.
  • I LOVE PIKACHU + Big Pouch (I LOVE PIKACHU + ビッグポーチ)
  • I LOVE PIKACHU + Slide Mirror (I LOVE PIKACHU + スライドミラー)
  • I LOVE PIKACHU + Towel  (I LOVE PIKACHU + タオル)
  • Amusement Ichiban Kuji I LOVE PIKACHU + Can Badge (アミューズメント一番くじ I LOVE PIKACHU 缶バッジ)
This is only the other goodies included in the promotion. See the plush and strap details by clicking on their images!

ラ イチュウ の巾着!
Raichu Cloth Pouches

Pokemon Center

Aren't they all so wonderful?  These are cloth pouches designed for school things and bentou lunches to go inside of, as far as I know... in my house, they are for putting plushies and toys inside of, aha! These are actually some of the rarest items in my Raichu collection - especially the one on the right with Luxray, which only had 200 ever made! You can see more detailed photos and read more info on the set on the Lions page! I put the photo anyway ;D

 The big blue and yellow pouches are from the イチニッピカ ピッ! (ichi ni pika pi!) series of goods released in 2003 in Japan's Pokemon Centers. 

ポケモンセンターオリジナル pokemon time
Pokemon Center Original "pokemon time"

Japan 7/12/2014
Pokemon Center

"pokémon time" is a series of toys by Playset Product. Series 7 finally featured the best Pokemon of all: Raichu of course!! Raichu got one of every single item made in Series 7! ONLY Raichu got one of EVERY SINGLE item! Not only did he get one of every single item, they were all colored a deep orangey-red, my personal favourite color. It's a miracle of Rai and of Chu!!
  • Sparkly Can Collection (キラキラ缶コレクション カラフルラムネ pokémon time vol.2)
  • A4 Clearfile (A4クリアファイル pokémon time)
  • Gold Laquer Seal (うつし金蒔絵 pokémon time)
  • Pocket Cover Notebook (ポケットカバー付きノート pokémon time)
  • Dr. Grip Ball Pen (Dr.グリップボールペン pokémon time)
  • Handtowel (ハンドタオル pokémon time)
This is only the other goodies included in the promotion. See the plush and strap details by clicking on their images!

Raichu Tins!
Where I keep all of my extra Raichu toys!

ポケモン ライチュウ カード用缶
Raichu Card-Holder Tin

ライチュウ チュパチュップス ミルク缶
Raichu Chupa Chups Milk Can/Tin

ポケモンチョコガレッ ト(缶) ライチュウ・ピカチュウ・ピチュ
Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu Tin Canister "Choco Garet"

ポケモンチョコガレッ ト(缶) ライチュウ・ピカチュウ・ピチュ
Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu Tin Canister "Choco Garet"
Japan (includes Raichu cookies!)

一番くじMINI すたんぷぶろっく ポケとる・A賞 スペシャル すたんぷぶろっく
Ichiban Kuji MINI Stamp Block PokeToru・A Prize Special Stamp Block

Japan 11/7/2015
Pokemon Center/Banpreto

This was a special lottery where you pulled out a box, and inside was a random stamp. Raichu was one of the top prizes, and has a pearly sheen. The stamp features artwork from PokeToru!

ライ チュウ ポケットモンス ター ラバースタンプ
Raichu Pocket Monsters Rubber Stamp

Japan 1997/1998
Pokemon Center

This stamp is in fact so rare, that I could not find it once in nearly 10 years of Raichu collecting. This series featured possibly all of the original 151 Pokemon, but they are so hard to find now nobody can confirm it! I finally got this baby when my friend Ridi found them covered in a layer of dust ten years thick in a random little toy shop in Kyushu (Southern Japan). WOW!!! Good friend - good stamps - amazing find!! I nearly cried I was so happy! What an amazing addition to the collection :D

ボタンメイト  ライチュウ (2種類)
Raichu "Button Mate" Button Covers (2 kinds)


These must be for covering very small buttons (about 1 cm. wide...)
But, so cute! And so different from each other, too!

Now featuring mint in package versions!

過去のラ イ チュウピンズ
Old Raichu Pins!!!


