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Nagisa City: Pokemon DP Authentic Genga/Douga
ポケットモンスターDP アニメの原画・動画
Pokemon Production Art Portal
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This is a collection of some of the reference sheets used to create Volkner's three anime episodes and the town of Sunyshore!! These are exclusive, real reference pages and storyboards used to create the Volkner episodes we all waited a heart-wrenching four years to see. You can only see these at our obsessive Volkner archive here at, unless someone has stolen them and put them somewhere else. Actually, I don't care what you do with them. Go crazy. Print them out and wallpaper your house. Hang one over your baby's crib so it knows who's the top Gym Leader in Sinnoh. Anything goes, really! What am I talking about? I forget. Enjoy the damn art.

Volkner and Flint References (settei)
Here we have Sunyshore's two bad boys, Volkner and Flint, in all of their referencey sheety glory.
It's true, we feature the shaded and non-shaded and even color shaded versions now. Oooh, fancy art technologies!
I've translated the more important notes for all you aspiring whatever you wanna do with these out there.
Click the color-shaded pages for the greyscale, translated versions. Stop being lazy and do it!

Dengeki Battle! Episode Storyboard
Welcome to my Sunyshore Gym Battle Storyboard archive! A storyboard is a very rough, quickly drawn "image script" for the episode. Being an entire script, with all of the dialouge written in, it is incredibly long, with over 130 pages of hastily done and therefore incredibly hilarious drawings to show how the scene is supposed to be set up. Take note of how intricate the process of making just one episode is! They have to do this many drawings per episode, yes! You'll see some page numbers are messed up or skipped (only numbers, all pages are included). That's not my error, that's the animators' error - and I don't blame'em, this is a huge amount of work!

 In our storyboard, Volkner stars in Dengeki Battle, The Final Badge! (The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!), DP179.
(Indeed you'll find the cover of this storyboard says DP176. Due to a 2-part special being inserted into the anime lineup, every single episode after it was two numbers off. Oops!)
As you can see the final badge is apparently a squashed cockroach now.

Featuring ASH vrs. VOLKNER! And their lovely Pokemon too!

Also starring her, and him, and them guys!

Don't miss it -- download the storyboard for all 130+ pages of the real studio storyboard for the final Gym Battle of Sinnoh!
Click the image below to download the .rar file (36.1 MB).

Sunyshore Gym/Sunyshore City
This is a thingy majiggers they used to make Sunyshore City and Sunyshore Gym and all those crazy little robots Volkner invented! How special!
Nothing really beats the note saying "The Sunyshore Tower is somewhere in town". No really? Man these guys sure know their stuff!
Here, go try to find it yourself. Hint: it's underneath this first image here.

I win!

And again! Okay, enough of that.

Other Sunyshore Stuffs!!!
It just doesn't quite fit into any of the other categories, yeah!
Here is the color and black and white height charts for Volkner's final episode.

Badge Case and Beacon Badge References.

This page is a anime photocopy reference for the Tower and Gym's surrounding areas
(from previous episodes -- as this reference was being used for the final episode made months later).

This is an anime reference for the inside of Sunyshore Tower's halls.

There is always more to come as I gather more production artwork.
Thanks for looking! Don't trip on your way out as I'm sure the utter cool has left you a bit woozy.

Pokemon Production Art Portal
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