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Pokemon: Best Wishes! Authentic Genga/Douga (from Ep. BW20 "Pikachu VS Sandile VS Duckling")
ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ!アニメの原画・動画  (第BW20話 「ピカチュウVSメグロコVSコアルヒー」より)
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Welcome to the Pokemon: Best Wishes episode 20 gallery!

On this page I feature my collection of authentic pencil art used to create the modern Pokemon anime -- in an episode which finally aired on Feb. 24th, 2011! Why do I say finally? I aquired these sketches in late September 2010 -- a good and full five months before the episode even aired. Now they are better than ever, in proper order, with anime screenshot comparisons!

In these 100+ sketches, you will witness a scene unfold where some Duckletts swoop down, attack Oshawott, Cilan, and Iris, steals Ash's hat, and terrify Sandile. Enjoy this sneak peek behind the scenes of Best Wishes anime, which caused around 30-40,000+ people to come to see the sketches after they hit international Pokemon news sites around the world.

Duckling attacks Oshawott and Cilan's group!
The sketches begin about ten minutes in. Ash has vanished down a hole, and Cilan suddenly has his dish stolen by a Ducklett. When he runs to get it back, Ducklett attacks!

What the--


...aaand the attack (Boiled Water) rebounds off Oshawott's shell into Iris' face. My original comment here was "Who's Zuruggu is that?!". Well, now we know!
You can click to see the full two-page spread for each!

Oshawott is brave but can't take it for long. Notice C-267 and C-73 on these pages.
I was not sure why two seemingly identical scenes were so far apart. Now I know... Oshawott throws this similar fit twice in this episode.
I'll sort the details of which pages belong to which tantrum later on.

And dropped the shell. That's one of your body parts, man.



Ducklett grabs the cap and scares Sandile!
Switch to Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile, who was the perpetrator of the hole Ash fell into. One Ducklett has stolen his glasses, rendering him cowardly, and another swoops down for Ash's cap.

Ducklett swoops in -- this is a mere shadow in the anime.


Notice C-122 on the "storyboard" page. That's the third indication of a number. Also note the #20, probably the episode number.

The animator who drew this page must have been wearing nostalgia goggles, because they messed up and drew first Ash's jacket wrong, then they fixed that, but not his hat!
Here, you did it right! Good! :D

He got my hand, too!! Bastard!!

There is it, nevermind.

Hey Ash! I've got a cute fluffy butt, oh, and also, your hat!

And I'm livin' it up like it's 1990 all over again!

Oh come on, you're a crocodile, he's a duckling!! Really?

Sandile is terrified and pathetic without his sunglasses. Save me Ash, you're my only hope!

You shall not paaassssssss!!! Actually it's more like "Give back my cap!"

Ash and Sandile react to being shot at with an ice beam.

Why am I not in these genga more????

This duckling is picking us off one by one! Let's bolt!

The beginning of the final showdown!
The birds return, and attack. The middle one is using Scald, and gets Oshawott right in his widdle otter face.

That sh*t ain't cool!!

I shall punish you!



Aaaagh! Baby duckling! Actually he is running crazy because his head got boiled. This is something we could not tell from sketches alone.

Keep it away!!!

Nooooooo baby birdies!!! Noooooo

Okay enough of that. This is war! Or a temper tantrum! Same thing I guess!

Aaaaaaand he winds up for the pitch...

Aaaaaand BOOM goes the dynamite.

What have I done!

I love you, shell...

Instant replay!

Demanding the return of the goods! Springing into battle!
Pikachu is having issues with electric attacks as his body adjusts to the move he just learned, Electroball.
The gang has reunited!

Cutest Gator Ever! Sandile looking up after Oshawott stops Scraggy from headbutting him.

Iris demands the Duckletts knock this crap off.

Ash and Pikachu getting involved.

RAWR!! I am Ash, I am angry!

Pikachu shocks'em... and they blast off again, but not without a final snigger.

Thanks for looking, and hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the Best Wishes Anime :D

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