First, from Japan 1996, is... "Raichu on a postal stamp" pin! It also says "Shogakkukan", one of the companies that produces Pokemon. Also starring in this shot is very orange angry Raichu pin, very golden angry Raichu pin, Raichu/Pikachu stuck together pin, and those two with the gold foil backing are from Korea! How cool :D

The round Pokemon 2000 Collector's pin is from a set that did indeed include all 151 original Pokemon! Raichu was tough to find, but here is is with me forever, muwaha!

As a side note, the golden angry leaping Raichu pin is possibly the rarest I own. For years a similar bootleg Raichu pin was floating around the internet and Ebay, but it was only ever a bootleg made from some existing art and we assumed there was no original pin. Well, tada! This is the real deal, and boy is it lovely! :D

Raichu's Other Japanese Keychains

Stretchy Key Cover (glow-in-dark!)

Japan 2007

ポケモンセンター限定 キーホルダー
Pokemon Center Exclusive Keyholder
Japan 2005

ポケモ ンリールキーホルダー
Pokemon Reel Keyholder (Kyodo)

Japan 2008

ポケモン、ゲットだぜ!キーチェイン (ライチュウ)
Pokemon Gotta Catch'em All! Keychains (Raichu)

America 1999

A very old, very rare find, mint in original plastic and packaging! A rubber Raichu keychain from America that I had never come across before. How nostalgic.

ポケモンセンター限定イチ ニッピカ ピッ!」 
Pokemon Center "Ichi Ni Pika Pi!"

Japan 2003
Pokemon Center

This is the oldest example of Raichu being prominently featured on many pieces of merchandise in a promotion from the Pokemon Center - or anywhere! Apparently starting in March 2003, this series was a typical Pokemon Center promotion with bags, badges, bentos, etc. To this day I have never been able to find a more complete set of images for this promo, not even a list, and the internet archives can only produce for me the fact that Ichi Ni Pika Pi! art was used on the old Pokemon Center online shop once. Anyway - here is all my Raichu goods from this promo, plus the non-Raichu ones as well, because why not!
  • Plastic Plate Set (プラ皿セット)
  • Drawstring Bag for Sportswear (運動着入れ巾着)
  • Die-cut Sticker Sheet (ダイカッ トシール)
  • Can Badge Set (缶バッジセット)
  • Lunchbox Bag (弁当袋)
  • Memo Pad w/ Stickers (シール付メモ)
  • B5/B6 Notebooks (B5たて開き型ノート・B6ノート)
  • Mini Letter Set/Letter Set (ミニレターセット・レターセット)
    ・PSカード×12枚 (x12 cards)
    ・ミニ封筒× 6枚 (x6 mini envelopes)
    ・シール×1 枚 (x1 sticker sheet)
    ・台紙×1枚 (x1 cardboard backing)

    The regular letter set includes:
    ・PSカード×5枚 (x5 cards)
    便箋×10枚 (x10 tablet papers)
    ・封筒× 5枚 (x5 envelopes)
    シール×1 枚 (x1 sticker sheet)

ポケモンダイニ ング 食 器(陶器) ライチュウ
Miniature Pokemon Kitchenware Collection - Raichu Plate

Japan 1999

The perfect size for Raichu figures to serve a casserole in! Adorable artwork and even little lighting bolts by his name!

Raichu Cups and Glasses

ライチュウ ミニグラ ス
Raichu Mini Glass
ポケモンオリジナルパズルマグカップ (2種)
Pokemon Original Puzzle Mug Cup (2 kinds)
Pokemon "Official Mug" by GBEye
Other Electric Pokemon Mugs

みんな集まれ!ピカまつり コップセット 
"Everyone Gather! PikaFestival" Cup Set w/ Raichu

Japan 7/2/2016
Pokemon Center

Raichu Containers

サッポロ一番ラーメン ライチュウ コップ
Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Raichu Cup Container
This is a cute container with blue handles that was part of a set of cups and containers made by Sapporo Ichiban Ramen, back during Generation One. How cute - Raichu saying CHU!! :3

ライ チュウ・ピカチュウ・ピチュ プラスチックコンテーなー
Raichu/Pikachu/Pichu Tupperware Container

Well... how random! The Raichu evolution on a Hasbro-made Tupperware container big enough to hold about two boxes of cereal! Mine is holding onto various boxes and mint in package stuff I have nowhere else to put. Yay!! Tupperwaaaaare!

ポケモンセンターオリジナル Pokémon Petit
Pokemon Center Original "Pokémon Petit"

Japan 4/26/2014
Pokemon Center

Pokemon Petit is Pokemon Center's own exclusive line of tiny big-headed adorable chibi Pokemons. After many years, Raichu was not only added in as a plush, but then went on to get a full line of Petit goods, including being part of the first set of Pokemon Petit figure straps ever made. After all, it can loose 100,000-volt bursts of electricity, instantly downing foes several times its size!

This is only the other goodies included in the promotion.
See the plush and strap details by clicking on their images!

Raichu Towels

Japan 2011~2014
Pokemon Center, Banpresto

Adorable full-sized or long towels, soft and fluffy and full of Raichu!!!

Ichiban Kuji "PIKACHU&FRIENDS WITH BERRIES" Prize I: Colorful Design Towel
Pokemon Center Electric Pokemon Towel

Raichu Handtowels

Japan 2012~2014
Pokemon Center

This amazing amazing amazing handtowel in reddish-orange color with Raichu tails background pattern is from "pokemon time"!! The petit towel is also amazing in a dark yellow color with chibi Raichu logo. The white handtowel is from the "Pikachu&Friends with Berries" kuji, and the full evo line towel is from the Pokemon Center. The handtowels are super soft and really handy as well, and absolutely perfect.

Ichiban Kuji "PIKACHU&FRIENDS WITH BERRIES" Prize I: Colorful Design Towel
Pokemon Center Original "pokemon time" Raichu Handtowel
ポケモンセンターオリジナル Pokémon Petit ハンドタオル(ライチュウ)
Pokemon Center Original "Pokémon Petit" Hand Towel (Raichu)
ポケモンセンターオリジナル Pokémon Petit ハンドタオル(ライチュウ)
Pokemon Center Original "Pokémon Petit" Hand Towel (Raichu)
Pokemon Center Original Raichu, Pikachu, Pichu Handtowel
愛媛県「ポケモンストア エミフルMASAKI店」オープン記念限定グッズ
今治フェイスタオル ピカチュウ&ライチュウ&ピチューとみかん

Japan 9/22/2017
Pokemon Center

ラ イチュ ウ 布・ハ ンカ・バンダナなど その他
Other Raichu Cloth/Hankercheif/Bandanas Etc.


I love these things! I love to wear the red one around my head! They are cloths! They have Raichu! They are very lovely! :D

Click for a bigger view.

Raichu Cushions

Ichiban Kuji "
Banpresto/Pokemon Center 12/2014

ポケモンセンターオリジナル ピカチュウ進化系クッション
Pokemon Center Original Pikachu Evolution Line Cushion
Pokemon Center 2007

Raichu Marble Case and Marbles


The very cute and handy-dandy Raichu Marble Case/Holder from 1998, complete with Raichu marble! The case opens and spins and holds 8 marbles and one can be magnified in it's little window. Oh come on, you must have some of these marbles SOMEWHERE. NEW! The orange marble is the new Jakks Marble. Hurray!

Click below for a close-up of the different marbles. One says Riachu!

立 体ライチュウ
Raichu Cardboard (2) + Foam (2) Stand-Up Figures + Pop-up Card


Foam and paper and cardboard standees! Fragile as they come but cute as ever. The smaller foam one is actually incredibly rare, and we only discovered it recently! Very happy to add it to the pack!! As for the blue pop-up card, thanks, South America!

Ichiban Kuji "Pikachu & Friends with Berries"

Banpresto 12/20/2014

"Pikachu & Friends with Berries" was a prize lottery featuring Raichu on many of the prizes, including the cushion prize and towels and these amazingly gorgeous glasses/jars! The soft pastel colors and colorful berry designs are super cute ♥

  • E Prize, Interior Cushion (E賞 インテリアクッション)
  • F Prize, Power Room Collection Hand Cream (F賞 パウダールームコレクション ハンドクリーム)
  • H Prize, Various Glasses Collection (H賞 ガラス雑貨コレクション)
  • I Prize, Colorful Design Handtowel and Facetowel (賞 カラフルデザインタオル ハンドタオルとフェイスタオル)

Raichu Mini-Skateboard
Raichu Mini-Snowboard


These skateboards were very popular during the boom in America, and the snowboards came a bit too late to make the cut. Yet, here are the Raichu versions of both! I do wish I had my original Raichu skateboard, which I would skateboard on my desks in middle school, but what can be done?

THIS skateboard and snowboard are mint in package! Traded or pointed out to me by awesome people! You guys are awesome Raichu collectors as always! :D

軍隊タッグ/チェンジングボールチェーン ライチュウ
Raichu Dog Tags/Changing Ball Chain

Dog Tags: America
Changing Ball Chain:

I had the white dog tag when I was first starting to collect Raichu, and it got lost in The Move, so I am very happy to have had it traded back to me by Kari. The yellow dog tag was from Kelly (both from the UK!) Thank you so much guys!! The smaller tag is a Japanese-made tag that changes from Pichu to Pikachu to Raichu. It's hard to see, so here is a good look at it!

ラ イチュウクリップ
Raichu Clips


How cute and how handy!

Raichu Decorations!

Raichu Wall Sticker! (Korea)
Here is a cute foam Raichu with matching Pokeball for sticking on your wall as a lovely Raitastic decoration!

ひか るライチュウ+星 たち/
Glow-in-the-dark Raichu + Stars and Moon! (America)
How lovely! Did you have these around your room as a child? Well, now I have them around my room again! Except it's my apartment and I'm apparently 20 something, hard to tell from this website, though. I got this lovely glow in the dark Raichu from a member on PKMNcollectors community, my favourite place to talk RAICHU!!!!

Other Raichu Stampies!

ポケモンでポン  ライチュウ/Raichu Pokemon-de-pon! Stamp
Old Skool! Probably the first Raichu stamp ever made. (Bandai 1997)

新ポケモンでポン ライチュウ/Raichu New! Pokemon-de-pon! Stamp
It's the angrier one shown on the right. (Bandai 1998)

Raichu Red Rubber Stamp
Part of a set of all original 151!

Raichu Black Rubber Stamp
From a set that included Misty and a few others as well.

Raichu Wooden Stamps
WallStory ピカチュウ&ライチュウ
WallStory Pikachu and Raichu

Japan 2016/12/23
Pokemon Center

JR・7/11ポケモ ンスタンプラリー・ライチュウが登場!
JR and 7/11 Pokemon  Stamp Rallys-- Raichu Appears!

Japan Rail and 7/11

This is a special treat!!!

Each summer in Japan the Pokemon Movie of the year hits theatres, and so do dozens of related events. Some of those events are "stamp rallies" where you travel to various train stations or convinience stores collecting stamps in booklets to win prizes!

Up until now (2011) Raichu has only appeared in one feature film -- Movie 2, Revelation Lugia, shown in the foreground on a boat, unable to go any further with the other Pokemon, while flying and water types flew or swam towards the ocean. Somehow that tiny cameo led him to be in the stamp rally! Not only is this a big honor, but this booklet is extremely rare, but thanks to a friend who was a young boy in 1999 who's parents were cool enough to take him from station to station, I can record this bit of the past for this site. Don't miss the blue Raichu stamp from 2009's 7/11 stamp rally! He was not even in that movie...?!?!

ライ チュウ 消しゴム その他
Other Raichu Erasers


How adorable!! These are fairly random and hard to track directly, but they come from many different places and time periods. The blue and white circular ones are old Japanese erasers, and the blue one actually has some more electrics on it. That big old green one is from when the anime first came out! Other explanations are lost to time.

I wonder how many more Raichu erasers there are...? Exciting, right? That was sarcasm.
ポケモンベストコレクションDVD 「でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム」THUNDER SHOCK! American DVD / Japanese VHS
+ポケ モンベストコレクションDVD
Pokemon Best Collection DVD Electric Shock Showdown!
+ ジムバトル コンプリートパック (マサラタウン編)
Gym Battle Complete Pack (Indigo League)

This is my collection of Raichu's first episode in VHS and DVD form! Of course we have your basic American DVD and Japanese VHS of the official Raichu episode! Enjoy it anyday, all the time! As for the orange DVD: This is a really cool collector's item for any fans of the Pokemon you can see on the DVDs there. It's a Best Collection of episodes from the Indigo League (Generation 1). Also has the first ending and opening to Pokemon, fully restored! Parts have also been edited weirdly because of the Porygon seizure incident. And my favourite: the Gym Battle Complete Pack which comes packaged with a set of accurate replica badges EXACTLY as they would be in real life - the best badges ever with the coolest video, which is a recap of all of Ash's Indigo League Gym Battles. My "official" collection is just English and Japanese, but check out the official German DVD I also have!
ポケモンベストコレクションDVD 「でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム」

Diamond/Pearl Raichu Story DVDs!
Japan 2008/Media Factory

ポケ モンTVアニメコレクションDVD/TV Anime Collection DVD

ピ カチュウ!ライチュウ!進化への道!
(Stories to Remain in your Heart!) Pikachu! Raichu! The Road to Evolution!

The DVD in the sleeve is from a set Media Factory releases
about 2-3 times a year featuring a single episode. Here is Raichu's DVD, featuring the episode that made us all go BUH?! What road to what evolution? Never naive enough to think Pikachu would evolve, I was however very very curious to see this, and they really did trick you into thinking it had for a moment, too! If you haven't seen it, I can say it finally answers the question, what did Ash do with the Thunderstone Nurse Joy gave him in episode 14? And what WILL he do with it?! Ooooh!

ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール2008 第5巻
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl 2008 Volume 5

2008/08/22 (Rental Only)

This DVD is not for sale! And also features the same episode! I am very glad to have finally gotten this! @_@

Volkner Story DVDs!
Japan/Media Factory

ポケットモンスター  ダイヤモンド・パール2010 第6巻・第10巻
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl 2010 Volume 6 + 10
2010/2011 (Rental Only)

四天王オーバとジムリーダー・デンジ!」「発 進!ナギサタワー!!」「海辺のポケモンスクール!」

So Sunyshore's boys finally decided to show their ugly mugs in the anime, eh? And here are their RENTAL ONLY!! DVDs, of course! Well, one of them, and the image of the other, which I am still waiting to grab.

You can get the entire inside scoop on Volkner's episodes HERE of course, but there is more Sunyshore to the DVDs than just his stories! Volume 6 features a beach school located right in or around Sunyshore City's coastline, and Volume 10 features the episode in which Jasmine finally makes her Sunyshore City cameo in the anime! Truely a treasure!

As Volkner's stories equally star his adorabley cuddly Raichu and handsome Luxray, these DVDs are on both my Raichu and Lion pages. Yes, this information is very important, and you do care very much!
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり ライチュウグッズ
"Everyone Gather! PikaFestival" Raichu Goods

Japan 7/2/2016
Pokemon Center

みんな集まれ!ピカまつり クリアファイル
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり シール
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり 下敷き
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり じゆうちょう
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり メモ
みんな集まれ!ピカまつり ポストカードセット
過去の祝 日のライチュウグッ ズ・クリスマス!お正月!ハロウィーン!
Older Raichu Holiday Goods! Christmas, New Year's, and Halloween!


Welcome to my totally awesome older Holiday Chus! As for the New Year's items, these lovely things are actually some of the rarer Raichu thingies I have! The puzzle with all the Micey and Ratty pokemon you could only get by visiting the Pokemon Centers in Japan on New Years day, 2008! Year of the rat, you know! The matching postcard was sold only at Pokemon Centers that holiday season. During the previous year of the rat, entire Pokemon Generations earlier! These little red striped envelopes were also made, for children to receive money in. How time flies!

As for Christmas, here is a rare Raichu Christmas card, with original Pokemon Center artwork, EEE so adorables!!! I just love it!! The same art is on that Christmas box, which originally was sold with more Christmas goods inside. Moving right along with more original art (PS: almost all of this art is completely unique to these holiday items!), is the extremely amazing Christmas Plate and matching gift bag, from Pokemon Center 2005. Plus the unbelievably cool Stationary Set - mint in its own wrap! Featuring a wide array of popular Pokemon, these items are highly sought after, and I am very pleased to have them! I believe they are some of the only items featuring that artwork.

Finally is the tiny Halloween Candy Box with Raichu!! It was a lucky little find, but counts all the same to me! You rock, Raichu!!

ライ チュウ くっつくんで すマグネットなど
Raichu "We Stick" Magnets+Other Magnets


Thanks for always holding up my ferret's vet notices!

I've got a generic Asian magnet, and two "We Stick" magnets from Japan. The big chunky one is from America, and the smaller black rubbery one is from Europe! Theflat orange, and red and green sparkly holo flat magnets are the official America/Europe "Staks" Magnets! YAY!!!

The flat one with its arms in the air is from a magnet book! You can see more on the lions page.

New addition is the orange square one - the retsuden magnet from Ensky, just come out in October 2009. So cute!

ライ チュウ バ トリオ パック (3種)
Raichu Battrio Pucks (3 kinds)

Japan 2010/2011
Pokemon Center/Battrio Machines

These are Battrio Pucks, for the popular "arcade-ish" game Pokemon Battrio. You put your puck on the board of the game and your Pokemon team (three at once) appears digitally on the screen. Fun times!

I don't play the game, but I REALLY like the art on the discs. The lions got QUITE a few before Raichu ever even got one - then he did, and there was MUCH rejoicing!! Then wouldn't you know it? A second (on the grey Pokeball) - and it is a promotional puck too, not available for regular sale!

This art is unique ONLY to Battrio pucks, and it's some of the cutest Raichu art around!

Raichu Coins (click for a bigger photo!)
I don't really know what these are used for... but here they are. Raichu coins! Should be the world's currency if you ask me. They are mostly metal, with a couple that are actually thick plastic. They are not cardboard pogs!

Japanese Coins:
バトルコイン (3)/ Battle Coin (3)
星形コイン/ Star Shaped Coin
キャラスピン/ Character Pin
カードゲームコイン/ TCG Coin (comes with Lt. Surge deck)
ミニスビー/ Mini "Subi" Coin
ADトレーディングコイン(2)/Advanced Generation Trading Coin (2)
The green and blue gem coins color depending on tempature - see right!

Non-Japanese Coins:
Pokemon "Battling Coin Game" Coin
Rare Raichu Bottle Cap Coin
Raichu Bulgarian Cheetos Coin

ライ チュウ ポケモンゲットコイン2/ミュウと波導の勇者 (全4種)
Raichu "Get Coins" Set 2/Lucario Movie Set (Set of 4)

Japan 2005
Takara Tomy

This is a set of four differently colored Raichu coins, that came blind packaged with two per pack! There was also a keychain in each pack of two, so you could string them together for whatever purpose. Each coin came in four colors; silver, gold, bronze and full-color silver. Here is a complete set of Raichus, after many years of trying!

What's interesting is this set was made for the Lucario Movie, with Lucario Movie packaging and most of the Pokemon in the set being from the Lucario movie, like Mew, Lucario, Sudowoodo, Weaville, Mime Jr, etc. Why Raichu? Or as Raichu would say, rai Raichu?? Well, because he is Pikachu's evolution, and Pikachu got a coin, so that's just logic, folks.

Lucario's coin has Aaron's staff on the other side instead of Riolu. Because Riolu was not a thing yet, hoho!

Various Raichu Goods!

ポ ケモン乾電池(ピ カチュウとライチュウの絵柄)
Pokemon Batteries (Pikachu and Raichu)

ライチュウ ワッペン
Raichu Patch

Raichu Bookmark

Raichu Mini Calendar 2008
There is aso a bigger version of the small calendar!

ポケットモンスターキャラフォト キャラフィルタ
Raichu/Pikachu Character Photo Filter
Here is the entire camera set this frame is a part of! You can put this frame inside the real-working camera and the image will appear on any photographs you take, an automatic "frame decoration" if you will. The whole set is called "Chara Photo" and it's by TOMY!

More Various Raichu Goods!

ポ ケモン進化コマ ライチュウ
Pokemon Raichu Evolution Top

ポケモン シールメイト
Raichu Tape/Sticker Dispenser + Tape

ライ チュウ サイコロ (2種類)
Raichu Dice (2 kinds)

ポケモンヌードルおまけ クリップ サッポロ一番
Raichu Sapporo Ichiban Clip

ライチュウのミニゲー ムボイカラー
Raichu Mini Red Game Boy Color

Raichu Keychain Mouse Toy
Raichu Dunkin Bubblegum Conainer

Even More Various Raichu Goods!

Raichu Blue Domino

ポケモンヌードルおまけ はしおき サッポロ一番
Raichu Sapporo Ichiban Chopstick Rest

Raichu Fun Dough Stamper (by RoseArt)

ライチュウ カクメン烈伝
Raichu Kakumen ("Menko") (DP and Advanced Generation ver. x2)

ライ チュウ ネックラス
Raichu Necklace

ポケットモンスター進化バージョン ホットプレートとかんたんに作れる!
Pokemon Evolution Version ("Easy to make with Hot Plates!")

Japan 1997(?)

These are "hot plates" toys you make by melting plastic inside those premade frames. So torn on whether I should or not... but... MINT IN PACKAGE!! But so cute... this photo shows how they turn out though!

ライ チュウの鉛筆、シャーペン、ボールペン、鉛筆ケース、などなど
Other Raichu Pencils, Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Pencil cases, and a Crayon.

Lots of Places

Well, I have some Raichu pencils - or pencils starring Raichu - and here they is! Dunno what else to say other than - they's Raichu pencils! The "Battle Pencil/バ トエ ン" (with Raichu on blue) is the one that came in that Raichu packaging. The metal pencil case is the only one I know of which features Raichu, and it was a Banpresto UFO Catcher prize! So cool! There is also the plastic case that has all the electrics but - hey, it counts! :D

And NOW! With big fat Raichu pen! From Europe! Amazering! ALSO! The official RoseArt Raichu crayon! For the record, the color is "Golden Raichu". Raichu is certainly golden in my book! The blue and white thing with four electrics is actually a mechanical pencil by Tomy. Who knew!

We also now add a mint in package Stamp Pencil Toppers pencil with a rolly stamp on the top, also with Raichu. Of course it has Raichu or it wouldn't be in this gallery.

ラ イチュウの靴下
Wearable Chu Socks for the Stylish

Korea/Japan 90's-2017
Unknown/Pokemon Center

A Korean pair,

and some new pairs from the Pokemon Centers in Japan, with art from PokeToru!

ラ イチュウのクールなパンツ
Wearable Chu Boxers for the Super Stylish

America/Canada 2001

So.... these are Raichu boxer shorts. They are completely amazing, you got it?

They are very hard to find now, and luckily my pair has never been worn. They took me years to find. ... ... ... they were very expensive.

I don't know what to think about that fact. XD

NEW ADDITION: Electric Boxer Shorts (seen to the right). Now Raichu boxers are not so lonely at the bottom rung of the merch ladder.

Raichu Puzzles


These lovely puzzles are actually some of the rarer Raichu thingies I have! The circular one is from a magazine published many years ago. The rectangular one (with matching box) is an American Hasbro puzzle from 1999.

The gigantic foam puzzle piece on the right is a foot tall and designed to be placed togeher with similar pieces to form a mat. Raichu's happier with his electric buddies by themselves, no doubt.

This is also a plastic Raichu puzzle piece. Somewhere out there is a plastic puzzle missing the coolest Pokemon ever :( Too bad! Mine now :D

I'm curious to see what other Raichu-central puzzles there might have been! You can see another puzzle with Raichu below in my holiday section :D
Raichu Games

あててポン ゲーム
"Atete PON" (Win and BAM!) Game (Japan)

マクドナルド スーパーボール+ディスクゲーム
McDonalds Great Ball+Disc Game (featuring Raichu) (Japan)

ポケモンダイヤルリング (全6種)
Pokemon Dial Ring (featuring Raichu + evos) (Japan)

Raichu Yo-Yo (USA)

Raichu and Pikachu Tic Tac Toe

Chupa Chups Stack n' Spin

Raichu Game Piece (Europe)
More Raichu Games

Raichu Puzzle Block

Different Raichu Puzzle Block!
Raichu Plastic Game Collectibles
These are all items from America and Europe that are plastic, come in a billion colors (no, I'm not gonnna try to get them all, I'm fine with just the PRETTIEST colors! :D) and can be used in some form of a game... maybe. Well, I have no idea!

Raichu Krak

Raichu (Holo) Wap

Raichu Pokemon Rollers

ポケモンファミリーポ ンジャン (金銀, ミニ金銀, AG, ミニAG)
Raichu "Ponjyan" Tabs! (From GS, Mini GS, AG and Mini AG)

Tomy 1998-2006

These are from the "Ponjyan" game, a game similar to Chinese Mahjong, but a little more simplified for kids (I think). Pokemon has had over five of these games released! Raichu has been in at least four of them, and I have three of his tabs here! Each are thick plastic with the image printed on, not cheap stickers. The games are very hard  to get and expensive now.

I hope this set is complete... but who really ever knows with such old stuff eh?
Wearable Chu Watches for the Stylish

ピチュー・ピカチュウ・ライ チュウ デジキャラウォッチ
Raichu/Pikachu/Pichu "Digi-Chara Watch"

Japan 2003
Featuring an adorable Raichu covering most of the strap. AWESOME. Usually Raichu gets left out of these sorts of situations... so, AWESOME. Nice electric design too!

Pokemon C-Watch
America 1999-2000
Well this is clearly a Pikachu watch... so why is it here? Because it is the only instance of Pokemon where Ash's Pikachu evolves, and features two different parts about Raichu! First Ash calls "Raichu! Thunderstone!" followed by flashing pictures of Raichu and Pikachu screaming PIKACHUUUUUUU (shows how much the people who make Pokemon goods in other countries actually know about Pokemon). Next, Ash says "It's becoming Raichu!" and Pikachu flashes and evolves into Raichu. Amazing!

ピカチュウ・ライ チュウ ウォッチ
Raichu/Pikachu Watch

Banpresto/Japan 1995
Check out this awesome 3D Raichu on the watch! Also its original packaging. This was a UFO Catcher prize!

ラ イチュウ帽子
Raichu Hats/Caps


These are from the late 90's, and one from 2017, but I am not sure exactly when. Some have the American Pokemon logo on the back and some have it on the front. The one with the tan lid is the rarest and my favourite, it has an angry Pikachu to the side of Raichu! Or is the red one with awesome yellow and black stripes the coolest?! I dunno if I will wear them, and ruin them with my not-mint-condition hair, but how groovytastic is that black fabric cap?

ラ イチュ ウ ノートなど その他
Other Raichu Notebooks, Folders, etc.


How wonderful! Here we have folders and notebooks spanning many years, but mostly from the 90's -- from America, Japan, China, and Korea. Some are a big more electric-centric than Raichu-centric, and some only have Raichu featured on the back, but beggars can't be choosers now can we?

ライチュ ウの
Raichu Books

Here we have a Japanese version of Electric Shock Showdown, a fully illustrated and HUGE Pokedex book with every Pokemon through Leaf Green and Fire Red, a Japanese pop-up book, and two American books - another Electric Shock Showdown and Raichu Shows Off. I wonder what he is showing off?

I love these books, but as usual, Japan beats all! Take a look inside of the Japanese Electric Shown Showdown book to see the really well drawn, original artwork! Also includes original artwork from the popup evolution book.

Raichu Mini Books!
But where are the regular sized books, you ask? Down at the bottom! These books are far more rare and with teensy little details, so have a look!

ラ イチュウ バトメモDX
Raichu Battle-Memo DX

Raichu Mini Sticker Book

Electric Shock Showdown!
Magnetic Address Book

"Pocket Monsters Zukan & Seal SP" Mini Pokedex Book

Pokemon Mini Quiz Book
- Vermilion Gym and Raichu!
This little book is TOO ADORABLE and super rare, found for me in amazing mint condition by my friend Juumou, hidden in a little lot of random stuff. Not only is it a mini Raichu book, it's a mini Raichu and Vermilion Gym book, which this website should make clear I am obsessed with! Inside is stickers and quiz questions about Pokemon Anime. You can stick the badge sticker on the back if you answer it all right! It also miraculously came with the pahmplet showing all 8 gyms!
Raichu Shirts + Other Various Clothings!


Well! Here's all my weird Raichu clothes. Most are designed for a small child to wear, but a good handful of these could be worn by anybody.

There's a ton of t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, a vest, a jacket, and overalls. So, what are you going to do with these children's clothes, you might ask? Well, I will be keeping them safe. Nothing creepy. Just going to hoarde these clothes so that if my house is ever raided, they will think I am a creeper.

Oh, there is also some 'do not want' clothing I should mention. I post it here merely for documentation. This is not a wanted, seriously. As glad as I am Raichu got some attention, I'm much gladder not hoarding children's undies in my house. I'd prefer the people who may raid me ne day to be confused, not sickened. You might not think so looking at my site, but hey man I got limits too!
Raichu Magazines

As the most famous of all Pokemon (it's true), Raichu has been on many magazine covers since 1995 and here is the proof. This is my collection of Raichu or Lt. Surge themed magazines, all of them also including articles or stories about Raichu or Surge on the inside.

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